Solid, Reliable, Speedy – Apollo Phantom V3 2023

by Nathan Schaumann

The original Apollo Phantom was introduced in March 2021, and it quickly cemented its status as a best-selling performance scooter. Since then there have been two more iterations, V2 and V3, and we’re going to be taking a look at the latest version, which debuted earlier this year.

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Price: $2199 (or $1699 for a V2 model with the V3 upgrade kit)

Speed: 41 mph

Range: 33 miles (at 25 mph)

Weight: 76 lbs

Max Rider Load: 

Motor: 2 x 1200W

Water resistance: IP54

Tires: 10-inch

Suspension: Quad-spring, front and rear

Brakes: Hydraulic, front and rear

Battery: 52V 23.4Ah (1216 Wh)


Mach 1 controller (90A discharge!!)

Dedicated regen brake throttle

V3 upgrade kit (for Phantom V1 + V2 owners)

1000 lumen headlight

According to an Apollo study, 95% of cruising is done at 25 mph, so instead of packing larger motors into their recent scooters, they are opting to instead increase the control and comfort at mid-level speeds. It seems like they’ve done a good job of this with the Phantom.

Things we love

The upgraded display is larger, brighter, and generally looks awesome. It is clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

We love the dedicated regen braking throttle. Many scooters have an all-or-nothing regen brake, which makes it hard to decelerate slowly and decreases control around corners. Most new Apollo Scooters are coming out with this feature as well, such as the new Apollo Air 2023. 

Apollo has by far the best integrated app for scooters, with dozens of features and capabilities. The Apollo Phantom can receive over-the-air updates and performance tweaks through the app, ensuring the scooter is constantly evolving and improving. You can also choose between ten acceleration modes, ten deceleration modes, and four customizable speed modes. You can digitally “park” the scooter using the app, which locks the wheels in place and sets off an alarm if someone attempts to move it. The app also controls the functionality of the display; each user can program the display to show their preferred metrics such as speed, battery capacity, controller temperature, etc.

For previous owners of an Apollo Phantom (V1 or V2), Apollo is selling a V3 upgrade kit (including the Mach 1 controller, new display, connectors, front-mounted turning signals) for $399 on their website. This is something we haven’t seen before, and is part of what led Rider Guide to crown the Apollo Phantom as their “most future proof scooter”.

Many early riders of the Phantom V3 have praised the stem’s high level of stability, citing zero stem wobble at any speed.

Room for improvement

There have been numerous user complaints about bugs in the app + issues connecting to the app. A few users also commented on disc brakes that are too thin and warp easily. Perhaps upgrading to the thicker brake rotors of the Wolf King GTR is a solid step for the Phantom V4?

You have to triple press the power button to get into “Ludo mode”, where you can achieve the 41 mph top speed. This seems to us like a safety hazard, because when you are riding fast, it is essential to have your hands firmly on both handlebars, and your attention on the road in front of you.

The kickstand looks flimsy and cheap, and we’d like to see an upgraded kickstand like on the upcoming Explore or Pro models.

Apollo Phantom V3 Scooter Review 1

A note on the Apollo estimated range

Independent tests show the scooter having roughly a 28-29 mile range (Electric Scooter Insider, Rider Guide) which is less than the 33-miles from Apollo’s real-world test, and certainly less than the claimed 40 mile range in eco mode.

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