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The Rugged Commuter E-Scooter Big Riders will Love: NAVEE S65C Review

by Nathan Schaumann

This scooter is an interesting one. It’s not fast (20 mph), but it’s also not very light (60 lbs). It has incredibly robust suspension and build quality, and the price ($899) isn’t too bad. We’d put this scooter in the “luxury commuter” category. Let’s look at the specs:

Price: $899

Speed: 20 mph

Range: 40 miles (riding slow), 18 miles (riding fast)

Weight: 60 lbs

Max Rider Load: 265 lbs

Motor: 450W (peak 800W)

Water resistance: IP55

Tires: 10-inch tubeless, puncture-resistant

Suspension: Swing-arm suspension (front), rubber suspension (front + rear)

Brakes: Drum brakes (front), E-brake (rear)

Battery: 36V 15Ah (540 Wh)

Charging time: 8 hours


UL2272 Certified (rated for fire safety)


Adjustable regen braking with the app

Thumb throttle

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Things we love:

The handlebars are nice and wide. Most commuter scooters’ handlebars make you feel like a T-Rex when riding.

The display is nice and crisp, and easy to read in direct sunlight.

The folding mechanism locks into place nicely and is easy to use.

Large, grippy deck.

Great for bigger riders (rubber suspension).

Distributed by a USA company (REV rides) with great customer service.

Very good water-resistance rating (IP55).

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Room for improvement:

Our box was a little damaged in shipping.

The headlight isn’t very bright.

The folding mechanism doesn’t have much resistance, and could come loose while riding.

This scooter struggles on hills, and it slowed to an 11 mph crawl when we tested it.

No zero start function, which is annoying and should be fixable with the app.

The app feels very basic, and doesn’t offer that many customizable features

The rear fender rattles on jumps or bumps.

Very heavy for a 20 mph scooter.

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