Where to Buy EUC and E-scooters: A Review of eWheels.com

Where to Buy EUC and E-scooters: A Review of eWheels.com

by freshlycharged

Who will love eWheels.com: 

Anyone looking to get their first EUC or their 10th EUC will love the selection, service, and dependability of eWheels.com as a company. Any issues I have had regarding my devices purchased through eWheels.com have been taken care of quickly and to my satisfaction.

My thoughts:

In previous articles I’ve discussed how to choose your first EUC or electric unicycle. I’ve also talked about the EUC’s that my family and I ride and enjoy. In this article I’ll tell you why eWheels.com is the best option for buying an electric scooter or electric unicycle.

When I want to shop for outdoor gear I think of REI. If I feel like browsing electronics I consider Best Buy. When I want to buy toilet paper in bulk and a barrel of peanut butter filled pretzels I go to Costco. When I need to buy an EUC, I go to eWheels.com. When I need just about anything else, I think of Amazon.

eWheels.com is the place to buy electric unicycles and scooters because of their excellent customer service, quick response time, fast shipping and wide selection of EUCs and e-scooters.

Just head over to reviews.io and at the time of this article there are nearly 800 reviews with a rating of 4.89 stars out of 5.00 and a 98% customers recommendation rating.

Screen Shot 2020 04 18 at 8.55.47 PM

I have used ewheels.com to buy all three of my EUCs and as my addiction grows and spreads to my family members, we find ourselves needing more and more of these fun and fast e-mobility devices. I will most certainly be going back to eWheels for future purchases.

Here is what I think, broken down into applicable categories:


Easy to navigate and use. The eWheels website is a treasure trove of information filled with great charts, tables, and images. To make payment, you do need to use PayPal for your transactions which I am fine with as it adds another layer of security which put my mind at ease when purchasing for the first time from websites that I am unfamiliar with. 

Now that I’ve used ewheels several times, I fly through the checkout process faster than I can ride my EUCs.

Screen Shot 2020 04 18 at 8.31.32 PM


Very fast. My EUCs all came from Tucson, Arizona and they arrived faster than I could have imagined.

Customer service:

eWheels cares about their customers and it shows with the little things that come with each wheel. For example, my first EUC, a King Song 16S came with upgraded padding on the sides of the device and with bigger upgraded foot pedals. 

Another example is my daughter’s Gotway Mten3 that she got for her birthday which came with a pump extension to make inflating the tire easier which was super helpful. All three of my EUCs came with wrist guards to make sure I have at least some protection while riding. For more on safety gear, read this article.


eWheels prices are competitive. You may be able to find a similar EUC for less on other sites, but the experience in terms of customer support as well as warranty, parts and maintenance in the future will not be anywhere close.

It’s the little things that show eWheels cares about their customers.

When you read the reviews about eWheels, there is a name that comes up time and time again and that is Jason. Jason is super attentive and responsive to his customers.

When I was an EUC noob and I couldn’t get my KS16S to activate out of the box with the app, I emailed Jason and he responded within minutes to help me with my frustrations.

When I got a rock stuck in my KS16S Jason was there right away to help me troubleshoot.

When I had some trolley handle issues, Jason was there again to help me out.

Jason is great but I assume he will have to off load some of this work as his company grows.

eWheels is the REI of EUCs. They are the Best Buy of high end e-scooters. Whenever anyone asks me where they should purchase an EUC, whether it be a beginner wheel to the next latest and greatest wheel, I always tell them to go with eWheels.

Screen Shot 2020 04 18 at 8.29.35 PM

The flaws:

No matter how fast the shipping or how responsive the customer support, a company is only as good as the product it distributes and services. eWheels.com does not make its own scooters or EUCs– they sell them.

That means that they are at the mercy of the companies that manufacture the devices in terms of overall quality of the product. While eWheels.com does their best to make sure that the product you get is top quality, in the end, sometimes these products that are mass produced in China may come with flaws or defects.

You can’t seem to pay directly with your credit card. Payment options are through PayPal which can be annoying to some.

Prices may also not be the lowest, but you get what you pay for in terms of experience and support.

It is reassuring to know that Jason and eWheels are there to support me and my device. While I have had little problems here and there with products that I have purchased, the support I have received has been top notch.

Why you should trust me.

I’ve been riding personal electric vehicles for two years now. I started with the Onewheel which I love and thoroughly enjoy for its fun factor. But as I grew serious in the hobby of electric rideable devices I quickly realized that while the Onewheel is fun, the EUC is serious fun in terms of speed, safety and range.

My electric rideable fleet now consists of 4 Onewheels, 3 EUCs and 2 electric skateboards. As these devices are complex, they often have issues which require you to reach out to the companies for support.

I only support businesses and products that I use and love. eWheels is one of those companies. Of all the e-rideable companies I have dealt with, Ewheels has been the most reliable from my experience.

I run a growing YouTube channel in addition to this blog where I hope to help educate, entertain, and encourage people regarding all things related to electric rideables. I want to help this electric movement move forward.

I am an affiliate with eWheels and I may receive a small commission for each sale made through my links. This helps to support my blog and YouTube channel so I can continue to bring you quality content. 

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