Nanrobot D6+ Electric Scooter Review: The Best All-Around Nanrobot Escooter?

Nanrobot D6+ Electric Scooter Review: The Best All-Around Nanrobot Escooter?

by freshlycharged

The Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter is a solid escooter that competes against a crowded field of very capable mid to high powered electric scooters.

When I opened the box to the Nanrobot D6+, I immediately thought of the ZERO 10X which is also the Turbowheel Lightning and Varla Eagle One.  However, after Jimmy and I tested out the Nanrobot D6+, we were left with the impression that the Nanrobot D6+ is no rebranded clone but a rather unique escooter with the hallmark Nanrobot trademarks.

In this review, we are going to let you know what we loved and hated about the Nanrobot D6+.  We will also let you know if we think the Nanrobot D6+ is a better choice than the ever popular ZERO 10X.

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Top 10 Things I Love About the Nanrobot D6+ Escooter

  1. Large scooter
  2. Simple plug for charger
  3. 10 inch hybrid off-road tires
  4. Accelerates smoothly
  5. Dual 1000 watt motors
  6. 1352 watt hour battery
  7. Distributed and sold by Road Runner Scooters
  8. Nutt hydraulic disc brakes
  9. Swing arm suspension
  10. Unique front light
Nanrobot D6 Copper Mountain Colorado Offroading Unique Look

The Nanrobot D6+ spacious deck lets you ride with comfort

When deciding between an escooter with a large deck or a skinny narrow deck, I always prefer escooters that give me room to place my feet however I like.

At high speeds and on long commutes, which the Nanrobot D6+ is certainly capable of, you want the option to be able to ride comfortably by shifting your feet positioning.

The deck on the Nanrobot D6+ is massive, measuring in at 23″ by 10.5″.  The large deck and big kick plate make it ultra-comfortable when riding.

Nanrobot Deck Length

Nanrobot D6+ escooter charging made easy

The charger on the Nanrobot D6+ can easily slide in from any angle and I can do it with my eyes closed.  I’m not sure why other scooter companies don’t use the same type of charger.

Most scooters have GX16-3 pin chargers which you have to line up with a notch in order to plug in to your scooter. On these other escooter you can even short them out if you try to jam the charger in the wrong orientation. This is not the case with the D6+ by Nanrobot.

The Nanrobot instructions tell you to plug the charger into the scooter first and then the wall. This is different from nearly all other chargers which are wall first and then scooter second.

I’m not sure why they say to do it this way but it is impractical and inconvenient. Imagine coming home each day from work and having to unplug your charging brick from the wall before plugging in your escooter to charge each day. It adds an extra step.

Nanrobot D6 Downtown Denver 1

The Nanrobot D6+ hybrid off-road tires are great!

The Nanrobot D6+ features 10-inch hybrid off-road tires, which are my favorite tire option.  I love that I can cruise 40 mph on smooth pavement and then terrorize off-road trails if I want to.  You never know when a sweet looking trail is going to pop up and you don’t want to pass on it due to inadequate tires.

Nanrobot D6 Hybrid Tires

The Nanrobot D6+ acceleration curve is smooth

If you like a torquey acceleration, then the D6+ is not for you.

Some electric scooters accelerate so fast it feels your arms are going to be ripped out of its sockets. I don’t mind that feeling but Jimmy loves a smooth acceleration curve. The Nanrobot D6+ is a fast escooter with a very smooth take off.

The smooth acceleration is much safer and more comfortable for first time electric scooter owners.

Nanrobot D6 City Park Pond Light Dim Side LEDs Hybrid Offroad Tires Locking Mechanism Swing Arm suspension

What size of motors does the Nanrobot D6+ feature?

The Nanrobot D6+ has dual 1000-watt motors.

Even though the YUME Y10 features dual 1200-watt motors, in our tests the Nanrobot D6+ was still faster.

The Nanrobot D6+ motors coupled with the 52V 26Ah battery offer plenty of power to zoom up hills and hit speeds of up to 40 mph.

Nanrobot D6 On an Lift Hybrid Offroad Tires C type Suspension Light and Kickstand

What is the Nanrobot D6+ battery size?

The Nanrobot D6+ features a battery that is 8 Ah bigger than the ZERO 10X/Turbowheel lightning/Varla Eagle One.

The Nanrobot 52V 26Ah battery is 1352-watt hours compared to the ZERO 10X which is 936 watt hours.  The extra watt hours really helps to prevent range anxiety.

Best place to buy the Nanrobot D6+ escooter?

Without question, Road Runner Scooters is the best place to buy any Nanrobot electric scooter in the United States.

Most electric scooters are made in China so there can be some quality control issues. Trying to receive service from a Chinese manufacturer can be a daunting process so buying an escooter from a dealer with a strong presence in the Unites States will help a ton when a problem arises.

In the past, without a local distributor in the US, Nanrobot has had their fair share of customer service issues.  Luckily, the escooter maker was able to make a deal with Road Runner Scooters to run their North American sales and servicing.

I have seen a lot of post from happy people who were elated with their service from Road Runner Scooters who in addition to offering support and selling parts and accessories, also offers very helpful DIY videos to help you keep your escooter in tip top condition.

Road Runner Scooters recently opened their new store in Denver, and it was awesome to see their setup. Nanrobot electric scooters is the only brand they sell which allows them to be the experts of their product.

Nanrobot D6 Cable Management

Nanrobot D6+ escooter brakes: Disc Brakes or Hydraulic Brakes

When purchasing your Nanrobot D6+ you have the option to choose between disc or hydraulic brakes. I love Nutt hydraulic brakes and you can upgrade your Nanrobot D6+ to hydraulic brakes for $200.

I do think $200 is a little steep for the upgrade but if you can afford it, you get Nutt Brakes which are my favorite.  Nutt hydraulic brakes modulate so much smoother than Zoom hydraulic brakes.

I love the stopping power on the Nanrobot D6+ escooter.

Nanrobot D6 Nutt Hydraulic Brakes and Coil Suspension

What kind of suspension does the Nanrobot D6+ feature?

The Nanrobot D6+ features C-type suspension also known as swing arm suspension.  Swing arm suspension is nice when riding on single tracks and is very nimble on small jumps.

My biggest gripe with swing arm suspension is it may not be as stable at high speeds. I did get slight speed wobbles at 40 mph but I always felt in control and I never felt I was in danger or experienced any death wobbles which can be felt on lower end high powered escooters.

The Nanrobot D6+ could benefit from a steering damper if you plan on riding over 35 mph on a consistent basis.

Nanrobot D6 Suspension

Unique Front Light that glows on the ground

The Nanrobot D6+ features a headlight with a unique blue ring around it and a red light that projects from it (see photo below). The light could definitely be stronger for safe night riding but the red and blue accents make it look really cool at night.

Nanrobot D6 Unique Light

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5 Things I Hate about Nanrobot D6+ Escooter

  1. Does not lock into the folded position and when folded it scratches the grip tape
  2. Folding mechanism needs a failsafe
  3. LED lights on side are dim
  4. Tired red and yellow buttons
  5. Would like hydraulic suspension instead of spring suspension

I hate scratching up my brand new escooter

The Nanrobot D6+ does not lock into itself when folded, making it difficult to lift up stairs unless you were to strap it together or use a bungy cord.

In addition to not locking into itself when folded, the metal top of the stem rests on the grip tape when folded, scratching the grip tape and creating a white line.

A simple silicone sticker or even duct tape would prevent the scratching of the deck.  You can also add some plastidip on the top the stem to avoid this scratch.  It’s not the end of the world but it is obnoxious scratching a brand new deck.

Nanrobot D6 Mark of the Beast

The Nanrobot D6+ needs a backup stem locking mechanism

The Nanrobot D6+ has decent locking mechanism which feels solid and secure after you tighten the outdoor faucet style rounded handle, but if that single bolt breaks while riding, the stem would collapse and you could have a serious accident.

The electric scooter industry is relatively new, and safety requirements are very loose. One of the scariest failures that plagues electric scooters is stem failure due to the locking mechanism.

I would like to see the Nanrobot D6+ have an additional failsafe like the VSETT 9+ and VSETT 10+ electric scooters to prevent loosening or failure of the locking mechanism.

Nanrobot D6 Locking Mechanism

Side LED lights are not that bright

I love the front light however, I hate the side LED lights on the Nanrobot D6+.  During the day its next to impossible to see if the side LED lights are on. They should use brighter LED lights like the ones on the side of the Kaabo Mantis Pro SE.

There’s plenty of power to run some decent LED lights so I was very disappointed that they used such weak lights.

Nanrobot D6 Unique Light and Dim Side LEDs
Front light looks awesome but the side lights are so dim even at night/

Those old red and yellow buttons need to go.

The past few years, most scooter manufacturers have used cheap red and yellow buttons to control the eco/turbo mode and dual/single motors.  However, six months ago, most companies are starting to move away from these cheap looking buttons.

I thought maybe they were trying to work thru old stock of the cheap buttons with the Nanrobot D6+. However, I was disappointed when I received the brand new Nanrobot LS7+ escooter, Nanrobots newest offering, with the cheap red and yellow buttons.

Yes, the quality of those red and yellow buttons on the Nanrobot LS7+ are better than the buttons found on the D6+, but not by much.  They are just larger and have more of a smooth rounded edge.

Coil suspension is okay

The coil suspension on the Nanrobot D6+ is just like the suspension on the ZERO 10X.  It does a good job, but hydraulic suspension is far superior to coil suspension.

I wish there was an option to upgrade the coil suspension to hydraulic suspension like you can upgrade the mechanical brakes to Nutt hydraulic brakes.

This one upgrade would transform this scooter into a Cadillac overnight.  Luckily, changing out the suspension is not too tricky if you are handy.

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Nanrobot D6 City Park Fountain Light Dim Side LEDs Hybrid Offroad Tires Locking Mechanism Swing Arm suspension

Nanrobot D6+ vs ZERO 10X, which is the better escooter?

The Zero 10X and the Nanrobot D6+ are comparable electric scooters and you would not go wrong choosing either from a reputable dealer.

However, I feel the Nanrobot D6+ is slightly more stable than the ZERO 10X at high speeds. I would say the decision boils down to color, style, and slight performance differences as I’ll describe below.

If your favorite color is blue, the Nanrobot D6+ would be better for you.  If you like red, the ZERO 10X would be better for you.

If you want a proven escooter style in the ZERO 10X that is so popular it’s been cloned and rebranded multiple times, then go for it.

If you want a unique escooter design and build, then get the Nanrobot D6+.

The base model Nanrobot D6+ will have a bigger battery than the base model ZERO 10X, 26 Ah vs 18 Ah.

The base ZERO 10X now comes with Zoom hydraulic brakes whereas the base Nanrobot D6+ comes with mechanical brakes.

The ZERO 10X will accelerate faster and is more torquey than the Nanrobot D6+ smoother controlled acceleration on the Nanrobot. However, I reached higher top speeds with the Nanrobot D6+ vs the base model ZERO 10X.

Nanrobot D6 Light Side LEDs Offroad Tires Kick Plate Large Deck

Who should buy the Nanrobot D6+ escooter?

The Nanrobot D6+ is a great choice for someone who is looking for a powerful mid to high powered escooter with a fair amount of range.  It comes backed by a reputable distributor in the United States and they have a fantastic store you can visit in Denver Colorado.

If you want to ride smooth pavement and dirt trails, the Nanrobot D6+ is perfect because of it’s great 10-inch hybrid tires.  Mild single tracks and small jumps will be no problem for the Nanrobot D6+.

If you live in a hilly area, the dual 1000 watt motors will handle steep terrain with ease.

If you are hesitant about escooters because you don’t know how to maintain this relatively new tech, be comforted in the fact that Road Runner Scooters offers great support on their website.

Check out the user manual for the Nanrobot D6+ here.

Road Runner Scooters sells the parts and accessories you’ll need and when it comes time to replace, upgrade, or maintain your escooter, check out their informative videos!

Nanrobot D6 Frisco Copper Mountain Colorado Offroading

Who should avoid the Nanrobot D6+?

If you are looking for the fastest scooter on the block or a more instant acceleration, check out some of the high end high performance electric scooters we’ve reviewed.

If you have to carry your escooter up several flights of stairs at home or work, the Nanrobot D6+ is not very portable because of the lack of a locking mechanism when folded.

Nanrobot D6+ Pricing, Coupon and Discount Code

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