If Tesla made a Scooter – The Apollo Pro 2023

by Nathan Schaumann

Apollo has made a pretty big splash in the scooter world with the announcement of the new Apollo Pro, and for good reason: it’s so packed with features it’s tough to know where to begin. The scooter boasts a number of “firsts” in the scooter world, and not only does it fit neatly within the rankings of ultra-luxury scooters, it leads the rankings. The Pro is expected to ship in December, and it has already raised over $600,000 on Indiegogo by early investors. Let’s take a look at the specs:


Price: $3599 

Speed: 43 mph

Range: 63 miles (claimed)

Weight: 93 lbs

Max Rider Load: 330 lbs

Motor: Dual 1200W, peak combined 6000W

Water resistance: IP66

Tires: 12-inch self-healing 

Suspension: Front adjustable hydraulic suspension + rear rubber absorber

Brakes: Dual drum brakes + customizable regen braking

Battery: 52V 30Ah (1560 Wh) (UL certified)

Charging time: 6 hours (5A fast charging)

0 – 30mph: < 6 seconds (independent reviews show 6.1 – 6.3 seconds)


1000 lumen headlight (same as the Phantom)

Handlebar-mounted turning signals

Impressive lighting

28” handlebar width

40” deck to handlebar height

19″ x 8″ Deck

Integrated Apollo app

Wireless phone charging

Mach 2 controller (30A nominal, 34A peak current)

Built-in GPS tracking device

Features coming soon

Retractable cable lock


Wing Mirrors

Weather-proof body

Cargo attachment

Things we love

Apollo has by far the best integrated app for scooters, with dozens of features and capabilities. The Apollo Pro can receive over-the-air updates and performance tweaks through the app, ensuring the scooter is constantly evolving and improving. You can also choose between ten acceleration modes, ten deceleration modes, and four customizable speed modes. You can digitally “park” the scooter using the app, which locks the wheels in place and sets off an alarm if someone attempts to move it. The app also controls the functionality of the display; each user can program the display to show their preferred metrics such as speed, battery capacity, controller temperature, etc.

We love the dedicated regen braking throttle. Many scooters have an all-or-nothing regen brake, which makes it hard to decelerate slowly and decreases control around corners. Most new Apollo Scooters are coming out with this feature as well, such as the new Apollo Air 2023. 

The Apollo Pro features turning signals on the outside of handlebars, which makes them MUCH more visible to cars both in front and behind. Turn signals are also mounted on the kickplate, and run down the both sides of the scooter stem, greatly increasing safety and visibility. These 360 degree turning signal lights are also being introduced to the lower-end Apollo models.

The Pro features a super-long front headlight that takes up most of the length of the stem. We also saw this on the upcoming Apollo Rover, and it looks awesome. 

Apollo has demonstrated that the Pro can be washed with a garden hose, cementing its status as a true waterproof scooter. It carries an official IP66 rating, something shared by very few competitor models. 

The Pro is the winner of a Red Dot Design award, which is a prestigious international competition for product and industrial design. Other past recipients of this award include the Xiaomi Mi, Taur, and Segway GT series. 

Many scooters, even luxury scooters (looking at you, Extreme Bull K6), have displays which are difficult to read in direct sunlight. The Apollo Pro display has no such issues, and is easily readable in any amount of light.

The front wheel features a high-quality adjustable suspension. The rear suspension is just a rubber block – but it means the scooter doesn’t sink when you accelerate, and also reduces maintenance.

The kickstand looks different from most scooters: instead of a side-mounted extending pole, it is a full-width kickstand which suspends the rear wheel, similar to many mopeds. You can deploy it from either side.

We love the thumb throttle (and sine wave controller) as there is no dead zone, and plenty of control. 

Upcoming accessories for the Pro include a seat, full protective canopy, and a rear shelf with detachable basket. These are all additions that would make the Pro perfect for delivery drivers. (attach graphics from ESI)

Using Apollo’s phone holder (which must be purchased separately) you can mount your phone landscape, and still see the speed + battery on the display. Mounting your phone portrait covers the numbers on the display. Also, the phone mount charges your phone while riding.

The Pro comes with a built-in GPS tracking service that is free for the first 3 months, then $10/month. 

It has both a bell and a customizable horn, which is great to be able to alert cars on major roads + dog-walkers on the sidewalk.

It features a built-in Bluetooth speaker!

We love the 12-inch tires – as far as scooters are concerned, the bigger the tires the better, especially for safety when riding over potholes.

Room for improvement

The hand grips look cheap. Many early users swapped them out with better hand grips immediately after receiving the scooter. 

Many reviewers have complained about stem wobble at high-speeds, suggesting the need for a steering damper. 

Suspension isn’t as good as comparable luxury scooters, such as the Nami Burn-E series.

Phone holder must be purchased separately.

Built-in display is not as nice or large as TFT display featured on Nami + Kaabo models.

Scooter doesn’t latch into itself when folding.

Performance is lackluster compared to other scooters in the same price range. The cheaper Wolf King GT has 40% more top speed, 20% more range. Rated climbing angle is 30 degrees, while most high-end scooters are rated at 45-50 degrees.

The Apollo Pro features drum brakes instead of disc brakes, which reduces maintenance but increases quality concerns. However, Apollo has stated that independent testing shows that the drum brakes perform “similarly” to hydraulic disc brakes. The official 15 mph – 0 braking distance is 7.6 ft, which actually beats the Segway GT series (9.4 ft). 

The price is far and away the biggest drawback to purchasing this scooter – most other scooters in the $3k+ price range go faster, further, and accelerate quicker. 


Instead of aiming for 50 – 60 mph+ speeds, Apollo is aiming for a better quality 40 mph scooter. They have certainly delivered on that front, and the Apollo Pro is perfect for those seeking an ultra-luxury, feature packed, comfortable daily commuter.

A note on the Apollo-estimated range:

Apollo states that the scooter can travel up to 63 miles in eco mode (limited to 9mph). While we appreciate this statistic, it isn’t very helpful considering most people don’t ride their scooters at this speed. Based on real-world range testing from Rider Guide on similarly sized scooters, we estimate this scooter will get around 36 miles of real-world range. Rider Guide and Electric Scooter Insider recently tested the Pro under real-world conditions, and achieved 36 miles and 39 miles, respectively. 

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