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Teverun Tetra – The Ultimate 4-Wheeled Standup Electric ATV!!

by Nathan Schaumann

The Teverun Tetra is the first four-wheeled electric scooter (or is it an ATV?!) we’ve ever tested, and it is quite a sight to behold.

The four huge off-road tires eat up any terrain, and the instantaneously-adjustable suspension is a feature that blew us away. While the side-to-side stability takes a little getting used to, we’re confident this four-wheeled “monster scooter” is fit for many more types of terrain than typical off-road electric scooters.

Click here for the current pricing of the Teverun Tetra.

Teverun Tetra – Specs

  • Tire: 13″ (x 4 tires)
  • Motor: 1500W x 2 (quad-motor option available)
  • Speed: 34 mph
  • Range: 124 miles (claimed)
  • Battery: 60V, 60Ah (3600 Wh)
  • Max Rider Load: 330 lbs
  • Charging time: 12 hours
  • Water Resistance Rating: IP67
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • Deck: 10″ x 21″
  • Handlebar Height: 37.5″
  • Handlebar Width: 26″
  • Deck Clearance: 6″
  • Full Width: 27″

Teverun Tetra – Features

  • 4-inch TFT display
  • NFC card reader
  • Remote locking
  • 2-piston hydraulic brakes w/ 260mm disc brakes
  • 37A Sine-Wave Controller x 2
  • 67.2V 5A fast charger
  • Spring Suspension
  • Smart BMS

Teverun Tetra – Things We Love

The Fun Factor

The Teverun Tetra is an absolute blast to ride. It allows you to do things other PEVs won’t, has a completely different riding feel, but overall is incredibly stable and powerful.

teverun tetra

All-Terrain Riding

The Teverun Tetra EATS up every type of terrain you throw at it. Snow, concrete, sand, loose gravel and dirt are no problem for the Tetra. This ATV/Scooter hybrid has also become Andrew’s new favorite ice PEV.

teverun tetra

Deck Size

The deck is massive (21″ x 10″) and with the kick plate, offers many different riding positions. It will take a while of riding the Teverun Tetra before your feet start to get uncomfortable.

teverun tetra four wheeled electric scooter deck

Cable Management

The cables on the Tetra are all hidden within the stem, which gives it a very neat and tidy look.

teverun tetra

Teverun App

We really like the Teverun App; it looks great, shows plenty of information, and makes it easy to just important settings like the LED lighting, speed modes, etc. Don’t be deceived by the 1-star rating on the app store!

teverun tetra

Smart BMS

The Teverun Tetra has a Smart BMS that integrates with the app to tell you the temperature of each individual cell, as well as charging state, and many other useful features.

teverun tetra

Seat + Cargo Rack

While these additions certainly don’t come stock with the Teverun Tetra, the rendering below makes it easy to see what is possible with the Tetra.

teverun tetra four wheeled electric scooter deck seat

Teverun Tetra – Things We Hate

While this is a fantastic PEV, there are definitely some things that need tweaking.

Tight Turns

You can initiate a tight turn, but after a few seconds the Tetra just wants to re-upright itself. Andrew took a tumble trying to take a tight turn, and it almost ran him into a gate!

teverun tetra

Low Bottom-End Torque

Once you start riding, there is plenty of torque. But if you are stopped and facing uphill, the Tetra sometimes has a bit of trouble producing the torque required to get going.

teverun tetra

Noise + Maintenance

Most PEVs are quiet and stealthy, but the Teverun Tetra has tons of moving parts and many of them rattle and create quite a racket while riding. We also had to make a ton of adjustments, and tighten loose bolts while riding. This isn’t going to be a maintenance-free PEV, so be prepared to spend a good amount of work with your tools in hand.

teverun tetra

Front Clearance

Despite the deck being over 6″ off the ground, the front chassis assembly hangs lower, giving slightly less than 4″ of functional ground clearance.

teverun tetra

Fit Through Doors

The scooter, including all 4 tires, is 27″ wide. This means it will fit through a regular doorway, but it is very unwieldy and hard to move around. Andrew found that while walking the scooter the rear tires kept clipping his heels.

teverun tetra four wheeled electric scooter

Light Placement

The brake lights and turning signals on both front and rear are blocked by the chassis, reducing visibility from pretty much all angles.

teverun tetra

Front Light Throw Angle

The front light is decently bright, but the throw angles is very narrow. We would like the throw angle to be wider to light up a larger section of the road when riding.

teverun tetra

The Freshly Charged Take

If you like tinkering with your PEVs and you have good balance, the Tetra is definitely for you. It’s a ton of fun, takes quite a bit of getting used to, but opens up significant new possibilities for personal mobility. Click here for the current pricing of the Teverun Tetra!

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teverun tetra four wheeled electric scooter deck

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