Wolf Warrior X GT Electric Scooter Review: A Beautiful Blend of King and Mantis

Wolf Warrior X GT Electric Scooter Review: A Beautiful Blend of King and Mantis

by freshlycharged

If you think the Kaabo Wolf KING GT is too big, and the Kaabo MANTIS GT is too small….then the Wolf WARRIOR X GT is for you!

With the new Wolf Warrior X GT, a refresh of their compact and powerful dual stem escooter, Kaabo has now officially upgraded all their eScooters with the GT badge.

Two years ago, most Kaabo scooters were using square wave controllers instead of the far superior sine wave controllers.  The inferior technology made acceleration on Kaabo scooters twitchy but fast.

Kaabo introduced the GT line and has been able to combine smoothness with powerful acceleration. The latest scooter to get the GT badge of honor is the Wolf Warrior X GT.

In this review, we will tell you what we hate and love about the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT.

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What I love about the Wolf Warrior X GT

  • Buttery smooth acceleration
  • Sine wave controllers
  • TFT Display
  • Stable at high speeds
  • Stiff suspension
  • Fast acceleration
  • Hybrid offroad tires
  • Controllable LED lights
  • Bright turn signals
  • Loud horn
  • Bright front-facing light
  • Upgraded charge ports
  • Two chargers
  • Dual forks
  • Great hill climber
  • Samsung battery cells
  • Pin code to lock the scooter
  • Longer deck than previous version

What type of controller does the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT have?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT has dual 27 amp sine wave controllers.

Sine wave controllers make the Wolf Warrior X easier to control at lower speed and deliver strong power smoothly to the motors.

Wolf Warrior X GT Longer Deck

The acceleration curve on the new sine wave controllers is way better than the previous Minimotors controllers.

Most scooter controllers use square wave technology, also known as a trapezoidal wave.  Sine-wave controllers create a more rounded wave that is a lot quieter when ramping up speeds.

Sine wave controllers are also used on the Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport, NAMI BURN-E MAX 2, Kaabo Wolf King GT, Kaabo Mantis King GT and Fobos X.

For more info on how sine-wave controllers work, check out this article from electricbike.com

Sinewave Vs Squarewave

What type of display is on the Wolf Warrior X GT?

The Wolf Warrior X GT features a 4.2 inch TFT LCD display.

TFT LCD displays are more expensive than traditional LCD screens, but the quality of the image is far superior. You can easily read a TFT display in direct sunlight while an LCD display gets washed out and is hard to read.

The display on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X, Mantis King GT and Wolf King GT are the best displays I have tested and reviewed. I love how crisp the display looks and the colors pop.

Wolf Warrior X GT TFT LCD Display

Is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT stable at high speeds?

The Wolf Warrior X GT features dual stems paired with stiff suspension, making the scooter extremely stable at high speeds.I rode the scooter at 45 mph and had zero issues with speed wobbles.

However, the Wolf Warrior X GT is not as stable as the Wolf King GT. With the Wolf King GT, I can take one hand off the handlebars to open and close my helmet visor at high speeds. On the Wolf Warrior X GT, the scooter is not as stable due to the smaller 10-inch tires and I am reluctant to take one hand off of the handlebars when traveling at speed.

Taking one hand off the handlebars is never advised, but it is a good indicator of how stable a scooter is.

Wolf Warrior X GT cockpit

What type of tires is on the Wolf Warrior X GT?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT features 10″ x 3″ hybrid offroad tires.

I love the hybrid knobby tires with rounded profiles because I can ride streets and offroad trails without having to do a tire change.

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Wolf Warrior X hybrid offroad tire

How do you control the deck lights on the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT?

The RGB hue deck lights are controlled by a mobile app. You can adjust the colors, and you can adjust them to be solid or in different patterns.

Some of the colors are incorrect in the app, so mess around with the different buttons to find the color you want.

Click here for the Android app that controls the deck lights.
Click here for the iPhone app that controls the deck lights.

Wolf Warrior X GT Silicone deck with crappy kickstand

What type of charger does the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT have?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT features M16 3-Pin chargers.

Previous Wolf Warrior X scooters used GX16-3 3pin chargers. Most electric scooters use GX16-3 3pin chargers which are notorious for arcing which could pop and damage the charge port.

M16 3pin chargers have raised plastic to isolate the pins and prevent arcing. The charger ends fit snuggly into the charge ports and there is no need to screw anything on to secure it.

The Wolf Warrior X GT comes with two chargers so you can charge the scooter from empty to full in 8 hours. I love having two chargers because it gives you the option to leave one at home and one at work.

Wolf Warrior X GT M16 Charge Ports

Can I password protect the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT?

Yes you can!

I love being able to password-protect my scooters. It allows me to run in for a quick errand and not have to worry about someone blasting off on the scooter. I can run after a thief if they try to wheel away a heavy escooter with no power.

However, a thief can always pick it up and throw it into a vehicle, so make sure to lock it up for extra security!

Jimmy loves password protection because it can prevent his kids from taking off on a high-powered scooter without his permission. It also gives me peace of mind that no one can mess can power on the escooter and mess with it when I have it locked up outside of work.

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Wolf Warrior X 1100 watt motor

What I hate about the Wolf Warrior X GT

  • No memory on display
  • Suspension too stiff for major off-road use
  • Dead zone on throttle
  • Kickstand looks nice but sucks
  • Lights on side feel like they will break on impact
  • Rear fender doesn’t have great coverage
  • Doesn’t lock into itself when folded
  • Not enough slack with the light wire
  • Folding and unfolding the scooter is not convenient

My biggest issue while riding this escooter is the dead zone on the thumb throttle. The first 1/3 of the throttle stroke gets zero response from the scooter.

Wolf Warrior X GT right handlebar grip with thumb throttle that has a delay

The other major issue is the display does not show the correct voltage. The voltage is about 2 volts off so make sure to account for that so you don’t end up out of battery and stranded.

The display has no memory of the speed mode you last used and resets each time you power off. T

he Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT will always start in mode 0 and single motor each time you turn on the device. I like to ride it fast and in dual motors, so I have to press the (+) button five times and hold down the (+) button for three seconds to engage dual motors every time I turn on my scooter for a ride.

The kickstand looks big and beefy, but it doesn’t lock into place. A simple bump into the scooter or trying to stand it up on a slight incline will cause the kickstand to move causing the escooter to fall.

Wolf Warrior X GT crappy kickstand 1

The rear fender doesn’t rub like the previous version, but the coverage is terrible. While filming from behind Jimmy kept getting pelted by gravel when I would accelerate in front of him on trails.

The controllable LED lights on the side are in a cheap plastic tube that feel like they will break upon impact. It is the same brittle plastic that was used on the previous Wolf Warrior X.

I would also like more slack on the wiring to the headlight. It is super tight and I cannot adjust the angle of the light due to there not being enough slack. If I pick up the scooter wrong when folded, I could see myself easily ripping out the wiring from the light.

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Wolf Warrior X 1100 watt motor 1

Why choose the Wolf Warrior X GT over the Wolf King GT or Mantis King GT?

The Wolf Warrior X GT is a great option for those who will be using their scooter for commuting.  It’s nimble enough to get around congested cities and stable enough to keep up with 40 mph traffic.

The Wolf King GT is an amazing scooter, but it is massive and can be cumbersome around heavily congested areas.

The single stem Mantis King GT is stable at high speeds, but the dual stems on the Wolf Warrior X GT make it even more stable. The horn on the Wolf Warrior X GT is an actual car horn and is perfect if you are riding on streets with vehicles.

The bright headlights on the Wolf Warrior X GT are perfect for night riding whereas the Mantis King GT front-facing lights are not safe for night riding.

Wolf Warrior X GT Left handlebar grip zoom hydraulic brake lever light controls and display control

Why choose the Wolf King GT over the Wolf Warrior X GT?

If you don’t care about portability and you aren’t traveling in heavily congested areas, I would choose the Wolf King GT.

The Wolf King GT is safer with 11-inch tires and comes equipped with larger controllers, stronger motors, and a larger battery. You’ll have to spend an extra $1100 but to me, it’s well worth it.

If you are on the heavier side, you will want to get the Wolf King GT because it has a higher weight capacity.

Wolf Warrior X GT Dirty silicone deck

Why choose the Mantis King GT over the Wolf Warrior X GT?

If you plan on doing a lot of technical offroad trails, I like the Mantis King GT the best because it is more nimble with adjustable suspension.

The Mantis King GT is more agile, stable and portable because the Mantis King GT is the lightest of the GT line and locks into place when folded.

Wolf Warrior X GT folded

Wolf Warrior X GT Final Thoughts

The Wolf Warrior X GT has greatly improved on many of the issues we addressed with the Wolf Warrior X.

The stiff suspension makes the scooter stable at high speeds and they fixed the fender rubbing issue we had with the original Wolf Warrior X.

The sine wave controllers make the ride buttery smooth.

The color display is stunning and is much better than the outdated Minimotors EY3 display.

The bright headlights, loud car horn, and dual forks make it a great choice for those looking to replace their vehicle with a solid scooter.

Overall, the Wolf Warrior X is an excellent choice for commuting or high speed responsible fun.

Wolf Warrior X GT side profile

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

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