EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Review

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

The EMOVE Touring is a fantastic commuter scooter that stands out from a crowded commuter escooter space as a feature rich, budget friendly escooter that comes with some pretty bold color options.

The Touring is considered the little brother to the EMOVE Cruiser which is the most popular electric scooter that we have reviewed. Voro Motors recently came out with an updated EMOVE Touring, and we found it to be a perfect time to review the Cruiser’s little brother. Will the EMOVE Touring live up to its legendary bigger brother, the Cruiser?

EMOVE Touring compared to EMOVE Cruiser
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The EMOVE Touring quickly became our favorite commuter scooter. In this review, we are going to tell you what we loved, the drawbacks, and who the EMOVE Touring is perfect for.

Top 5 things we loved on the EMOVE Touring

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Large Deck
  3. Choose your favorite color
  4. Triple suspension system
  5. Tons of features for price point

How much is the EMOVE Touring?

At the time of this review, the EMOVE Touring is priced at $899 on Voro Motor’s website. You can also use coupon code: gotscooter to save 7%, for a total savings of $62.93.

After using the coupon, the total for the EMOVE Touring before tax is $836.07, making it budget friendly.

Jimmy Struggling to Carry the Purple EMOVE Touring
I think Jimmy is excited about the EMOVE Touring in this picture?!?!

How big is the deck on the EMOVE Touring?

The deck on the EMOVE Touring is large for an entry level commuter scooter. The deck measures at 26 inches long by 7 inches wide (66 cm by 17.78 cm).

Purple EMOVE Touring Deck

What colors is the EMOVE Touring offered in?

One of my favorite things about the EMOVE Touring is that you get to choose your favorite color. The EMOVE Touring comes in stealth black, white, orange, red, and purple.

Red Orange White Purple and Black EMOVE Touring

What type of suspension is on the EMOVE Touring?

The EMOVE Touring boasts a triple suspension system. There are two rear springs on the underside of the EMOVE Touring deck and the front suspension has two parts: springs on both sides of the front tire and suspension directly under the stem.

The EMOVE Touring is a feature packed for the price point

I’m impressed with how many features the EMOVE Touring packs in for under $900. EMOVE Touring features:

  • keyed entry
  • bell
  • electric horn
  • lights
  • triple suspension
  • adjustable stem
  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • LG battery
  • color options
  • roomy deck
  • quick acceleration

With all the features and benefits, the EMOVE Touring is a great value buy.

EMOVE Touring brings a smile to my face

Top 5 drawbacks of the EMOVE Touring

  1. Single motor scooter
  2. Single rear drum brake
  3. Solid rear tire
  4. Lights are not bright for nighttime riding
  5. Paint gets light scratches

How many motors does the EMOVE Touring have?

The EMOVE Touring is a single motor scooter. You will have plenty of power on flat grounds. The EMOVE Touring is rated for hills up to 15 degrees.

You can get up most hills on the EMOVE Touring, but expect to lose a bit of speed. However, I do find that the EMOVE Touring is one of the best hill climbers for a single motor commuter scooter.

What type of brakes does the EMOVE Touring have?

The EMOVE Touring has a single drum brake in the rear and regenerative braking. I like how drum brakes are maintenance free and you don’t risk bending a brake disc. However, I would have loved for the EMOVE Touring to have front brakes as well.

Most of the time, you will have plenty of stopping power with a single rear drum brake. However, there are times when two brakes would help tremendously. Having to stop abruptly in wet conditions is one of those times when two brakes would be beneficial.

EMOVE Touring Rear Drum Brake

What type of tires does the EMOVE Touring have?

The EMOVE Touring has two types of 8-inch tires, a tube in pneumatic tire in front and a solid tire in the rear. The main reason why companies use two different tires is because the rear tire is the most common tire to have flats. Solid tires are great for being maintenance free, but they do have quite a few drawbacks.

One drawback is that solid tires don’t feel as comfortable while riding. On some scooters, riding solid tires makes my teeth chatter. Luckily, the EMOVE Touring has rear suspension which makes the ride much more comfortable.

However, a solid tire and single brake can be dangerous in wet conditions. I had a close call the other day riding in wet conditions when a pedestrian unexpectedly cut me off. I slammed on my brakes and started sliding, and came within a few inches of crashing into them.

It was a good reminder for me to ride slowly in wet conditions, especially when there are pedestrians around.

EMOVE Touring Solid Rear Tire

Are the lights bright enough on the EMOVE Touring for safe night riding?

The lights on the EMOVE Touring are not that bright. If you are planning on doing a significant amount of night riding, I suggest you purchase a light to be mounted on the handlebars.

The awesome thing is Voro Motors listened to consumers about the square handlebars, so they have upgraded the EMOVE line to carry all rounded handlebars. With rounded handlebars, you should have no issues finding a light that will fit it.

Does the paint on the EMOVE Touring scratch easy?

I love how the EMOVE Touring comes in various colors. However, the paint does scratch from sand and small rocks over time. I don’t mind because I expect scooters to get dinged and scratched as I plan on using my scooters and not holding on to them as collector items.

However, if you have OCD, you may want to look at other scooters. There are many other choices that won’t scratch as easy.

EMOVE Touring lightly scratched deck

Is the EMOVE Touring better than the Ninebot Max?

The Ninebot Max is a reputable scooter with some great features, like an app, 10 inch pneumatic tires, long range and easy to use cockpit. However, I find the EMOVE Touring is a better scooter.

I like the 10-inch tires on the Ninebot Max better, but the lack of suspension is a deal breaker if you live anywhere with less than perfect streets. Because of the suspension, I would choose the EMOVE Touring over the Ninebot Max.

The Ninebot Max has a locking feature in the app, but I do find it to be worthless. The EMOVE Touring offers a key and lock, which is way more secure than the Ninebot app.

You can’t go wrong buying a Ninebot Max or EMOVE Touring, but the EMOVE Touring slightly wins for me due to all the extra features. The ability to adjust the stem makes it a perfect extra scooter because it fits so many ages and sizes.

Who is the EMOVE Touring perfect for:

With all the features and benefits, I find the EMOVE Touring to be the perfect first scooter as well as a fantastic feature packed portable commuter scooter. The EMOVE Touring is an excellent scooter for those living downtown or using it as a last mile solution.

The EMOVE Touring has some flaws, but I find the features and benefits far exceed the few drawbacks. With a sea full of black scooters, I love you can be original and choose your favorite color.

With the adjustable stem, you can use it for your first scooter, and then you can have your friends or kids use it when you decide to move up to a bigger scooter. You can purchase the EMOVE Touring stress free, because Voro Motors provides some of the best support.

I work downtown, and parking is costly. I park a mile away on free street parking, and ride a PEV into work every day. The EMOVE Touring is ultra portable, so lately it has been my go-to scooter to ride into work.

My office does not like me wheeling scooters into the main lobby, so I love that the EMOVE Touring collapses quickly down into a small footprint. If you are researching your first electric scooter, I highly recommend adding the EMOVE Touring to the list.

EMOVE Touring is a Home Run

How does the EMOVE Touring compare to the Cruiser?

EMOVE Touring Specifications

Battery 48V 13Ah
Peak Power Output 750 Watts
Motor Size Single 500 Watts
Stated Max Speed Not stated on Voro’s site
Andrew’s Top Speed 22 MPH on flat and 24 MPH Downhill
Stated and Confirmed Range 25 Miles (40.23 KM)
Weight 39 lbs (17.69 kg)
Charge Time 3-4 hours
Max Load 308 lbs (139 kg)
*dependent on rider weight, ride style, and conditions

EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter Coupon Discount Code:

EMOVE Touring – Save 7% with coupon code: gotscooter

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