210-miles on an E-bike? The Addmotor GRAOOPRO

by Nathan Schaumann

There’s a new super-long-range e-bike on the market, and in this review we’ll tell you everything about it… except how to pronounce the name. The Addmotor Graoopro is rated for up to 210 miles on a single charge, comes with two batteries, and is currently listed at $1999 here. There are a number of impressive features such as the crisp display, comfy suspension and a massive 450 lb payload, but the downsides are also worth noting, namely the relative lack of customer service and somewhat underpowered motor. We’ll take a closer look at all the pros and cons of this heavy-hitting bike in this review. But first, a look at the specs:

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Battery: 2 x 48V 20Ah (1920 Wh total)

Motor: 750W (1000W peak)

Range: 210+ miles

Payload: 450 lbs (150 lbs on rear rack)

Torque: 80Nm

Suspension: Front Fork Oil Spring w/ 80mm travel

Charge time: 10 hours (per battery)

Brake disc: 180mm

Tires: 24” x 2.5” (front), 20” x 3” (rear)

Speed: 20 mph

Weight: 70 lbs


UL certified, removable batteries

Half-twist throttle

7-level PAS (Pedal Assist System)

High-res LCD display

Turning signals

Brake Light


Adjustable-angle handlebars

32” rear rack

Tires have built-in reflective strips

Footrest board

Center mount kickstand

25A controller

48V 2A charger

108 db Horn

Things We Love

Half-twist throttles are one of the best, easiest to use throttle types out there. Full twist throttles can be unwieldy and dangerous, while trigger or true thumb throttles can induce muscle fatigue. Half-twist seems to hit the sweet spot – easy to control, without forcing you to change your grip on the handlebars.

g800 throttle pc 1695026887

Footrest boards aren’t super common on e-bikes like these, but we like them because they add another option for where to place your feet during long rides. While you’ll need to be pedaling constantly to reach the advertised 210-mile range, taking a break for a while and using the throttle allows you the opportunity to conveniently rest your feet on the wooden board just in between the pedals.

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The nearly 3-foot rear rack can fit almost anything you can think of, including two seats, saddlebags, and more. The 450 lb payload also ensures that no cargo-carrying task is too daunting for this bike.

We like the dual-battery design, rather than having one massive battery. This allows for more flexibility, such as riding with only one battery to reduce weight (or while the other is charging). 

The price is more than reasonable, considering the huge range and load carrying ability of this bike. We don’t know of a similarly spec’d bike in the sub-$2000 range, which makes this bike a value stand-out in its class.

We love the differing tire sizes from front to rear – the front tire (24” x 2.5”) is 4-inches taller to handle even the largest bumps, while the rear tire (20” x 3”) is a half-inch wider in order to handle the increased weight, and its smaller diameter increases torque and acceleration. This makes for a very well-balanced bike. 

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Room for Improvement

Addmotor isn’t known for their customer service, and we’ve seen plenty of customer complaints that they are slow to respond, and sometimes fail to honor their warranty. 

This bike is sized for riders between 5’4” and 5’9”, which seems like a pretty small range of height. For example – my wife is 5’3”, and I am 5’11”. Neither of us could comfortably use this bike.

20mph isn’t what we’d hope for from a $2,000 bike, but we’re figuring the 750W motor probably wouldn’t be able to push much past that even without the electronic speed limiter.

As of right now, there are zero youtube videos about or promoting this bike, which is curious given Addmotor’s relative popularity in the e-bike space. We hope to see some solid independent reviews soon.

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