Introducing: The New Best Tool To Compare Electric Scooters

by Nathan Schaumann

If you’re wanting to compare electric scooters using variables like price, speed, weight, range and more, you’ve come to the right place. Freshly Charged is now home to the largest comprehensive scooter database currently available on the internet, and it is constantly being updated and added to.

See the complete database here.


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At the time of writing, you can sort and filter 572 scooters by the following categories:

  • Scooter Name: Scooters with varying battery sizes are listed separately
  • Price (USD): Freshly Charged uses web scraping to automatically find the best price among dozens of retailers
  • Review: Freshly Charged has reviewed and tested 87 of the 572 scooters, and written articles about 13 more
  • Value Score: Freshly Charged uses a formula with different weight for categories such as speed, range & price
  • Speed (mph): Manufacturer’s claimed top speed, which may vary from independently-tested top speed
  • Range (miles): Freshly Charged uses a formula to calculate real-world range based on battery, speed & weight
  • Battery Volts: Nominal voltage is listed, not maximum voltage
  • Battery Amp-Hours
  • Battery Watt-Hours
  • Weight (lbs): Not including seat or other accessories
  • Tire (“): If front and rear are different sizes such as the Razor C35, only the front tire is listed
  • Water-Resistance Rating: According to the international ingress protection (IP) code
  • Motor Watts: Nominal watts. Some retailers publish peak watt figures only; these cells are left blank
  • Motor(s): Dual Motor vs Single Motor
  • Suspension: Front, Rear, or Full
  • Warranty (months): Critical electrical components such as battery, controller, etc.
  • US Store: If the scooter is being shipped from overseas vs a US location
  • Removable Battery: While all batteries are technically removable, some are specifically designed for quick removal

Compare Electric Scooters – Top 10 Fastest Scooters

  1. Slack Core 920R: 90 mph
  2. Fidico Lightspeed Knight: 81 mph
  3. Emove Roadster: 80 mph
  4. Weped Sonic X: 80 mph
  5. Rion Thrust: 80 mph
  6. Teverun 7260R: 75 mph
  7. Slack Core 1220: 75 mph
  8. Slack Core 920: 75 mph
  9. Weped FS: 75 mph
  10. Weped SST: 75 mph

Compare Electric Scooters – Top 10 Longest-Range Scooters *Using Freshly Charged Range Formula

  1. FLJ K13: 102.5 miles (5760 Wh)
  2. Dualtron X Limited: 87.4 miles (5040 Wh)
  3. FLJ X14: 82.5 miles (4680 Wh)
  4. Slack Core 1220: 77.7 miles (4320 Wh)
  5. Dualtron Storm Limited: 72.8 miles (3780 Wh)
  6. Teverun 7260R: 72.8 miles (4320 Wh)
  7. Black Knight BK11P: 71.3 miles (4320 Wh)
  8. Bronco Stealth: 66.9 miles (3600 Wh)
  9. Black Knight BK11: 66.7 miles (3600 Wh)
  10. Bronco Xtreme VNOM 11: 66.4 miles (3600 Wh)
SK3 1018

Compare Electric Scooters – Top 10 Most Affordable Scooters

  1. Megawheels S1: $119
  2. Megawheels S10 (refurbished): $134
  3. Hover-1 Aviator: $178
  4. Hover-1 Journey: $180
  5. TODO S10: $189
  6. Hyper Toy 37V Skute: $198
  7. GoTrax Rival: $198
  8. Unagi E350 (refurbished): $199
  9. Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost: $199
  10. Segway Ninebot Zing C8: $199
Megawheels S1s electric scooter 4

How To Use The Scooter Database

Filter Scooters by Specific Characteristic: In order to filter only scooters with an 11-inch tire, you can click the dropdown arrow next to the search bar, select “Tire” and type in 11.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2023-11-28-at-11.49.42AM-613x1024.png

Find Value Outliers: In order to find scooters with unusually good specs for the price, sort by the desired spec (such as speed) by clicking the arrow next to the “speed” column until it points down, and then scan the price column as you scroll down, looking for scooters that are priced cheaper than the surrounding scooters. Following these steps in this example shows us that the Teverun 7260R is an impressively good deal, as it reaches a max speed of 75 mph while costing around 50% of the other scooters with an equal top speed. If we continue scrolling, we will find that the NanRobot LS7+ (72V) is a similarly impressive outlier, reaching a max speed of 65 mph while costing only $2749, while most of the other 65 mph scooters cost well over $3000.

Find The Perfect Scooter For Me: Decide on your desired characteristics, such as “removable battery” and “24-month warranty”. Filter for scooters with a removable battery by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the search bar, selecting “removable battery” and typing “yes”. Then, to find scooters with a 24-month warranty, sort click the small arrow next to “Warranty” until it shows a downward-pointing arrow. This specific search brings up only one scooter with both of these characteristics: the SmartKick X7 Pro, listed at $470.

Use The Freshly Charged Value Score: Freshly Charged has created a formula that uses factors such as price (including tax + shipping), speed, range, warranty, suspension, and more, to calculate a “value score” number, ranging from 1 – 100, for each scooter. Sort by “value score” to find out which scooters we think are a great deal. Any score with a value score of less than 30 is considerably overpriced, and you can use the table to find a scooter with similar specs at a much lower price point.

See the full database here!

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