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Best Off-Roading Scooter

by Nathan Schaumann

While many riders are only concerned with the commuting capabilities of their next scooter purchase, some of us spend more time off-road than on, and we’re constantly looking for the next harrowing trail to push our scooter to the limits. Between the many purpose-built off-road scooters, which is the top pick? In this review we compare three of the stand-out scooters in this category. Let’s look at the specs:

Nami Klima
Kaabo Mantis King GT
Kaabo Wolf King GTR
42 mph
45 mph
65 mph
Range (riding slow)
50 miles
58 miles
55 miles
Range (riding fast)
33 miles
36 miles
43 miles
79 lbs
74 lbs
138 lbs
Max Rider Load
265 lbs
265 lbs
330 lbs
Water Resistance
Tire type
Hybrid (knobby)
Hybrid (knobby)
Dual adjustable
Dual adjustable
Dual adjustable
60V 25Ah (1500Wh)
60V 24Ah (1440Wh)
60V 33.6Ah (2420Wh)
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
Climbing angle
30 degrees
30 degrees
50 degrees
0 - 30 mph
4.9 seconds
5.8 seconds
3.3 seconds
Folded Dimensions
51" x 27" x 24"
50" x 26" x 23"
65" x 29.5" x 19.5"

Nami Klima

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The Nami Klima is a solid off-roading scooter. It has excellent suspension, plenty of power, a solid water (+ dust) resistance rating, and proven build quality. How does it compare off-roading to the other scooters on this list? Unfortunately, not too well. Both Kaabo models come pre-installed with tires suited for off-road, have even more power, and can go further on a single charge. 

Watch our full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaeqpLACJts

Kaabo Mantis King GT

Kaabo Mantis King GT lighted deck 768x433 3

The Mantis is the cheapest of the bunch, but not the weakest by any means. Its lighter weight coupled with 2200W motor power and knobby tires ensure it will race to the top of any hill, regardless of the terrain. It also wins in overall portability, having the smallest folded dimensions of the three, making it ideal to toss in the back of your SUV for a back-country adventure.

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/kaabo-mantis-king-gt-electric-scooter-review/

Kaabo Wolf King GTR

Kaabo Wolf Warrior KING GTR elektrinis paspirtukas electric scooter

The GTR clearly smokes the competition when it comes to performance numbers, and it has practically created its own category of “super off-roading scooter”. The suspension is hugely upgraded from the previous Wolf King GT’s stiff and non adjustable suspension, and we’ve seen dozens of videos of new GTR buyers tearing up the trails and having a blast. The removable battery is an incredible feature as well, ensuring virtually limitless range.

Watch our full review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTD2sbwvLXY

The Winner


The GTR wins this one, and despite the steep price, we’re confident that it will make up for it in the smile it brings to your face. Your Camry might need to upgrade to an SUV in order to transport this scooter long distances, and hopefully your SUV also has a charge port so you can fill up the GTR’s removable battery on the go. 

Honorable mention: Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT

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The Kaabo Warrior series can’t be overlooked when talking about off-roading – these scooters were BUILT for off road. The dual stem, stock off-road tires and excellent kick plate make this scooter a beast on the trails.

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