CURRUS Panther Electric Scooter 2021 Review

CURRUS Panther Electric Scooter 2021 Review

by freshlycharged

Are you are looking at high powered electric scooters like the Dualtron and WEPED? Then you should also be considering the Currus Panther because if the high performance electric scooters Dualtron and WEPED had a baby, it would be the Currus Panther.

The Panther has a drivetrain similar to Dualtron using Minimotors controllers and EY3 display. The unique body of the Panther reminds me of a WEPED chassis.

Since the CURRUS Panther is made in Korea, you can just see the attention to every detail that can be lacking on many Chinese electric scooters. I love the Kaabo line from China but I am always disappointed in their bolt choices. Kaabo uses cheap bolts that can easily be stripped and sheared whereas the CURRUS Panther has higher strength bolts.

The CURRUS Panther is a beast of a scooter and can handle hills, smooth pavement, and off-roading with ease. I’m going to share with you the pros and drawbacks of the Panther, so you can make an educated decision.

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CURRUS Panther With Beautiful Sky

Top 5 Things I Love About the Currus Panther

  1. Korean Made – Attention to fine detail
  2. Massive Deck and rear foot stand
  3. Bright Light perfect for night riding
  4. Smooth and strong power
  5. Unique stem design with strong locking pin

The CURRUS Panther: Well Thought Out Korean Manufacturing

Korean manufacturing seems to always have a little more attention to detail than Chinese manufacturing. The bolts are all extremely high quality stainless steel or poly alloy when most scooters use cheap metal bolts that easily strip and shear.

The Currus folding mechanism locks when folded. This is also a much needed but rarely seen feature in high performance electric scooters that makes moving the Currus in and out of cars much easier than every other high powered scooter we’ve tested.

The stem is made from CNC anodized aluminum pieces bolted together which make it look extremely unique. It looks like it would over 130 lbs. instead of 105 lbs.

CURRUS Panther Made In Korea

The Massive Deck and Rear Foot Stand Make The Currus Panther Very Comfortable to Ride

The CURRUS Panther has the widest deck I have ever ridden. It is massive measuring over a foot wide at 12.6 inches. The foot stand on the rear is very large and elevated, making it perfect for pushing your weight down into the scooter.

A foot should always be placed towards the rear to prevent the scooter from elevating when hitting bumps and cracks. The design of the deck and rear foot stand make for a really comfortable ride. There is also a really cool light along the edge in the rear foot stand.

CURRUS Panther Massive Deck with Rear Foot Stand

The Bright Light on the CURRUS Panther is Perfect for Night Riding

Unfortunately, most lights on electric scooters are too weak for night riding. Before I had a chance to check out the CURRUS Panther, the only standard light that I liked was on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+.

The Currus Panther headlight is extremely bright and projects a large beam to ensure safe night riding.

CURRUS Panther Bright Lights

The Minimotors Controllers and EY3 Display Are Great For Smooth Acceleration and Power

With CURRUS being a Korean company, it makes sense that they used Korean controllers and display. The Minimotors controllers and EY3 display are some of the best on the electric scooter market. They make for a really smooth ride and delivery of power.

CURRUS Panther Minimotor EY3 Display

The Currus Panther Unique Stem Is Great For Stability And The Strong Pin Evokes Confidence

I love the unique stem design. Most scooters use a single or dual stem system. The CURRUS Panther uses a stem made from aluminum plates that have been precision cut and bolted together.

The bolts are very high quality stainless steel and the large safety pin evokes confidence. I love the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ folding mechanism but it can fail and the safety pin is so thin. If the Wolf Warrior fails, you will have to replace the pin because it is guaranteed to bend. I know this from experience.

The CURRUS Panther pin is so thick and the folding mechanism is so robust you will not have to worry about bending the safety pin. This is the first time I have ridden an extreme high powered scooter that has a stem that locks into place when folded. Since it locks into itself, it makes it much easier for loading into vehicles.

CURRUS Panther Massive Stem

Top 5 Things I Dislike About the Currus Panther

  1. Only comes with off-road tires
  2. Kickstand sucks
  3. Tons of bolts to tighten
  4. Front motor cable hangs from deck
  5. Would like a steering damper

The Currus Panther Needs the Option To Choose Between Off-Road or Street Tires

The CURRUS Panther boxes itself into an off-roading scooter since it only offers off-road tires. You can always change it to street tires on your own but consumers would like that option to begin with. Changing tires isn’t too difficult but for many, it can be a tedious task.

I will always choose off-road tires because there are a ton of trails in Colorado. However, if I lived in Los Angeles or New York City, I would choose street tires since it is mainly smooth pavement. You can ride off road tires on smooth pavement, but it won’t feel as safe as street tires.

I was surprised that the Electric Scooter Guide review said the CURRUS Panther was unstable when accelerating and turning from a full stop. I realize that ESG is probably accustomed to testing street tires since they live in California. Since the Currus comes with knobby tires, it will take a bit to get adjusted to them.

There is a big difference in overall ride quality when traveling at speed on streets with knobby tires. A ton of power is generated when you pull the throttle, but you can always turn off dual motor mode during turns if the power makes you feel uncomfortable.

I never felt this scooter was unstable. Great news is that we spoke with Free Motion shop about the tires, and they said they will give free street tires and a handlebar bag to anyone that mentions they saw it on got scooter.

CURRUS Panther Rear Off Road Tire

The Wimpy Kickstand Does Not Match the Rest of the Beefy Currus Panther Scooter.

The kickstand on the CURRUS Panther sucks compared to the rest of the scooter. It’s really tiny and has a hard time holding up the scooter if you are at any bit of an angle. For how well thought out the scooter is, it is surprising they used such a thin kickstand.

Ultimately, the kickstand works fine if you are careful when using it. The nice thing is that Free Motion does sell a strong and sturdy kickstand that you can order with the CURRUS Panther.

CURRUS Panther Kick Stand

I Love the Stainless Steel Bolts But There are a Ton of Them to Tighten

There are so many bolts on the CURRUS Panther. And when I say so many, I mean like four or five times the amount of bolts compared to a traditional scooter. I would highly suggest tightening the bolts and adding Loctite to them.

Front Motor Cable Dangles From the Deck and Could Get Caught in Brush or Bushes When Off-Roading

The cable management is good but the front motor cable that dangles from the deck is too exposed. I understand they needed the cable to have enough slack to turn hard right, but I worry that it could get caught in low bushes.

The cable does not go out further than the deck but if you happen to hit a low stick or root it could get snagged.

CURRUS Panther Suspension and Front Motor Hub Cable

All High Powered Scooters Should Have a Steering Damper

Steering dampers are also known as steering stabilizers. Steering dampers control the movement from side to side and can help prevent overcorrecting. A lot of accidents at high speed are due to speed wobbles.

Speed wobbles can happen when you hit a small bump or imperfection at speed. Speed wobbles can also happen when you overcorrect your steering. A steering damper helps stabilize steering to increase safety.

Unfortunately, most scooters do not have steering dampers but I would like to see them come standard on scooters that exceed 30 mph. I hear about speed wobble accidents all the time and wonder how many would have been prevented with a steering damper.

To me, the adjustable hydraulic suspension system on the CURRUS Panther is better than swing arm suspension. Swing arm suspension when compressed changes the distance between the tires. When the CURRUS Panther suspension compresses, the distance between tires does not change which is more stable.

CURRUS Panther Rear Suspension

The CURRUS Panther Specs

Model CURRUS Panther
Battery Size 60V 35Ah
Watt Hours 2100
Battery Type High-capacity Samsung SDI H35E Li-ion battery
Motor Dual Brushless DC 1200 Watt Motors
Max Continuous Powew 5400 W
Max Speed 50 MPH, 80 KMPH Confirmed
Max Range 75 miles with 165 lb rider at 15 mph
Max Climbing Angle 25°
Max Load 330 lbs, 150 kg
Charger 67.2V 1.7A
Charging Time 21 hours with standard charger
Suspension 4Link 150mm adjustable hydraulic suspension
Brake 160mm hydraulic ABS disc brakes
Light System LED front spotlight, forward and back deck facing lights, brake light, and RGB side lights
Horn Motorcycle grade horn
Controller Two 40 Amp Minimotors controller
Open Size 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 48.3″
Folded Size 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 22.8″
Total Weight 105 lbs
Tires 11 inches by 3.5 inches wide tubeless pneumatic off-road tire
Display Minimotors EY3 display

Who is the CURRUS Panther Electric Scooter Perfect For?

The CURRUS Panther is perfect for the adrenaline junkie who likes to go fast. It has a ton of power, has one of the fastest 0-30 mph times and the suspension works well when off-roading.

The CURRUS Panther is a little more pricy than the Wolf Warrior 11+ but it offers a very unique look, design and ride. The CURRUS Panther has similar specs as a Wolf Warrior but has a completely different feel when riding.

The CURRUS Panther with its erector set look reminds me of a Transformer. I think a lot of people would choose the Panther simply because they will stand out from the traditional scooter stem look.

The Panther is by far the easiest 50mph electric scooter that I’ve loaded into my car. I am a big fan of the rugged folding mechanism. I’m able to lift the front tire up on the rear bumper, and pick up the handlebars and roll it into my Jeep Grand Cherokee since it locks when folded.

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CURRUS Panther Side Profile

Who Is the CURRUS Panther Not For?

If you are a conservative rider or have no desire to go off roading, you definitely do not want a Panther. In addition, the CURRUS Panther is not for those on a budget.

If you are a short rider, the handlebars are at a set height so you may want to look for something with an adjustable stem.

If you mostly ride smooth pavement and afraid to do a tire change, you will want to choose something can comes with street tires.

If you hate the feeling of instant torque, you will want to stay away from the CURRUS Panther unless you plan to ride it in single motor all the time. The single motor mode makes for a much more controlled ride.

CURRUS Panther Sundial

Is the CURRUS Panther any good?

The CURRUS Panther is not for everyone. However, to a high powered scooter enthusiast, the CURRUS Panther is a great option. It has so much raw power and is one of the most unique scooters I’ve ever seen.

The Korean manufacturing is well thought out and I just love riding the scooter. It’s a blast on smooth pavement and even more fun off-roading. The instant torque fills you with adrenaline as soon as you pull the smooth Minimotors EY3 throttle.

The lights and horn make it a safer ride when commuting during the day or night. Adjustable hydraulic suspension make for a nice and cushiony ride. The large deck and foot stand allows for easy adjusting of feet on long scooter rides.

The CURRUS Panther is extremely unique in looks and sounds. The electric motors and off-road tires have a roar that cannot be replicated. Just listening to the CURRUS Panther accelerating gets the blood pumping.

To a real scooter head, you can’t go wrong adding a CURRUS Panther to you stable!

CURRUS Panther Looking Out For Its Next Prey

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