Best electric scooter for 1400

Best Stimulus Check Electric Scooters for around $1400

by freshlycharged

#1 VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+

The VSETT 9 comes in right under budget after using our coupon. It is an excellent scooter with a ton of features and a rock solid stem. The NFC card reader to unlock the scooter is futuristic and you can even pair your Android phone/smartwatches to unlock it.

The kick plate creates more standing space. Standing on the kick plate also creates more stability when traveling at higher speeds because you have weight directly over the motor. The VSETT 9+ has an IP54 rating and should handle light rain.

However, if you have a little extra money I would recommend the VSETT 9+, so you have dual motors which will help with extra torque and hill climbing ability. The VSETT 9+ is a dual 600 watt motor scooter that picks up speed swiftly. You will get a max speed of 30 mph but it will get to 30 mph quickly.

You are going to have to come out-of-pocket $176 but you will get a great dual motor that can climb hills much better than single motor scooters.

The folding handlebars are nice for portability, but I would look into a solid handlebar if you don’t need the compact footprint. A solid handlebar will be the safest option. Some people are also annoyed at the top charging ports, but they never got in my way when we tested it out.

I would also suggest getting an upgraded light attachment if you plan on doing a significant amount of night riding. With all the scooters on this list, I would suggest an upgraded light because none of them would be sufficient for safely riding at night. There are turn signals, but they would be hard to be seen during the day.

VSETT 9 $1424 – $50 = $1374 with coupon code: gotscooter

VSETT 9+ $1624 -$50 = $1576 with coupon code: gotscooter

For a full writeup on the VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+R click here.

#2 Emove Cruiser

The Emove Cruiser is a range monster with tons of great features. It has an IPX6 water resistance rating and a massive deck. The EMOVE Cruiser has a max load of 352 lbs. and can get up to 62 miles in range. They just upgraded the handlebars to be round and the motor is now 20% faster.

The Emove cruiser is the perfect solution for those who have range anxiety. The adjustable stem allows children and adults to experience the same scooter. You can choose between five colors: red, orange, black, white, and purple.

I’ve been told the new upgraded motor with a 160 lb rider can reach up to 30 mph. The scooter does have collapsible handlebars which makes it convenient for portability, but it still has a decent size footprint due to the massive deck and tires.

$1399 – $97.93 = $1301.07 with coupon code: gotscooter

For a full writeup on the Emove Cruiser click here.

#3 Mantis Pro SE

The Mantis Pro SE is on a super sale right now! We thought there was an issue with our stem causing stem wobble but it was just a simple defect on the unit we tested. If you make sure the stem is solid the first time you ride it, you should not run into any stem wobble issued.

When we first received the scooter, there was a little bit of stem wobble and I assumed it was just part of the scooter. However, the movement caused a bolt to shear in the stem spacer and was easily fixed. If I had made it tight the first time riding it, I would not have had any issues.

Priced at $1649 it is a little over the $1400 budget, but you will get a ton of speed and torque so I definitely think it’s worth paying the extra $250.  This is a great choice for the adrenaline junkie that wants the feeling of a scooter trying to rip your arms out of it’s socket.  You can always put it in single motor to tame it but it is nice to have extra power with a click of a button.

$1699 – $50 =$1649 with coupon code: gotscooterkaabo

For a full writeup on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE click here.

#4 ZERO 10

The ZERO 10 won’t get as much range and suspension travel as the EMOVE Cruiser, but you can reach speeds of 30 mph+.  The ZERO 10 also has some sweet deck and undercarriage lighting which helps for visibility by pedestrians and oncoming vehicles.

The ZERO 10 has an adjustable stem height, collapsible handlebars, and locks into itself when folded, making it a portable scooter. The 10-inch pneumatic tires and suspension help create a very comfortable ride.

$1399 -$50 = $1349 with coupon code: gotscooter

For a full writeup on the ZERO 10 click here.

#5 VSETT 8 and VSETT 8R

The VSETT 8 packs a ton of features into this budget friendly commuter scooter.  It has a lot of the features we love about the ZERO 9 and ZERO 10 scooters but has the swing arm suspension which gives you more suspension travel.

You get an NFC card reader to unlock the scooter which can be programmed to Android phones and smart watches. There is a stem light which looks great when riding at night.

The drawbacks are it only goes up to 26 mph and it has a small deck. Luckily, there is a kick plate, so the scooter does not feel so cramped. It does come with turn signal indicators that are brighter than the Emove Cruiser but not by much, so they are still hard to see during the day.

VSETT 8 $999 – $50 = $949 with coupon code: gotscooter

VSETT 8R $1249 – $50 = $1199 with coupon code: gotscooter

For a full writeup on the VSETT 8 click here.

#6 InMotion L9

The InMotion L9 reminds me of a Segway Ninebot Max but on steroids. They just released an updated version that can go up to 25 mph. The L9 comes with front and rear suspension, a large deck, turn signal indicators, two headlights, and 10-inch pneumatic tires.

Jimmy and I tested the first generation, and the acceleration and braking are nearly identical to the Ninebot Max.

The drawbacks are that the turn signal indicators are not great because it is based on angle of the scooter.  You can’t turn them on with a button and if you are carving it is going to activate the turn signals.  The first generation had some overheating issues and a lag with the throttle, but I think they have fixed it because of all the complaints.


For a full writeup on the InMotion L9 click here.

#7 Segway Ninebot Max G30P

If you love ride sharing scooters, chances are you have used the Segway Ninebot Max G30.  It is a tried-and-true scooter that is going to be very dependable as long as you don’t get any error codes.

It comes with 10 inch tubeless pneumatic tires that are very comfortable when riding. They state you can get up to 40 miles of range but it is more like 15-25 miles depending on range.

It also comes with a nice app to track how far you have traveled and adjust the settings. You can lock it with the app but it only works if you are in range and people can simply lift up the scooter and carry it away if they really want to steal it.

The drawbacks are there is no suspension and the tires can be a pain to change if you get a flat.  There is no rear kick plate and people have broken the rear fender by putting their weight on it.  Be careful when locking the stem because you can break the plastic safety piece if you don’t move it out of the way when locking the stem.

For a full writeup on the Segway Ninebot Max G30P click here.

#8 Unagi Model One

The Unagi Model One is on the pricier side for the specs, but you get one of the coolest looking scooters out there made of premium parts and with great fit and finish.

To me, the Unagi is one of the best last mile solution if you use public transportation.  The one click folding mechanism is a breeze and the footprint is so tiny.  You will never have to worry about flats because it has solid honeycomb tires.

The drawbacks are low range, small deck, no suspension.  The solid honeycomb tires aren’t as comfortable as pneumatic tires but they are better than most solid plastic tires. If you are not worried about range, price, and just need something ultra portable, the Unagi Model One is a great choice.


For a full writeup on the Unagi Model One click here.

#9 ZERO 9

The ZERO 9 is similar to the ZERO 10 but it has a smaller deck and battery. You get the awesome stem and undercarriage lighting which helps to be seen by oncoming pedestrians and vehicles.  With an adjustable stem, it can be used by children and adults. My friend Clay has his 12 year old son ride the ZERO 9 and he loves it.

The drawbacks are skinny tires. I wish there were wider tires but you can easily do a tire change or upgrade the tires before it is shipped. By upgrading to 3-inch-wide tires, you will completely change how the scooter rides and make it more stable.  It does have suspension but if you are on the heavier side they are easy to bottom out.

$1099 – $50 = $1049 with coupon code: gotscooter

For a full writeup on the ZERO 9 click here.

The 10 Best Electric Scooters a Stimulus Check can Buy!

  1. VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+
  2. EMOVE Cruiser
  3. Mantis Pro SE
  4. ZERO 10
  5. VSETT 8 and VSETT 8R
  6. InMotion L9
  7. Segway Ninebot Max G30P
  8. Unagi Model One
  9. ZERO 9

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