Kaabo Wolf King+ 72 V scooter: 10 Things We Loved, Hated

Kaabo Wolf King+ 72 V E-scooter: 10 Things We Loved & Hated

by freshlycharged

The Kaabo Wolf King+ is the newest high performance electric scooter from Kaabo that gives this shiny golden beauty an upgrade in power.

Owning and loving the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ is what led me to purchasing the Kaabo Wolf King+. The Wolf King+ uses the same frame and suspension I loved about Wolf Warrior 11+, plus it has an upgraded 72 volt system with dual 1500 watt motors.

Being able to go up to 62 mph on a 24 karat gold rocket will definitely grab people’s attention.

We love Kaabo electric scooters, especially the Wolf King+. However, just like all scooters, there are some drawbacks to Wolf King+. In this review we will let you know the top 5 things we like, the top 5 drawbacks, and who the Kaabo Wolf King+ is designed for.

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Kaabo Wolf King Sun Dial Close

Top 5 Thing We Like about the Kaabo Wolf King

  1. Tons of torque and acceleration
  2. Bright headlight
  3. Stable at high speeds
  4. Impressive suspension for off-roading
  5. A gold scooter that will stand out from a sea of black scooters

How much Torque does the Kaabo Wolf King+ have?

One of my favorite features about the Kaabo Wolf King+ is the initial torque. The acceleration curve on the Wolf King+ is incredible and this beast wants to rip your arms out of its sockets as soon as you pull the throttle.

The Wolf King+ is one of the fastest scooters off the line that we have reviewed. The only scooter we have reviewed that is faster off the line is the Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport.

Wolf King Abandoned Road

Is the Headlight on the Kaabo Wolf King+ Safe for Night Riding?

I love the headlight on the Kaabo Wolf King+ and it is plenty for safe night riding. Unfortunately, 95% of scooters we review do not have sufficient lighting for night riding. The main headlights on the Kaabo Wolf King+ is one foot above the deck and offers two bright LEDs.

I like to describe the light as bright enough to blind or kill of a vampire. The only four scooters that I’ve reviewed that have a bright enough light for night riding is the VSETT 11+Kaabo Wolf KingKaabo Wolf Warrior, and Currus Panther.

Kaabo Wolf King Bright Light

Is the Kaabo Wolf King+ Stable at High Speeds?

One of my favorite features of the Kaabo Wolf King+ is the stability at high speeds. Most scooters can feel unstable after they surpass 30 mph. The Kaabo Wolf King+ geometry makes it feel great at speeds above 30 mph.

Most of the time I would like a steering damper for an e-scooter that goes over 30 mph however the Kaabo Wolf King+ is stable without a steering damper. The stock steering and suspension is tight and you don’t have overcorrecting issues at high speeds.

If you want to make the Kaabo Wolf King+ steering rock solid even at the highest speeds, they just created a Erexx steering damper for it. However, the Erexx steering damper is $400 and up.

Is the Suspension on the Kaabo Wolf King+ Suitable for Off-roading?

I enjoy the suspension on the Kaabo Wolf King+ for off-roading. The stiff motorcycle suspension and dual stems make the Kaabo Wolf King+ feel like a Cadillac on small dirt rollers. The Wolf King+ reminds me of how a dirt bike handles.

Kaabo Wolf King Motorcycle Grade Suspension

The Kaabo Wolf King’s Gold Finish

The gold finish on the Wolf King reminds me of the 24 Karat Gold that my Thai family loves to wear.

In America, we normally wear 14 or 18 karat gold or even white gold. However, when I travel to Thailand, 24 karat gold is all the rage. We are so used to 14 or 18 karat gold in the US that the brightness of the 24 karat gold almost looks fake.

The Kaabo Wolf King+ reminds me of the 24 karat gold my Thai family wears. It’s bright gold and it will definitely stand out in a sea full of black electric scooters.

Wolf King Shocked Jimmy

Top 5 drawbacks of the Kaabo Wolf King+

  1. Short stem (height is only 38 inches from the deck)
  2. Narrow handlebars
  3. The locking mechanism can be tricky to understand
  4. Flimsy chain on safety pin
  5. No Loctite on bolts

How tall is the Stem Height on the Kaabo Wolf King+?

The stem on the Kaabo Wolf King+ is 38 inches from the deck. The Kaabo Wolf King+ and Wolf Warrior 11+ have identical frames, stem, handlebars, tires and control arms.

I used to think the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ scooter was massive, but after riding the VSETT 11+, ZERO 11X, and Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport the top of the line high powered Kaabo Scooters kind of feel small.

The Wolf King+ is still a big scooter compared to most, but I do wish the stock handlebars were taller.

Wolf King Lakeside

How Wide are the Handlebars on the Wolf King+?

The handlebars on the Wolf King+ are 24.6 inches wide. By increasing handlebar width, you increase the stability of the scooter. I feel like Kaabo missed a huge opportunity with the handlebar width.

By increasing the handlebar width a few inches, it would have produced a gigantic difference in ride feel and control. I would highly suggest upgrading the handlebars on the Wolf King+ for increased width, height, and stability, especially if you are a larger rider.

Kaabo Wolf King Handlebar Width

Is it Hard to Figure out the Locking Mechanism on the Kaabo Wolf King?

The locking mechanism on the Wolf King+ is rock solid if it is set up correctly. However, the instructions on how to set up the locking mechanism are not even in the instruction manual. Most of the videos online about the locking mechanism are also confusing.

When I owned my first Wolf Warrior 11+, I didn’t set up the locking mechanism correctly and it partially collapse on me while riding. Luckily, the safety pin did its job and prevented the stem from folding while riding but it did bend the safety pin which I eventually had to replace.

If there is any stem wobble after you lock the mechanism, it is not seated correctly. The key is to have the barrel nut horizontal and in the bottom groove of the folding latch.

If there is any movement while sitting in the bottom groove, make half turns on the barrel nut until it fits in the latch grooves with zero play.

Once you find the correct length for the barrel nut, tighten the regular nut up against the barrel nut to prevent it from moving. Once your locking mechanism is tight, make sure to tighten the… okay, I’ve probably lost you by now. Hopefully at least you understand how complex the locking mechanism is.

Now go find a YouTube video on how to do it correctly. It’s the same design as on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Just know that when set up correctly, the stem is solid.

Kaabo Wolf King Folding Mechanism

The Kaabo Wolf King Dreadful Safety Pin Chain will fail!

The safety pin is an excellent backup if you don’t set up the folding mechanism correctly. I’m still not sure why they haven’t changed the safety pin chain that is cheap and flimsy. I have not broken the chain yet but I know it is only a matter of time.

Kaabo Wolf King Cheap Chain

Does Kaabo use Loctite?

The simple answer is no. Kaabo does not use any loctite on any screw on their scooter. I hope that Kaabo keeps seeing my blogs and videos, and will eventually use Loctite on their bolts.

I have observed loose bolts on motor hubs and sheared bolts. I’ve noticed missing red pieces on the folding mechanism. I believe Kaabo could avoid a lot of warranty claims if they just started using some Loctite.

Other Features we Enjoy about the Wolf King+

  1. Loud horn
  2. Minimotors EY3 Throttle Display
  3. Minimotors Controllers
  4. Samsung of LG batteries
  5. Tubeless Pneumatic Tires
Kaabo Wolf King EY3 Display

Kaabo Wolf King Specifications

Model Kaabo Wolf King+
Motor 2×1500 Watts
Battery LG/Samsung Li-Ion 72 V 28 Ah
Peak Power Output 6720 Watts
Estimated Range 93 Miles (eco/single drive)
Tested Minimum Range Test 27 Miles*
Top Speed 62 Mph
Top Speed I Reached 55 Mph
Weight Limit 330 lbs
Tire Size 11″ Tubeless pneumatic tires
Charging Time 19 Hours
Suspension Front hydraulic/rear springs
Lights Front/side/rear LEDs
Display Minimotors EY3
Controller Minimotors 72V40A*2
Climbing Angles <50
Dimensions 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Folded Dimensions 59 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Weight 106 lbs
Drive Front and rear wheel drive
Tested minimum range test was with a 190 lb rider at 50 degree temperatures*
Kaabo Wolf King Handlebars

Who is the Kaabo Wolf King+ Perfect For?

The Kaabo Wolf King+ is a high-powered machine that can beat 95% of electric scooters out there. If you an experienced electric scooter rider, adding the Kaabo Wolf King+ to your quiver is an excellent choice. It offers high speeds with a stable design.

The Kaabo Wolf King will need some modifications for taller riders to feel comfortable.

If you are under 5′ 10″, the Kaabo Wolf King+ will likely fit you well. If you are over 5′ 10″ I would highly suggest upgrading to taller and wider handlebars.

If you are over 6′ 2″ you may want to look for a different scooter or use a handlebar riser.

If you plan on riding a significant amount of trails, the suspension on the Kaabo Wolf King+ will handle single tracks better than most. If you ever get caught out in the dark, the lighting system will be plenty to find your way home.

How does the Kaabo Wolf King Compare to the other Kaabo Scooters?

Mantis Pro SE Wolf Warrior X Wolf Warrior 11+ Wolf King
Battery 60V 18.2 Ah 60V 28 Ah 60V 35Ah 72V 28Ah
Andrew’s Top Speed 40 mph (64 kmh) 47 mph (75.6 kmh) 51 mph (82 kmh) 56 mph (90 kmh)
Motor Size Dual 1000 Watts Dual 1100 Watts Dual 1200 Watts Dual 1500 Watts
Weight 65 lbs (29.4 kgs) 74.5 lbs (33.8 kg) 101 lbs (45.8 kg) 105 lbs (46.5 kg)
Kaabo Wolf King Sun Dial Close 1

Final Thoughts

I have yet to find the perfect scooter, but the Kaabo Wolf King+ is a blast. The few issues the Kaabo Wolf King+ has are nominal. If you love the Kaabo brand, the Wolf King+ is the cream of the crop.

The Wolf King+ is not very portable at 106 pounds and its a little unwieldy to carry when folded, so keep that in mind if you need to carry it up stairs or into a vehicle. Overall a feature packed scooter with a ton of power!

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