Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter Review

Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

The LS7+ electric scooter is Nanrobot’s newest, high performance, flagship escooter. The Nanrobot LS7+ offers dual 2400 watt motors, steering damper, RGB controllable lights, huge deck, and massive 60V 40Ah battery.

Over the past year, Jimmy and I have reviewed a lot of electric scooters. A common comment we observe on our videos is, “Will you review a Nanrobot scooter?” Luckily for us, we are the first Americans to test and review the Nanrobot LS7+.

In this review, we will let you know what we loved and hated about the Nanrobot LS7+.

Our unboxing video of the Nanrobot LS7+

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Nanrobot LS7

Top 10 Things I Love About the Nanrobot LS7+ Escooter

  1. Color Display
  2. Massive Deck
  3. 11 inch by 4 inch off-roading tires
  4. Controllable RGB Lights on deck, neck and stem
  5. Steering damper
  6. Ultra fast
  7. Keyed entry
  8. Motors and off-road tire sound
  9. Thick stem
  10. Tall handlebar from deck height
Our full review of the Nanrobot LS7+

The Nanrobot LS7+ Color Display is the Future of Escooters

Most scooters we have reviewed over the past year use some type of QS-S4 display or Minimotors EY3 display which reminds me more of my old Casio G-Shock display from the 1990’s.

We expect more from modern tech and in the past few months there has been an overwhelming demand for electric scooters to start using large color displays.

The Nanrobot LS7+ has a good looking color screen that displays all the information you need and is easy to read.

Now the Nami Burn-E, Kaabo Wolf King GT, 72V Yume X7 and Nanrobot LS7+ feature a large color display. In the upcoming year, I believe that most high powered scooters will have a large color display.

Nanrobot LS7 Color Display

The Nanrobot LS7+ Deck is Spacious!

The deck on the Nanrobot LS7+ is massive, measuring at 11.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches long. On top of the massive deck, there is a perfectly placed kick plate that is 7 inches long to make the deck even roomier.

When going on long scooter rides with the LS7+, the massive deck allows you to change up your feet positioning making the ride so much more comfortable.

The massive deck reminds me of the decks seen with the Bronco Xtreme 11 or Currus Panther.

Nanrobot LS7 Massiv Deck

What Kind of Tires are on the Nanrobot LS7+?

The Nanrobot LS7+ features 11 by 4 inch off-road tires. The Nanrobot LS7+ is fast and ready to tear up any terrain thrown in its direction. If you are not accustomed to off-roading tires, be prepared for the distinctive humming noise when ripping down asphalt at 50 mph.

I was surprised they didn’t choose street tires for the LS7+, but I’m not complaining since there are so many great trails in Colorado.

Nanrobot LS7 11 by 4 inch off road tire

Nanrobot LS7+ Lights: Shine Bright like a Diamond!

Dualtron scooters are equipping their newest escooters with controllable RGB lights. The lights are controlled with a separate remote that is thin and small so it won’t take up too much room in your backpack or pocket, but it can easily be lost.

With the remote you can change the lights to the color settings that you prefer.

Many electric scooters are now starting to put RGB lights in the stem, neck and deck. The Nanrobot LS7+ looks stunning at night with it’s Vegas like light show.

The Nanrobot LS7+ Steering Damper

The Nanrobot LS7+ comes with a steering damper to ensure safety and comfort when riding at high speeds. A steering damper improves stability and decreases the likelihood of overcorrecting while riding at high speeds.

The Nanrobot LS7+ is ultra stable at high speeds and it is due to the steering damper. Make sure to stiffen up the settings when attempting high speed runs.

I love high powered electric scooters. However, I wish all escooters that go over 35 mph would include a steering damper. As electric scooter riders we are exposed to dangerous conditions similar to a motorcycle.

Motorcycles have learned this over time and installed steering dampers on all new bikes. Electric scooter manufacturers should also adopt this tradition to ensure safety of their customers. I love that the Nanrobot LS7+ features a steering damper.

Nanrobot LS7 Steering Damper

Nanrobot LS7+ Specs

Model Nanrobot LS7+
Motor Dual 2400 Watt Motors
Battery 60V 40Ah
Watt Hours 2400Wh
Stated Range 45 Miles
Stated Top Speed 55 Mph updated from 72 Mph previously
Top Speed I Reached 50 Mph
Weight Limit 330 lbs (150 kg)
Tire Size 11″ by 4″ Tubed pneumatic off-road tires
Charging Time 10 Hours
Suspension Coil
Folded Dimensions 52 x 14 x 24 inches
Weight 88 lbs (40 kg)
Drive Front and rear wheel drive

What is the Nanrobot LS7+ Top Speed?

As a 195 lb rider, my top speed on the Nanrobot LS7+ is 50 mph. The LS7+ would definitely go faster if it had street tires on it.

The LS7+ was initially marketed with speeds of up to 72 mph but Nanrobot has now adjusted the stated top speed to 55 mph. If you were a 140 lb rider, you could easily hit 55 mph and possibly 60 mph in ideal conditions.

Nanrobot LS7+ Security Features

The Nanrobot LS7+ has keyed entry for extra security. You will still want to lock up the scooter because a thief can push or pick it up your beloved escooter.

For extra security, we suggest adding a third party vibration alarm that will create a loud audible noise when someone is messing with your scooter.

Nanrobot LS7 Keyed Entry Volt Meter and Handlebar Grip

Nanrobot LS7+ Unique Sound

One of my favorite things about electric scooters is how unique they sound. The Nanrobot LS7+ does not fail in the unique sound department.

The sound is stealthy quiet compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, but there is a distinctive hum with the Nanrobot. With dual 2400 watt motors and off-road tires, you can hear the LS7+ barreling down the street at 50 mph.

Nanrobot LS7+ is Solid: Thick Stem for the Win!

Stem failure is real in the electric scooter world. The long stems create a huge lever on electric scooters, and can snap with enough force. The Nanrobot LS7+ features a thick beefy stem.

The thick stem on the Nanrobot LS7+ instills confidence that I will not have any issues when attempting high speed runs or dropping off curbs.

However, I wish Nanrobot had a safety back up locking mechanism to keep to escooter unfolded. You can never be too safe when riding electric scooters at high speeds.

Nanrobot LS7 Thick Stem

How tall is the handlebar height from the deck on the Nanrobot LS7+?

The Nanrobot LS7+ is an excellent choice for tall riders. The handlebars sit at 41 inches from the deck. So many escooter handlebar heights come at 38-39 inches which is simply too short for taller riders.

I am always a big fan of tall and wide handlebars to add to the stability of scooters at high speeds.

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Top 5 Things I Hated About the Nanrobot LS7+ Escooter

  1. Weak horn
  2. Front facing lights sucks
  3. Not a ton of low end torque
  4. Not 72 Volts
  5. Can’t hit the 72 mph stated speed

How Strong is the Horn on the Nanrobot LS7+?

One word: weak!

With speeds up to 55 mph, you are sure to be riding the Nanrobot LS7+ around cars. Cars will have a hard time hearing the electric horn on the Nanrobot LS7+ if their windows are closed.

I’d even say cars would have a hard time hearing the horn with the windows down.

The horn on the Nanrobot LS7+ needs to be improved for safety reasons. For less than $20 you can significantly increase your safety while riding, by installing an aftermarket horn.

Nanrobot LS7 Rear Suspension and Kickstand

Is the Nanrobot LS7+ Headlight Safe for Night Riding?

When it comes to front facing headlights for night riding, I find that 95% of electric scooters fail in this department. The Nanrobot LS7+ is another scooter that fails miserably. The light is not bright, and it also bounces like crazy when riding causing the beam to shake.

Bright front facing lights on electric scooters seem to be an afterthought. Many scooter manufacturers will spend money to make the deck and stem lights aesthetically pleasing, but neglect the headlight which is probably the most important light on an escooter.

Here is a great light that may cost a little bit more but is plenty bright.

Nanrobot LS7 Front Headlight Steering Damper and Deck

The Nanrobot LS7+ has Low Bottom End Torque

The acceleration on the Nanrobot LS7+ is like the character Bowser from Mario Kart: relatively slow to start, but once he gets going he can fly!

The Nanrobot LS7+ does not have a ton of bottom end torque. You don’t get the initial rip your arms out of your socket feelings like you do with the Kaabo Wolf King. However, once the Nanrobot LS7+ gets moving, it can cruise like a rocket.

While the bottom end torque on the Nanrobot LS7+ isn’t that great, the top end is where the magic happens.

Nanrobot LS7 Folding Mechanism

Nanrobot LS7+ Had an Initial Top Speed Claim of 72 mph!?

When Nanrobot initially released the specs of their high performance escooter I was disappointed to find out the Nanrobot LS7+ was only 60 Volts. I was also confused about their claimed top speed of up to 72 mph

Unless Nanrobot had discovered something new, I couldn’t see how a 60V system could hit 72 mph.

Immediately after unboxing and assembling the Nanrobot LS7+, I took it out to try to hit the advertised 72 mph and I was not able to reach the stated top speed.

Roadrunners, the official US dealer of Nanrobot has since updated the top speed of the Nanrobot LS7+ to 55 mph.

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Nanrobot LS7 trigger throttle and eco turbo and single dual motor buttons

Final Thoughts on the Nanrobot LS7+ Electric Scooter

The Nanrobot LS7+ is an excellent choice for tall riders looking for a fast and powerful escooter. While the LS7+ doesn’t have ton of off the line torque, the LS7+ is a big, fast ride that won’t dissapoint.

When looking at the LS7 compared to the LS7+, I like that they added RGB lights, steering damper, color display, and massive deck. Innovation is key, and I love Nanrobot is updating their escooter line up.

With the help of servicing from Road Runner Scooters in the US, I expect Nanrobot to be a major player in the push for micromobility in the coming years.

Nanrobot LS7 Deck Light

Nanrobot LS7+ Pricing, Coupon and Discount Code

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