VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter Review

VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

I was so excited to have the opportunity to test out the whole VSETT electric scooter line. Initially, I was most excited to test out the VSETT 10+ and VSETT 11+. However, after trying the whole VSETT line, I was left most impressed with the VSETT 9+ electric scooter.

I’ve always been a high powered scooter fan. The faster the better. So when I tested out the VSETT 9+ electric scooter I didn’t have high expectations. But after my first ride, I was blown away by how much power a dual 650 watt motor scooter could produce.

The VSETT 9+ scooter is a perfect mid size scooter that packs a punch and has a unique look. I got it to 29 mph but didn’t have it fully charged so I would be interested to see what it would do on a full charge. (I currently weigh 190 lbs and it was in the low 40s the day I did a speed test)

In this review we are going to let you know what they improved from the ZERO 9, what we liked, and the drawbacks of the single motor VSETT 9 its dual motor. partner the VSETT 9+ scooters.

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What’s the Difference in the VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+?

The VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+ electric scooters are pretty much identical scooters except for the 9+ has dual motors.

The VSETT 9 has a single rear motor.

The only other difference between the two scooters is the VSETT 9 is 52V and the VSETT 9+ is 48V. The easiest way to remember is that any VSETT that has a + in the name means it is a dual motor scooter.

There is also a small weight difference between the two.

VSETT 9 10 and 11

Our Top 5 Favorite Things about the VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter

  1. Picks up speed fast for only having dual 650 watt motors
  2. Strong locking mechanism for stem with zero wobble
  3. Rides great for only having 8.5″ tires since they are 3″ wide
  4. Looks beautiful and is aesthetically pleasing
  5. Strongest design I have seen on a commuter scooter

The VSETT 9+ has a ton of Instant Power and Torque

When I read the specs, I didn’t expect much when I got on the VSETT 9+. However, once I pulled the throttle I was blown away by the instant power and torque the scooter had. For being only a 48V dual 650 watt motor scooter, the VSETT 9+ rips!

We raced the VSETT 9+ against the VSETT 10+, and of course the VSETT 10+ won. However, surprisingly the VSETT 9+ wasn’t very far behind. I initially thought the 10+ would smoke it in a race but the VSETT 9+ is surprisingly fast off the starting line.

The VSETT 9+ picks up speed fast but just kind of stops once it hits 29 mph. (I’ve seen other reviews get it to 31 mph) I think someone will eventually figure out how to hack the VSETT 9+ and get it go past 30 mph because you can tell there is more juice in the tank.

Checking out the VSETT 9

VSETT 9 and 9+ Electric Scooter Locking Mechanism Eliminates Stem Wobble

The new stem design and locking mechanism on the VSETT 9 and 9+ is incredible and instills confidence. It is by far the most solid locking mechanism I have seen on a commuter scooter.

The locking mechanism has three safety features to ensure it does not fail when you are riding. You have the huge locking clamp, a spring-loaded safety pin and a threaded lock. The design is similar to the Rion electric scooter but with some obvious additions and improvements.

The Rion e-scooter has the huge locking clamp which just uses a Velcro strap to ensure it does not fail.  VSETT e-scooter added a spring-loaded safety pin and a threaded lock.

VSETT also improved the tubular stem by making it a tubular stem with a pentagon shape encasing to make the stem more durable.

VSETT 9 Upgraded Rugged Folding Clamp

How is the VSETT 9 and 9+ Ride Quality?

Surprisingly the VSETT 9 and 9+ ride feels very smooth for only have 8.5 inch tires.

To me, the bigger the tire, the better. When I jumped on the VSETT 9+, I was expecting it to be lackluster since it had only 8.5 inch tires. Not only was the scooter powerful, it had a very comfortable ride.

Even though the tires are only 8.5 inches, they are 3 inches wide which make a huge difference compared to 2 inch wide tires on the ZERO 9. The tread pattern on the VSETT 9 and 9+ also helps with the smooth ride.

The swing arm suspension also helps to make the ride smoother than tha ZERO 9 since it has more travel.

The VSETT 9 and 9+ E-scooter Design and Color Stands Out

The chrome accented motor hubs, teal accents, unique folding mechanism, metal button casing, and two toned swing arms make the VSETT 9 and 9+ stand out. I love that they added color to most of the VSETT line. My wife likes anything with teal color, so she loves the way the VSETT 9’s look.

VSETT 9 Chrome Motor Hub and Teal Swing Arm

How does the VSETT 9 and. 9+ compare to other commuter scooters in. its class?

The VSETT 9 and 9+ is the best design I have seen on a commuter scooter.

The Segway Ninebot Max is one of the most popular commuter scooters but it lacks suspension and the plastic piece on the folding mechanism can easily break. The fender is also a weak point on the Ninebot Max and the speed caps out at 18.6 mph unless you hack it and even still it still only goes 23 mph.

The ZERO 9 has suspension and awesome lighting but it is clunky and lacks refinement. The ZERO 9 has good power but it doesn’t have a ton of torque and the suspension travel is small.

The VSETT 9 and 9+ have the strong design I like in the Segway Ninebot Max, but also offers great suspension and power. The strong folding mechanism and reinforced stem leaves me feeling confident I won’t have any issues of it folding on me while riding.

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of my favorite commuter electric scooters because of the huge deck and range, but it is a bit squeeky and the ride quality doesn’t feel as nice as the VSETT 9 or 9+. I would like a little bigger deck on the VSETT 9s but the kick plate helps to make it feel bigger.

VSETT 9 at Portland Bridge at OMSI

Top 5 Drawbacks of the VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter

  1. Heavy for being a commuter scooter
  2. It locks when folded but the handlebars can’t sit tight against the stem
  3. Deck is a harder rubber with silicone piece in the center
  4. Mounting accessories on stem can be challenging because of unique shape
  5. Controversial charge port placement’

The VSETT 9 Weighs 57 lbs and the VSETT 9+ Weights 62 lbs

I am use to lifting scooters that weight 80 lbs or more. However, some think a commuter scooter shouldn’t weigh more than 40 lbs. I don’t consider the VSETT 9s to be heavy but most people would think they are heavy for commuter scooters as long as their commute doesn’t involve many stairs.

To me it’s a trade off of weight and features. You can get a lighter scooter but they typically have poor range or weak suspension.

Carrying the VSETT 9

The VSETT 9 and 9+ Collapsible Handlebars are nice but they won’t sit flush when the stem is folded and locked.

I love the feel of the curved handlebars. Being able to fold them is a great feature for a commuter scooter. Because the foldable handlebars are curved, the brake levers and display sit nicely against the stem when folded making a very compact and clean look, something straight folding handlebars couldn’t do.

However, if you try to fold the stem and lock it into the kickplate, the folded handlebars cannot sit flush against the stem. The handlebars will be sticking a little out of the sides like on every other foldable handlebar.

VSETT 9 Locked with Collapsed Handlebars

What is the VSETT Scooter deck made of and is it slippery?

The VSETT 9 and 9+ scooter deck is a harder rubber with a silicone panel down the center.

I never had issues with slipping on the deck and I rode in wet conditions. However, if I had some slick bottom shoes I probably would slide around.

You should never wear slick shoes when riding scooters anyways but this deck would heighten that issue.

Jimmy was wearing hiking shoes and I was wearing high top vans with MTE technology that have good soles on them. Neither of us had problems with the deck. despite riding in wet conditions.

VSETT 9 Silicone Deck Charging Ports Adjustable Suspension 1

Hook on Stem for Locking doesn’t really Double as a Bag Hook

I was so excited that the hook on the stem you use to lock it when folded could double up as a bag hook. Unfortunately, I was let down to find a hook that doesn’t have a big enough lip on it. If you put a bag on it, it would most likely fall off.

I would not recommend you try using it for a bag hook. It seems like it could be dangerous because you would lose your bag or worst, try to grab it as it was falling off and cause you to get in an accident.

It’s nice the the scooter locks when folded but unfortunately the hook is not as good as the VSETT 10+ for hanging a bag.

VSETT 9 Hook

Reinforced Stem would be Tough to find Accessories that fit it

The reinforced stem is awesome because it strengthens it to prevent breaking when riding. However, the stem is kind of in a pentagon shape which would be hard to find accessories for it.

The handlebars have a curved shape but would be easy to find accessories for while the stem would be tougher.

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Collapsible Handlebars has some play in it that has been Addressed

This didn’t make my top 5 drawbacks list because the VSETT manufacturer told me they had fixed this on production units. The handlebars were adjustable to the angle you preferred but only had a set screw that could loosen from vibrations.

They have now made the handlebars a set angle and have a threaded screw to ensure there is no movement. They sent me this video and pictures to show me there should be no movement.

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Improvements with the VSETT 9+ compared to the ZERO 9 E-Scooter

  1. Turn signal indicators
  2. NFC card reader instead of a key
  3. Collapsible handlebars
  4. Kick plate for a longer and safer stance
  5. Charging ports on top of scooter but is extremely controversial
  6. Upgraded enclosed QS-S4 display
  7. Dual motors on the VSETT 9+
  8. Upgrade buttons for dual motors and horn
  9. Horn added
  10. Turning range lockout to prevent accidents
  11. Improved stem and locking mechanism
  12. 3 inch wide tires vs 2 inch wide tires
  13. Swing arm suspension vs smalls standard suspension
  14. IP44 rating

VSETT 9+ E-Scooter Turn Signal Indicators

None of the previous ZERO scooters had turn signals. Now all of the VSETT scooters have turn signals. They buttons are sleekly integrated in the handlebar grips and are easy to use.

Hit the turn signal button and they turn on for 20 seconds and turn off by themselves.

They are much more bright than the EMOVE Cruiser turn signal indicators but still are not perfect. The turn signals would be tough to see during the day and they are pretty low to the ground, a problem with all scooters.

Turn signals really should be higher at eye level for the public to see but it would be hard to do that on a scooter. There are options to add a light to your helmet just to signal braking or for turn signals some lights have a wireless control module if you are really worried about needing effective turn signal indicators.

VSETT 9+ NFC Card Reader to Lock and Unlock the Scooter

The whole VSETT lines uses an NFC card reader to unlock the scooter instead of your traditional keyed entry. I have seen a lot of people refer to it as an RFID which is very similiar technology, but you can technically program your phone to read NFC cards and emit an NFC signal.

We were able to figure out how to read the cards from our phone but not how to emit it to unlock the scooter. It is really awesome technology and I’m sure someone smarter than us could figure out how to user their phone to unlock it.

There is also a volt reader right below the NFC card reader which gives riders a better gauge of their battery charge level.

VSETT 10 NFC Card Reader

The Curved Handlebars on the VSETT 9 and 9+ E-scooter are Collapsible

The handlebars on the VSETT 9 and 9+ are collapsible making it great for portability. In the past collapsible handlebars are traditionally straight. On the VSETT 9 and 9+ the handle bars are curved which makes for a more enjoyable ride experience.

Some people worry about stability at high speeds and having collapsible handlebars fail on them. If you are worried about handlebars failing on you, you could easily swap it out for a solid handlebar.

With the design of the VSETT 9 and 9+, swapping out for a new handlbar is much easier than on previous models.

The grips do have the turn signal indicators built into them so you would want to keep the same grips unless you rewire a turn signal indicator switch.

VSETT Collapsed Handlebars

VSETT 9 and 9+ Rear Kick Plate Helps for a Bigger and Safer Stance

The rear kick plate on the 9 and 9+ is a huge upgrade from the ZERO 9. Having that extra space on the back to stand helps for a more safe and comfortable ride. It is a lot safer when you can apply pressure above the rear motor to ensure traction and good stopping.

It’s great to stand on but it’s also great to use kick plate to lift the scooter up.

VSETT 9 Adjustable Suspension 1

VSETT 9 and 9+ Charging Ports are Located on the top of the Deck

The charging ports are located on the top and front of the deck on all of the VSETT scooters. The location of charge ports has caused much controversy among the scooter groups. I guessed the change was due to gravity and wear of the charge port covers coming off the side and bottom charge ports, but there’s even more to it.

After speaking with the shop manager at REV Rides, Tyler, I found out that damaged charge ports was a common thing and that they are a pain to replace. A lot of people will crash or brush the side of the scooter against a curb, causing the charge port to break, shoot sparks, and not fit a charger. If the charge port brakes, you have to fish wire through the side panel and do some soldering.

The common person will not be able to replace the charge port so they will have to ship the unit back to the distributor or find a local repair shop. So, with the VSETT they designed the charge ports on the top front of the deck to keep it more protected.

A lot of people are worried about water filling up in the charge port, but as long as you keep the port covered you should never have to worry about it filling up with water.

We did lots of test in very wet conditions and never found water built up around the charge ports because the ports are protected from water by the base of the stem.

People are also worried about kicking the charge port covers off but you can always buy charge port covers that screw on to resolve that issue.

In terms of foot positioning, we found that on rare occasions our feet would encroach near the charging ports but most of the time, the tips of our shoes rarely got closer than within an inch from the charge ports.

The images below show where the charge ports are positioned on the VSETT 9 and 9+ deck as well as some examples of damaged side charge ports on other scooter models. The last image shows the more durable screw on charge port covers available at REVrides.

Upgraded QS-S4 Throttle Display on VSETT 10+ which looks like the EY3 display

VSETT upgraded the QS-S4 display to be enclosed and solve a major failure point of the previous QS-S4 displays. There used to be a magnet that would come out of the QS-S4 displays used on other scooter models and if you put it back in wrong, it could get stuck on full throttle. REV Rides did fix this issue by 3D printing an insert to prevent the battery from falling out.

The new display is fully enclosed so it should stop the issue of having the magnet fall out. They made the new display to look like the Minimotors EY3 display, which has made a lot of scooter enthusiasts upset. I do prefer the Minimotors EY3 display over the QS-S4 but still found the throttle to perform well.

The one pro to the display not being a Minimotors EY3 display is that it is cheaper to replace. However, there is more of a failure rate in the QS-S4 displays. You can also switch it out to the EY3 if you are unhappy with the QS-S4 display.

VSETT QS S4 Display

Upgraded Buttons for the Dual Motor and Horn

I love the new sleek design for the buttons. The buttons have a metal casing instead of cheap black plastic. The buttons are round and light up instead of those cheap plastic squares.

The overall look is way more aesthetically pleasing than the previous buttons that most electric scooters use. The buttons press in smoothly and you can tell when you are in dual motors instead of guessing.

VSETT 9 Buttons

An Electronic Horn that is good for Pedestrians but Worthless for Cars

On the VSETT 9 and 9+ there is an electronic horn that makes a high pitched noise that would work for pedestrians. It’s pretty much the equivalent of a loud text message alert and the VSETT horn would be next to impossible to hear from cars unless their windows are open.

The high pitched noise also freaks out dogs so I would just audibly let people know you are on their left or right if they are walking a dog.

A Much Needed Safety Feature: Lockout of Turning Radius to Prevent Accidents on the VSETT

The ZERO scooters have a 360 degree range on the turning. You will never need it so it was unnecessary but it could cause you to have an accident. If you ever turned the steering column 90 degrees while moving it would lock out the scooter throw you from it.

The new VSETT scooters limit your turning radius to prevent a 90 degree lockout. It also helps prevent the cables from being pulled out of the controller or brakes.

VSETT 9 Angle Lock Out

How big and wide are the VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+ tires?

The tires on the VSETT 9s are 8.5 inches and 3 inches wide. That extra inch in width compared to the ZERO 9 makes a huge difference. The tread pattern is also unique that I have never seen before on any scooter.

Even though the tires on the ZERO 9 and VSETT 9s are the same diameter, the extra inch makes the VSETT tires feel so much more stable.

VSETT 9 3 inch wide tire

What kind of Suspension is on the VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+?

The ZERO 9 suspension was your traditional spring suspension that only had an inch of travel. The new VSETT 9s suspension is a swing arm/c type suspension which has a lot more travel. The swing arm suspension feels so much better than the previous spring suspension.

VSETT 9 Front Tire Suspension Clamp Brake Disc 1

What is the VSETT Electric Scooter IP rating?

The VSETT scooters have a IP44 rating. A product that has a rating of IP44 means that it is protected against solid objects that are bigger than 1mm and water splashing from all directions. We rode the VSETT scooters through some pretty wet conditions and never ran into issues.

However, you should always tread lightly when using a scooter around water. If you have any body damage it can cause water to enter the housing of the battery and controller. We do not know of any distributors that warranty scooters for water damage.

Should I get the VESTT 9 or 9+?

The VSETT 9+ is only a $200 more than the VSETT 9. If you have the extra $200, I would say you should absolutely get the VSETT 9+ for the extra power. Dual motors help with speed and traction when surfaces are wet.

What Brakes are on the VSETT 9 and 9+?

The VSETT 9 and 9+ have mechanical brakes. I do prefer hydraulic brakes over mechanical brakes but I never had any issues with stopping. You could always change to hydraulic brakes in the future if you would like a little more stopping power.

Overall thoughts on the VSETT 9 and 9+ Electric Scooter

My thoughts on the VSETT 9 and 9+ electric scooters: I had low expectations going in but I was left wowed after trying them both.

I do prefer the VSETT 9+ over the 9 simply because its dual motors. I would have never guessed the VSETT 9+ would be able to keep up with the VSETT 10+ up to 30 mph.

I normally gravitate towards the higher powered scooters but I could see myself using the VSETT 9+ on a daily basis. It’s not too large and it’s very portable. The problem I have with most commuter scooters is that they don’t pick up speed very fast. The VSETT 9+ has so much initial torque that you quickly get up to 30 mph.

The rock solid stem instills confidence that I’m not going to have a major catastrophe. The overall geometric lines, clean buttons, and teal accents make the scooter pop. It’s a rock solid scooter that looks great.

The lights for night time riding are awful. But I have come to peace that 95% of scooters have terrible lights for night riding. There’s so many different light attachments that it’s easy to find a solution.

My only wish is that they both went up to 35 mph but I think someone will figure out a way to hack it. You can definitely tell that they have the ability to go faster.

The VSETT 9s are not perfect, but this next generation of scooter packs great safety and comfort features into a very nice price point that gets us closer to perfect in the scooter world.

Jimmy Chang

VSETT 9 Electric Scooter Specifications

Max Speed 28 mph / 45 km/h
Stated Range 50 miles / 80 km
Estimated True Range 25 miles / 40 km
Weight 57 lbs / 26 kg
Peak Power 1100 watts
Motor Rear 650 watt motor
Battery 52V 17.5 Ah LG
Watt Hours 910
Charging Time 4.5-8.5 hours with a standard charger
Suspension Adjustable, front coil-spring, rear coil-spring
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Wheel Size 8.5″
Tire 3″ Wide pneumatic font and rear
Lights Brake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED
Load (Max Rider Weight) 265 lbs / 120 kg
Folded Size 48 x 9 x 19 inches / 122 x 23 x 49cm
Unfolded Size 48 x 25 x 48 inches / 122 x 64 x 121 cm

VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter Specifications

Max Speed 30 – 33 MPH
Stated Range 35 – 60 miles
Estimated True Range 20 – 45 miles
Weight 62 lbs / 28 kg
Peak Power 1300 watts
Motor Dual 650 watt motor
Battery 48V 21Ah LG
Watt Hours 1008
Charging Time 7-14 hours with a standard charger
Suspension Adjustable, front coil-spring, rear coil-spring
Brakes Dual disc brakes with electric ABS
Wheel Size 8.5″
Tire 3″ Wide Pneumatic Front and Rear
Lights Brake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED
Load (Max Rider Weight) 265 lbs / 120 kg
Folded Size 48 x 9 x 19 inches / 122 x 23 x 49cm
Unfolded Size 48 x 25 x 48 inches / 122 x 64 x 121 cm

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