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Zondoo ZO01 Plus – Does This $1300 Amazon Scooter Really Go 58 mph?

by Nathan Schaumann

The Zondoo ZO01 Plus initially caught my eye when I compiled the data for Freshly Charged’s Ultimate Scooter Comparison Tool. A $1300 scooter with a 2100Wh battery, 58 mph+ top speed, a sine wave controller, hydraulic brakes, and 3-day shipping? Sounds almost too good to be true. In this comprehensive review, I’ll provide Freshly Charged’s official speed and range test results, as well as what surprised me about the Zondoo ZO01 Plus, what was disappointing, and whether or not I think you should buy this scooter.

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Zondoo ZO01 Plus: Things I Love

Turning Signals: Some scooters have their turning signals almost hidden behind the kick plate or rear fender, but the Zondoo ZO01 Plus’s are clearly visible. They also display a pattern while flashing similar to many newer car models.

Folding Mechanism: The folding mechanism of the Zondoo ZO01 Plus is quick and simple. Pull the lever, release the latch, and stem comes down and locks into place. I can fold or unfold the scooter in less than 5 seconds, easily. The scooter does get slightly longer when you fold it, however, making it somewhat difficult to put in the trunk of any non-SUV.

Deck + Kickplate: The deck is huge, providing plenty of room for various riding positions. I also like the kick plate, which has an integrated handle to make it easier to lift when not folded.

Lights: I previously owned the Zondoo ZO03 Plus, a slightly beefier, dual-stem variant of the ZO01, and I was disappointed by the lackluster lighting (no pun intended). The ZO01 performs better in this regard, with two independently adjustable front lights as well as strip deck lighting.

Suspension: I found the suspension to be perfect for a light rider like myself (<150 lbs), but it seems a little soft for heavier riders. The scooter is technically rated up to 440 lbs according to the packaging.

Brakes: The hydraulic brakes provide excellent stopping power, and I had no issues with them whatsoever. There is also a regenerative brake that is always on, but it is not too strong and is good for coming to a gradual stop while adding a tiny amount of range.

IMG 1808 1

Charging Light: This is an interesting one – most scooter chargers I have used have a tiny red/green indicator light that tells if you when the scooter is done charging. The issue is, sometimes this light is to tiny that if you are in full daylight and glancing at the charger from an angle, you can’t tell if the light is red or green. The Zondoo-provided 2A chargers have a huge light which solves this issue.

IMG 1799 1

Zondoo ZO01 Plus: Speed + Range Testing

Acceleration & 1/2 mile testing: The Zondoo ZO01 Plus has a very unpredictable acceleration curve. I tested it on a 1/2 mile track numerous times, and got very inconsistent results. What is pasted below is the fastest run, but even on the fastest run you can see that the scooter was actually going faster at the 1/8 mile mark than it was at the 1/2 mile mark (46.25 mph vs 45.58 mph), with one random jump up to 48.12 mph. All things considered, however, the Zondoo ZO01 Plus is very fast, and is the 2nd quickest scooter to 40 mph that I have ever tested (after the Wolf King GT).

  • 0 – 10mph: 0.99s
  • 0 – 15mph: 1.66s
  • 0 – 20mph: 2.37s
  • 0 – 25mph: 3.15s
  • 0 – 30mph: 4.21s
  • 0 – 35mph: 5.56s
  • 0 – 40mph: 7.5s
  • 0 – 45mph: 10.61s
  • 60ft: 2.73s
  • 330ft: 8.02s
  • 1/8 mile: 13.04s @ 46.25 mph
  • 1/4 mile: 22.77s @ 45.92 mph
  • 1/2 mile: 42.8s @ 45.58 mph
  • Top Speed: 48.12 mph

Range: My range test with the Zondoo ZO01 plus got 25.7 miles, with dual motor engaged, in the fastest speed setting. Considering the Zondoo boasts a 60V 35Ah battery pack, it’s interesting to compare the Zondoo’s 25.7 miles of high-speed riding range with that of the Rovoron Kullter Luxury, which got 30.28 miles out of a smaller, 60V 31.5Ah battery pack. The top speeds on both scooters are very similar. My guess is the difference in range is a combination of two main things; battery pack quality (Rovoron uses an LG battery) and tires (Rovoron has smooth street tires, Zondoo has knobby off-road tires).

Zondoo ZO01 Plus: Room For Improvement

Speed Wobble + Handling: The biggest complaint I have with this scooter is the speed wobble, which starts after about 30 mph. It took me over 50 miles of riding and testing just to feel comfortable taking the scooter up to full speed. When you are going in a straight line, the steering column wants to wildly swing back and forth. However when you initiate a turn, the handlebars actually try to pull you back to going straight. This scooter is one of the all-time worst handling scooters I have ridden.

Inconsistent Power Delivery: Another large complaint I have with the Zondoo ZO01 Plus is the unpredictable throttle response; sometimes mashing the throttle gives you a surge of acceleration, and sometimes it limps along for a few seconds before finally kicking in. Additionally, at high speeds the power will cut suddenly when going over a bump, no matter how small, and so it was hard for me to find a smooth enough road to actually reach the scooter’s top speed of 48 mph (which is nowhere near the advertised top speed of 58 mph).

Top Speed <50% Battery: The image below is from my range test – you can see that my average riding speed was in the high 40’s for the first 14 miles of my range test, and then the last 11 miles my top speed dropped to 40 mph, then 35 mph, then 32 mph, before eventually plummeting to 20 mph. While power can naturally be expected to decrease as a battery depletes, I’ve never ridden a high-powered scooter with such a marked difference in power from the beginning to end of a single charge.

IMG 1A0A24DC220B 1

Hand Grips: The Zondoo’s stock hand grips (image on the right) are small and not as ergonomically shaped as Kaabo’s stock hand grips, so I switched mine out with my Wolf King GTR, which is currently undergoing maintenance.

The Freshly Charged Take – Should You Buy This Scooter?

While the speed is certainly lower than advertised (48 mph vs 58 mph), the Zondoo ZO01 Plus is still a great bang-for-buck scooter. I would not recommend it to brand-new riders due to the handling issues, but if you are a confident rider looking for a cheap performance scooter with decent range, the Zondoo ZO01 Plus is for you.

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Zondoo ZO01 plus

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