Eonmotors Blade X Pro Electric Scooter Review: High End Design and Components at an Affordable Price

Eonmotors Blade X Pro Electric Scooter Review: High End Design and Components at an Affordable Price

by freshlycharged

The Blade Pro X electric scooter combines high end design and features that, until now, we have only seen on much more expensive electric scooters. The end product is a unique high powered electric scooter that delivers a smooth and powerful ride.

Kreo Motors has been thinking about carrying the Blade X Pro by Eon Motors. Before Kreo Motors made their final decision, they wanted to get our opinion on what we thought of the Blade X Pro escooter.

Jimmy I received the Blade X Pro and put the scooter through its paces. We rode it in snowy and dry conditions to see how it would perform for the general public. After our experience and testing, we believe the Blade X Pro will be an excellent choice for customers looking for a budget friendly and powerfully smooth electric scooter.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Blade X Pro.

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Blade X Pro Beautiful Sunset Red LEDs Dualtron Suspension

Top things we love about the Blade Pro X

  1. Unique look
  2. Sine wave controllers
  3. Stable at high speeds
  4. zero stem wobble
  5. red LED lights
  6. 45 mph top speed
  7. Tall stem
  8. Wide handlebars
  9. Black silicone buttons
  10. Bright turn signal indicators

Stand out with the Blade X Pro

The Blade X Pro design looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie. We have only seen this type of suspension on the Dualtron X and Dualtron X2. The scooter’s unique look makes it stand out from all other traditional scooters.

Blade X Pro Sun Dial

What type of controller is on the Blade X Pro?

The Blade X Pro features sine wave controllers. Sine wave controllers make the scooter easier to control at lower speeds and deliver strong power smoothly to the motors.

Most scooter controllers use square wave technology, also known as a trapezoidal wave.  Sine-wave creates a more rounded wave that is a lot quieter when ramping up speeds.  Sine wave controllers are also used on the Bronco Xtreme 11 Sport and Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro.

For more info on how sine-wave controllers work, check out this article from electricbike.com

Sinewave Vs Squarewave
Courtesy of robotics.stackexchange.com and www.electricbike.com/sine-wave/

Is the Blade X Pro stable at high speeds?

A lot of high powered scooters utilize c-type suspension also known as swing arm suspension. C type suspension is nice at absorbing bumps but the scooter can feel a little unstable at high speeds because of speed wobbles.

I had never tried suspension like the one on the Blade X Pro, so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, the Blade X Pro felt ultra stable at high speeds. I got the scooter up to 45 mph and felt zero speed wobbles.

Does the Blade X Pro have stem wobbles?

I am happy to say the Blade X Pro has zero stem wobbles. There is nothing worse than getting a brand new scooter and having to deal with stem movement. The stem locking mechanism uses a twist head similar to that found on a water spout.

We have seen similar stem locking mechanisms on the Nanrobot D6+ and LS7+. They seem to do well at preventing stem movement, but I wish they had some type of secondary protection system, in case the locking mechanism fails.

Blade X Pro Folding Mechanism Latch

Red LED lights Blade X Pro

Most scooters use blue or white LEDs on the deck of their scooters. I like that the Blade X Pro uses red LED lights. The unique suspension and red lights help the scooter stand out!

Blade X Pro Silicone Deck

What is the top speed on the Blade X Pro?

I was able to reach a top speed of 45mph on the Blade X Pro. It was a cold day at only 40 degrees fahrenheit, which does impact range and top speeds.

Below is the data from the Dragy.

Dragy Data 1

How tall and wide is the handlebars on the Blade X Pro?

I love tall and wide handlebars on scooters. The wide handlebars on the Blade X Pro help increase stability at high speeds. The tall stem makes it comfortable for me, since I’m 6 feet tall.

The handlebar width on the Blade X Pro comes in at 26 inches wide

The stem height on the Blade X Pro is 39 inches tall from the deck.

Blade X Pro Cockpit

No more cheap red and yellow buttons.

I’m surprised I still see those cheap red and yellow buttons on new electric scooters in 2022 but I’m happy the Blade X Pro uses the nicer black silicone buttons.

I also like that you can tell when you are in eco vs turbo mode on the Blade X Pro. On many scooters, it is hard to tell if you are in eco vs turbo mode, because they have the same acceleration curve. The only difference is top speed.

The eco mode on the Blade X pro has a different acceleration curve than the turbo mode. With the black buttons, it is impossible to tell if you are in eco or turbo mode. However, you can feel the difference as soon as you pull the throttle on the Blade X Pro.

Blade X Pro Volt Meter

Does the Blade X Pro have turn signal indicators?

The Blade X Pro has turn signal indicators, which are surprisingly bright. We would still like the turn signal indicators mounted higher, but they are much brighter than the ones you see on the EMOVE Cruiser. It’s nice to see turn signals that can actually be seen during the day.

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Top things I hate about the Blade X Pro

  1. Rear suspension can bottom out
  2. Rear kick plate is at a weird angle and can be slippery
  3. No redundancy for stem latch
  4. Not built for heavy off-roading
  5. Not water resistant

What type of suspension is on the Blade X Pro?

The Blade X Pro uses coil suspension. The front suspension works great, but for me, the rear suspension occasionally bottom out under the weight of my 200 plus pound frame.

The scooter still feels stable when it bottoms out. However, I would upgrade to a hydraulic or air suspension rated for a higher load. An adjustable hydraulic or air suspension swap would make this scooter ride like a dream.

Blade X Pro Rear Suspension

Blade X stem locking mechanism

On the Blade X Pro there is only one stem locking mechanism. It works well, and there is zero stem wobble. However, if the single bolt were to fail, there could be a catastrophic disaster.

It is unlikely a stainless steel bolt that big will fail, but I have seen posts of Nanrobot scooters failing with similar folding mechanisms.

Blade X Pro Folding Mechanism

Is the Blade X Pro good for off-roading?

The stock Blade X Pro is not designed for heavy off-roading. It can handle light off-roading, but you would want to upgrade the rear suspension. The Blade X Pro is fun on light outdoor trails.

Blade X Pro Rear Suspension and Red LED lights

What is the water resistance rating on the Blade X Pro?

There is no water resistance rating on the Blade X Pro. Jimmy and I tested the scooter in snowy and wet conditions. The scooter performed well but the low voltage lights stopped working.

When we returned home, I put the scooter on a box and free spun the tires to try and get any moisture out. Luckily, the low voltage lights came back on after drying

You should not ride the Blade X Pro in rain. There are scooters that claim water resistance ratings, like the EMOVE Cruiser and Kaabo Wolf King GT, but be aware that no dealers will cover water damage.

Blade X Pro Throttle Display

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