Extreme Bull K6 – The most exciting seated electric rideable device.

by Nathan Schaumann

The Extreme Bull K6 is the most unique seated electric scooter we have reviewed on the channel. With its super low design, dual 3500 watt motors, and speeds of 60+ mph, this seated electric scooter brings a new meaning to the term pocket rocket.

Jimmy reviewed the K5 and claimed it to be 0% practical and 100% fun, but I would have to disagree. After riding the K6, I have found it to be my favorite seated electric rideable device. It’s not the most practical PEV but it should be on the radar of PEV enthusiasts looking for a special ride experience.

In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the Extreme Bull K6.

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What I love about the Extreme Bull K6

  • Speeds of 60+ mph
  • Stable at high speeds
  • Fast acceleration
  • Motorcycle grade hydraulic brakes
  • Unique riding experience
  • Flag is included
  • Shipped via freight
  • Brings smiles to onlookers faces
  • Sine wave controllers
  • Easy to learn and ride
  • Smooth and responsive twist throttle
  • Samsung 40T battery cells
  • 13 inch tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Motorcycle grade horn
  • Backed by the excellent customer service of Alien Rides

1. Exhilarating Speeds of 60+ mph

The most enticing aspect of the Extreme Bull K6 is undoubtedly its impressive top speeds exceeding 60 mph. This level of velocity is a dream come true for speed enthusiasts, offering a heart-pounding experience that few other personal electric vehicles can match. The rush of wind and the sensation of acceleration contribute to an unparalleled thrill that truly sets the K6 apart.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.35.35 AM

2. Stability at High Speeds

One of the remarkable features of the K6 is its ability to maintain stability even at breakneck speeds. The engineering prowess behind this design ensures that riders can confidently push the vehicle to its limits without compromising safety. This stability adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing riders to focus solely on the exhilarating journey ahead.

The geometry on the K6 is designed well that I have no issues riding it no handed.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.39.06 AM

3. Lightning-Fast Acceleration

The K6’s lightning-fast acceleration is akin to a roller coaster launch, propelling riders forward with a surge of power. This instant response to throttle input creates an adrenaline-charged experience that leaves riders grinning from ear to ear. Whether conquering hills or simply taking off from a standstill, the K6 delivers an unmatched acceleration that’s truly addicting.

With our Dragy testing, we found the K6 to be the fastest 0-60 mph personal electric vehicle we have tested on the channel.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.02.56 AM

4. Motorcycle-Grade Hydraulic Brakes

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with high speeds. The inclusion of motorcycle-grade hydraulic brakes enhances the K6’s ability to come to a quick and controlled stop, providing riders with the confidence to navigate any terrain or traffic scenario. This feature underlines the brand’s commitment to both performance and safety.

The brake levers can be adjusted for different hand sizes and the brake calipers are the biggest we have seen on an electric scooter.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.51.58 AM

Unique Riding Experience

The K6 offers more than just a mode of transportation; it provides a unique riding experience that blends power, speed, and innovation. Riding the K6 isn’t just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about relishing the journey itself. The sensation of electric power combined with a low seated position, makes it the most unique electric experience we have with an electric scooter.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.45.10 AM

Inclusive Accessories

Equipped with thoughtful accessories, the K6 ensures an enjoyable riding experience right out of the box. The inclusion of a flag, not only adds a touch of personalization but also enhances rider visibility. This is a crucial safety aspect, especially when cruising at high speeds and being so low to the ground.

Additionally, the fact that the K6 is shipped via freight ensures that it arrives in pristine condition, ready to hit the road.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.48.58 AM

Joyful Onlookers

The Extreme Bull K6 isn’t just a treat for the rider; it’s a spectacle that brings smiles to the faces of onlookers. The awe-inspiring design, coupled with the impressive speeds, never fails to turn heads and spark conversations. This unique ability to spread joy among bystanders creates a sense of camaraderie within the riding community.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.38.43 AM

Cutting-Edge Technology

The integration of sine wave controllers enhances the K6’s performance by providing smoother power delivery and improved efficiency. This advanced technology ensures that the ride remains smooth, predictable, and responsive, contributing to a seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.55.25 AM 1

User-Friendly Design

The K6 is remarkably easy to learn and ride, making it accessible to both seasoned riders and those new to electric vehicles. The intuitive controls and straightforward design mean that riders can quickly adapt to the vehicle’s nuances and maximize their enjoyment from the very first ride.

Jimmy’s wife doesn’t like riding ebikes or electric scooters, but she has found joy riding around on the K6.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.37.58 AM

Impressive Battery Performance

The Samsung 40T battery cells featured in the K6 provide not only remarkable power output but also endurance. The extended range allows riders to embark on longer journeys without worrying about running out of charge. This is a significant advantage, especially for riders who crave adventure and exploration.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/ftv9B5C2kPs?feature=oembedOur unboxing and first impressions video

Smooth and Responsive Twist Throttle

The responsive twist throttle of the K6 adds to the overall riding experience. The seamless interaction between the rider’s input and the vehicle’s response creates a symbiotic relationship that further enhances the thrill of acceleration and speed.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.10.20 AM

13-Inch Tubeless Pneumatic Tires

The choice of 13-inch tubeless pneumatic tires offers a balanced combination of traction, stability, and shock absorption. These tires contribute to the K6’s overall stability, making it well-suited for high-speed maneuvers and varying terrains.

I would like to see more scooters in the future adopt larger tires like the K6, Kaabo Wolf King GTR, and YUME X7. Larger tires are safer at high speeds especially if you live in a city riddled with potholes like Denver.

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Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.11.20 AM

What I hate about the Extreme Bull K6

  • Display cannot be read during the day
  • No turn signals
  • Front light spread is too narrow and focused
  • Begode craftsmanship
  • Rear light is hard to see during the day
  • Doesn’t have a keyed ignition or password
  • Suspension system doesn’t have a lot of travel

Inadequate Display Visibility

One of the key frustrations with the K6 is the inability to read the display during daylight hours. This can be a major inconvenience, as riders rely on the display for essential information such as speed, battery life, and more. Improved display technology that remains visible under varying lighting conditions would significantly enhance the overall user experience.

We did get a tip from from a fan of the channel, Oggie Cengiz, that by applying some tint film helps improve the visibility of the display greatly during the daytime.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.23.35 AM

Lack of Turn Signals

Given the K6’s speed capabilities, the absence of turn signals is a notable drawback. Turn signals are crucial for ensuring rider safety and communicating intentions to other road users. Integrating turn signals into the design would enhance the K6’s safety profile and add convenience to the rider’s experience.

There are buttons for turn signals on the control module so it was surprising that the K6 didn’t have them.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.07.01 AM

Narrow Front Light Spread

While the K6 offers a thrilling riding experience after dark, the narrow and focused spread of the front light can limit visibility. A broader and more evenly dispersed beam would greatly improve nighttime riding safety, allowing riders to navigate more confidently in various lighting conditions.

Our favorite upgraded light for the K6 is the Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 which is a little pricey. This 900 lumen light from Amazon is more cost effective if you are on a budget.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.04.39 AM

Craftsmanship Concerns

The craftsmanship of the K6, particularly from the manufacturer Begode, has been a point of contention for some riders. Inconsistent build quality and attention to detail can detract from the overall experience. Addressing these concerns through improved quality control measures would help ensure that every K6 delivers on its promise of performance and reliability.

Some things I noticed on the K6 was the mismatching cable managment wrap, movement in the seat adjustments, and the silicone mess that connects the wires to the horn. Some people like to call it Begode crapmanship!

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.56.48 AM

Inconspicuous Rear Light

The rear light’s lack of visibility during the day is a notable drawback. A brighter and more attention-grabbing rear light would enhance the K6’s visibility to other road users, contributing to overall rider safety.

You already have visibility issues with oncoming vehicles due to the K6 being so low to the ground, and the worthless brake lights during the day just add to it.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.02.54 AM

Absence of Keyed Ignition or Password

Security is paramount for any vehicle, and the absence of a keyed ignition or password protection is a concern. Implementing robust security measures would provide riders with peace of mind when parking their K6 in public spaces.

There are plenty of places to lock the scooter a bike rack. However, curious bystanders can turn it on and mess with the throttle which could cause major damage to the scooter.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.34.05 AM

Suspension system could be greatly improved

The suspension system on the K6 does not offer a lot of travel and is not adjustable. For the price point, I would have liked to see adjustable air or hydraulic suspension. The K6 is not designed for off-roading but it can be jarring riding it on smooth pavement with cracks and potholes.

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Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 1.06.12 AM

Final Thoughts

The Extreme Bull K6 is a testament to the boundless excitement that electric vehicles can offer. Its remarkable speeds, stability, and technology contribute to an unforgettable riding experience that leaves riders exhilarated and yearning for more. While the K6 shines in numerous aspects, it’s important to acknowledge its shortcomings, such as display visibility, safety features, and craftsmanship concerns.

As the electric vehicle industry continues to evolve, it is our hope that manufacturers like Begode will heed user feedback and work to enhance their products in ways that address these frustrations. By embracing innovation, listening to their riders, and continuously improving their designs, manufacturers can ensure that the positives of their products shine even brighter, making each ride on the Extreme Bull K6 a truly electrifying adventure.

Screen Shot 2023 08 31 at 12.45.50 AM

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