Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Scooter Review

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

The Kaabo Mantis has been a scooter enthusiast favorite for the past few years and each iteration has seen big improvements. The Mantis scooters have dual 500, 800, and 1000 watt motor versions and they even come in two different tire sizes: 8 inches vs 10 inches.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is the most recent version of the Mantis line. The SE stands for “special edition” and has the gold trim found on the Kaabo Wolf King+. The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE looks very similar to previous models, but they have made some improvements to the design and safety features.

This review will help you understand what has changed with the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE version from previous models. We will let you know what we like, and what we think they could improve on.

Update on the Stem Wobble Issue.

After making our review, we received some replies about the stem wobble issue. There were quite a few people who mentioned never having stem wobble issues like Ginger on Wheels and Tyler Miller. Tyler and Ginger on Wheels are both pretty critical of flaws.

With majority of owners not experiencing issues, we figured we most likely had a defective unit. I found the adjusting screw was stripped and had sheared the bolt.

PXL 20210320 2346212652
Screenshot 20210404 010826

When I first opened the scooter, there was some stem play. I assumed there was some stem play like the ZERO 10X, Apollo Pro, or Turbowheel Lightning. However, I think i caused the issue by not adjusting it to be tight.

By rocking the stem back and forth doing wheelies, I believe it was acting like a hammer. That hammer motion was pushing on the adjustment bolt causing the thread to shear. If I had adjusted the stem to be tight the first ride, I don’t think I would have ran into the issue.

Voro Motors was amazing and quickly sent us a replacement piece to fix the stem wobble issue. After replacing the hinge bolt, the stem has zero wobble and has not needed constant adjustment. This is a good reminder to make sure your stem is adjusted to be nice and tight to begin with.

Screenshot 20210404 012536

If you are interested in purchasing a Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, please click on this link for the most up to date pricing. Use coupon code: GOTSCOOTERKAABO for $50 off your order. VORO Motors is the exclusive US dealer for the gold SE version, and we have been told they will likely get rid of coupons in the near future.

What they improved on the new Mantis Pro SE escooter

  1. Undercarriage lights are blue now instead of white
  2. Thicker motor with longer bolts
  3. Upgraded buttons for dual motor and turbo mode
  4. Improved stem design
  5. Gold accents
  6. Kaabo branding on neck

What is the undercarriage light color on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE?

The undercarriage lights on the previous models were white. The undercarriage lights on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is now blue which gives off a great glow in low light conditions. I much prefer the blue color to the white color.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Blue Under Carriage Lights

Why did they Upgrade the Motor on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE?

I’m not 100% sure why they upgraded the motors to be thicker, but I have a feeling it had to do with sheared bolts. The previous motors were pretty thin and the bolts were short. The bolts would get loose and end up shearing the threading.

I love Kaabo scooters, but they really need to upgrade to higher quality bolts and start using Loctite. Even though the bolts are longer on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE, it is important to check and tighten your bolts. I would also suggest using Loctite on your bolts.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Upgraded Motor

Does the Kaabo Mantis Pro still use the Cheap Red and Yellow Buttons?

I am delighted to see that scooters are moving away from the cheap yellow and red buttons that turn on the dual motors and turbo mode. The newest models of the Kaabo Mantis Pro and Kaabo Wolf King use a waterproof black button.

The new buttons are much better than the previous version, but you still can’t tell what mode you are in just by looking at it.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Upgraded Button for Turbo and Dual Motors

Did they fix the Stem Issue on the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se?

Yes, the stem issue has been addressed on the Mantis Pro SE.

In the past, Kaabo Mantis stems had broken on customers. Kaabo realized the issue, and they reinforced the stem to help prevent any more issues of a stem breaking. Hopefully they have resolved all these issues, but jumping scooters has its repercussions.

With a single stem scooter, it’s like a wrenching down a huge lever when you jump it. If you go off big jumps, it will impact the strength of your scooter and if you do big jumps and drops, it may not matter reinforced the stem may be. Be careful my friends!

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Reinforced Stem

What makes the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE so Special?

Most of the Kaabo Mantis Pro scooters have the newest upgrades unless you are getting old stock. If you want the newest upgrades on the Mantis scooter, make sure that whoever you are buying from is not selling you scooters from old Mantis stock.

The main feature the special edition, SE, version stands for is the gold trim. The gold reminds me of playing Goldeneye 007 on the N64. The black on gold is subtle, yet eye catching.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Gold

Top 5 things I like about the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

  1. Tons of torque and powerful bottom end torque
  2. One of the most portable high-powered scooters
  3. Undercarriage lights
  4. Very nimble
  5. Gold accents make it stand out

How much Power does the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE have?

The Mantis Pro SE boasts dual 1000 watt motors powered by a 60V 18.2 Ah battery. The Mantis Pro SE has so much torque and the bottom end is strong that you can easily peel out as soon as you pull the throttle.

You definitely want to be careful when accelerating out of your turns because it could slide out on you since there is so much power.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Raw Power

Does the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Lock into itself when folded?

Most high-powered scooters do not lock into itself when folded. The Kaabo Mantis Pro only weighs 65 lbs and locks into itself when folded, making it pleasant for portability.

The only other high-powered scooters that I have ridden that locks into itself when folded is the VSETT 10+ and CURRUS Panther.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Locked When Folded for Easy Portability

Does the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE have Undercarriage Lights?

I love the blue lights on the undercarriage of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE. They project a significant amount of light under the scooter, creating a mesmerizing effect when riding at night.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Under Carriage Lights

Is the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Nimble?

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is one of the nimblest high-powered scooters on the market. The lightweight and smaller footprint makes it easy to throw around, and navigate on busier streets or sidewalks.

Gold Trim that reminds me of 24 Carat Gold

When I go to Thailand to visit family, it’s incredible how many people wear 24 carat gold. In America, we rarely wear 24 carat gold because it almost looks fake because it is so bright.

The gold trim on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE reminds me of 24k gold and it stands out in a sea of black scooters.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE 24K Gold 1

Top 5 drawbacks to the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

  1. Silicone deck just flaps in the air
  2. Stem movement: that can be fixed by adjusting the bolt
  3. Weak front projecting light
  4. No horn or bell
  5. Fender on back is too small and doesn’t work well

Why does the Silicone Deck on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE flap around?

The silicone mat on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE totally flaps around in the air on day one. You can add some double-sided tape to hold the silicone down on the edges. I believe they only tape it in the center in case you need to access the compartment that stores the battery and controller.

I have a love/hate relationship with silicone decks. They are easy to clean, but they are a magnet for dirt and dust. You can clean the silicone mat in a few seconds, but you will also get it dirty in a few seconds.

It seems like there is a definite trend in the industry towards these silicone mats on electric scooters.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Silicone Mat

How do you fix the Stem Wobble on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE?

I never like any movement in my stem of a scooter, especially on high-powered ones. You can easily fix the stem wobble on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE by unscrewing the screw on the folding mechanism. However, if you do any type of wheelie or light jumping, the stem wobble can come back.

I recommend carrying an allen tool set on hand so you can adjust the stem wobble when riding. It takes a few seconds to adjust mid ride and will ensure safe riding.

Ginger on Wheels reports that his stem is rock solid with no wobble. We’ve had to adjust ours several times. I’m going to try using some Loctite to see if that fixes the problem.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Stem Adjustment

Is the light on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE reliable enough for night riding?

The front facing light on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE is terrible for night riding. The undercarriage light is excellent for night visibility for pedestrians and vehicles to see you. However, if you are going to do night riding, we highly suggest getting a light attachment for the handlebars.

The only four scooters I’ve reviewed that have a bright enough light for night riding is the Kaabo Wolf KingKaabo Wolf WarriorCurrus Panther, and VSETT 11+. I have come to peace that 95% of scooters will have terrible front facing lights.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Terrible Front Projecting Light

Does the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE have a Bell or Horn?

The Kaabo Mantis Pro SE does not have a bell or horn. There is plenty of room on the handlebars to add a bell to warn pedestrians. Electric scooters are so quiet it is helpful to have some type of audible warning for pedestrians.

Is the Fender on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE any good?

The fender on the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE does not protect your pants from water splashes. We were riding in minor wet conditions and my pants got filthy. The fender needs to be a few inches longer to protect your back end from water splashes.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Bad Fender

Why choose the Kaabo Mantis Pro

The Mantis Pro SE is a great choice If you want a fun and fast scooter that is light enough to fold and carry up a flight of stairs. If you do not plan on going over 38 mph and plan on using it for fast riding and light off-roading, then this is a great scooter.

With the ability to lock the Mantis Pro into itself when folded and weighing only 65 lbs, it makes it one of the most portable high-powered scooters.

The off-the-line torque is pretty impressive so make sure to be prepared for the. power when in dual motors. The Mantis Pro SE performs extremely well on streets and intermediate mountain biking courses.

The Mantis Pro is a great for single mode commuting for trips less than 23 miles when operating at full power. It has enough range, suspension, and power to get you from point A to point B without using a bus, subway, or lightrail. If you need to get on public transportation, it’s not ideal but its not horrific like the powerful but bulky Wolf King+.

The Mantis Pro is fun because you can use it for a leisurely cruise, but you can quickly turn up the speed to get your blood flowing. The C spring suspension makes riding over cracks and small potholes a breeze, giving us the comfort and stability that we expect from a scooter of this caliber.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE on Ice

Why you would not choose the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE

If you want to go over 40 mph, the Mantis is not going to get you there. If you want to do hardcore off-roading, the Mantis single stem is not designed for massive jumps or drops. If you plan on doing night riding, I recommend you get some extra lights to improve visibility.

If you are all about safety, ironically I would tell you to choose the Kaabo Wolf King+. I feel the weight, dual stem, and hydraulic suspension gives it a sturdier ride compared to the Mantis Pro SE.

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Specifications

Model Mantis Pro SE 60 V 18.2 AH
Motor 2×1000 Watts
Battery LG Li-Ion 60 V 18.2 Ah
Est Range 40 miles (eco/single drive)
Top Speed 37 mph
Weight Limit 265 lbs
Tire Size 10″ tube in pneumatic tires
Charging Time 12.3 hours
Suspension front and rear c spring
Lights front/side/rear LEDs
Display Minimotors EY3
Controller Minimotors 60V27A*2
Climbing Angles <30
Dimensions 49.8 x 23.6 x 48.4 inches
Folded Dimensions 49.8 x 23.6 x18.8 inches
Weight 65 lbs
Brakes Zoom Semi Hydraulic Disc
Locks Into Itself Yes
Drive front and rear wheel drive

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