E-Twow GT: A Most Powerful Lightweight Electric Scooter

E-Twow GT: A Most Powerful Lightweight Electric Scooter

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Commuters to work or school looking for a lightweight scooter that’s packed with power will love the zip and torque that comes with the E-Twow GT; a very portable and powerful electric scooter.

*Update: the 2020 edition eliminates two of the biggest flaws of this scooter. There is now a kickstand and there is a mechanical rear drum brake for smoother braking!

  • Top Speed: 25mph
  • Range: 23 miles
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Max load: 220 lbs

What I think:

I truly thought the E-Twow GT would be the scooter that my wife would love. Lightweight. Easy to fold. Multiple braking options for added safety. But my wife found the torque and acceleration too strong for her liking… but I actually think most will like it. Let me explain.

Outside of driving a car or flying in an airplane, my wife has a phobia of going fast. Bicycling, skiing, roller coaster riding, and scootering- she hates going fast. So don’t let my wife’s distaste for the acceleration on the E-Twow put you off.

My daredevil son loved speeding around the pandemic emptied streets in and around our neighborhood. And should you find yourself in a sticky situation like messy traffic or being chased by an angry dog, the acceleration allows you to speed to safety.

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 10.57.30 PM


The E-Twow has a sleek and lightweight appearance that disguises the power and speed of the device. The standard scooter design won’t win any awards. The E-Twow is neither flashy nor is it pretentious. 

Acceleration and Portability:

The greatest features of the E-Twow GT is its acceleration and all the power they were able to pack into such a portable device. The E-Twow weighs just under 27 lbs, has amazing acceleration, and a top speed of around 25 mph.

The E-Twow GT folds nicely once you figure out how to do it- a combination of using your hands on the handlebars and your foot. Once folded, it’s easy to carry around and to stow away in an office or classroom.

Ride Feel:

You never have to worry about flats with the solid tires but the ride feel tends to suffer versus air-filled pneumatic tires. The shocks help to take away some of the chatter transmitted from rocks and bumps in the road but long rides will definitely leave you feeling it.

The old idiom “I’m all thumbs” used to be used to describe someone that was clumsy. With cell phones and video game controls designed the way they are, the thumb is now our most nimble and useful digit. 

People like using their thumbs to play games, compose texts, and accelerate and brake on their scooters. Thumb throttle and braking seems to be gaining popularity but on long rides I did notice a little thumb strain.

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 10.56.52 PM


The regenerative braking is surprisingly strong and sensitive. Getting used to the sensitivity of the thumb brake took time. With the 2020 version of the E-Twow you now have a hand operated mechanical rear drum brake which my family prefers for braking as it seems more instinctual from their bicycling days.

For additional safety and redundant braking, there is a rear wheel foot brake. Having all the braking options is great for a scooter that accelerates so quickly.


The front light is bright enough to help you see and to help you be seen at night. The zippy acceleration is helpful especially if you plan on using the scooter in city traffic. Being able to speed out of dangerous situations is important.

And as I said above, the three types of braking allow riders to brake the way they like and are familiar with. 

Screen Shot 2020 06 09 at 9.09.06 PM

The Flaws:

The major flaws of the E-Twow GT have been the lack of a kickstand and the sensitive thumb brake. I found that folding the scooter halfway allowed the scooter to stand on its own and was very easy to do. For those who must have a kickstand, ewheels has added a kickstand on the 2020 edition of this scooter so the lack of a kickstand is no longer a flaw.

The 2020 version also added a mechanical rear drum brake which compliments the thumb brake.

Solid tires makes for a less smooth ride compared to air-filled pneumatic tires however the shocks do a good job at reducing the chatter.


If the E-Twow GT were a boxer, it would be the fastest and most powerful boxer in its light weight class. This makes it a perfect commuter, last mile solution, and college transporter.

The E-Twow GT was already a great fast and portable scooter and now it’s even better with the added rear drum brake and kickstand for 2020. Check out ewheels for the 2020 edition pricing.

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