EVOLV Tour XL Electric Scooter Review

EVOLV Tour XL Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

The EVOLV Tour XL is one of the most comfortable commuter scooters I have ridden. The massive deck, great suspension and 10-inch pneumatic tires make for a plush ride. In this review, I will let you know what I loved and hated about the EVOLV Tour XL.

The EVOLV Tour XL escooter is one of the most unique electric scooters we have reviewed, and it seems fitting it was developed from Urban Machina out of Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is one of my favorite places to visit and offers a one-of-a-kind view. It is one of the few places where you have a major metropolitan area with epic mountain and ocean views.

EVOLV Tour XL Suit and Scoots

Top 10 things I love about the EVOLV Tour XL

  1. Massive deck
  2. Unique look
  3. 10 Inch pneumatic tires
  4. Fast acceleration
  5. Easy to fold and unfold
  6. Packaging job
  7. Great suspension
  8. Lightsaber lights
  9. Adjustable stem
  10. Stopping power

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EVOLV Tour XL Specifications

Battery Size LG 48V 13Ah/48V 18.2 Ah
Watt Hours 624/873.6
Weight 47.4 lbs (21.5 kg)/50.7 lbs (23 kg)
Range 18-25 miles (30-40 km)/ 25-31 miles (40-50 km)
Motor 600 watts
Peak Power 1200 watts
Tire Size 10 Inch pneumatic
Suspension Front and rear spring
Brakes Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Water Resistance Rating IP54 officially certified
Charge Time 6.5 – 9 hours
Tested Top Speed 31 mph (50 km/h)
Max Load 265 lbs (120 kg)

That’s a huge deck!

My favorite thing about the EVOLV Tour XL is the massive deck. Most commuter scooters sport smaller decks and feel cramped on longer rides. The EVOLV Tour XL deck measures at 21.5 inches long by 7.5 inches wide. (54.6 cm by 19 cm)

A spacious deck allows the rider to safely adjust positioning while riding to prevent cramping and foot fatigue.

EVOLV Tour XL Massive Deck

Stand out from a sea of traditional black scooters

Many electric scooters come in all black. The EVOLV Tour XL offers a unique look with its black and silvery color scheme. The red accent lights look stylish during the day and stand out at night.

The Vancouver cityscape grip tape and two-tone handle bar grips add to its distinct appearance. The EVOLV Tour XL will not be mistaken for a rental scooter.

EVOLV Tour XL Open Space

What size of tires does the EVOLV Tour XL have?

The EVOLV Tour XL has 10-inch tube in pneumatic tires. The large air filled tires make for a very comfy ride. I would like them to be a little wider which would increase stability, but they are still perfect for city commuting.

EVOLV Tour XL Front Suspension and Mechanical Brake

How fast is the EVOLV Tour XL?

For a single motor scooter, the EVOLV Tour XL gets up to speed well. On flat surfaces, the acceleration curve is excellent for a single motor commuter scooter. I did get the EVOLV Tour XL to 28 mph.

The EVOLV Tour XL collapses fast for easy portability

If you transport your scooter or use public transportation, the EVOLV Tour XL collapses and unfolds rapidly. I love the locking mechanism because it is much easier to use with the finger loop.

The locking mechanism is so smooth you don’t have to do the stem jiggle that many scooters need to unlock and lock the stem. With the fast collapsible handlebars, I can get the scooter set up in under 10 seconds.

EVOLV Tour XL Easy Looped Locking Folding Mechanism

Incredible Packaging

I have received many scooters, and packaging jobs can leave a lot to be desired. I was impressed with how the EVOLV Tour XL came packaged. They took their time to package all components so they don’t end up scratched.

I was surprised to discover wrapping around the stem, kickstand, suspension, throttle display, and handlebars. It takes a while to remove all the packaging, but it came in pristine condition. The only issues I had were light scratches on the display, but I think that happened during manufacturing and not shipping.

Does the suspension on the EVOLV Tour XL bottom out?

When I first saw the suspension on the EVOLV Tour XL, I was worried I was going to bottom it out. I have observed similar suspension on the ZERO 10, and tend to bottom out pretty easily (especially with the extra COVID quarantine pounds I put on recently).

To my surprise, the suspension on the EVOLV Tour XL never bottomed out on me, even when dropping curbs. The suspension on the EVOLV Tour XL makes for a comfy ride and I find it to be one of the best for a commuter scooter.

EVOLV Tour XL Mechanical Brake and Rear Suspension

Will you join the dark side?

When I look at the red acrylic lights on the EVOLV Tour XL, I instantly think of the Sith light sabers from Star Wars. The lights are tough to notice during the day, but the red acrylic glows in the sunlight. Will you disappoint all the Jedis by joining the dark side?

Adjustable stem for the win!

The adjustable stem on the EVOLV Tour XL are perfect for all shapes and sizes. You can adjust the stem height from 35 to 48.8 inches (99 to124 cm). The stem is also not perfectly round.

I like when the stem is not a perfectly circular, because it will not twist on you. Sometimes round stems can get twisted and become unsafe while riding. The stem on the EVOLV Tour XL has flat and rounded edges to ensure it stays straight.

Time for the EVOLV Collapsible Handlebars and Adjustable Stem Front

Stop on a dime

The stopping power on the EVOLV Tour XL is excellent. I am very impressed how fast the scooter stops for only having mechanical brakes.

Top 5 drawbacks

  1. Small battery
  2. Weak light for night riding
  3. Grip tape peeling in corner
  4. Mechanical brakes
  5. Single motor

Go big or go home

We received the 48V 13Ah version to review. I love riding the EVOLV Tour XL but the battery is too small for me to ride back and forth to work. I am all about getting the biggest battery version of escooters to avoid range anxiety.

I come from the Onewheel world and range anxiety is a huge issue. I’m a believer that you may not need the extra battery, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I would highly suggest upgrading to the larger battery if you are going to buy the EVOLV Tour XL.

Is the EVOLV Tour XL light safe for night riding?

If you are riding your EVOLV Tour XL at night, you will definitely want to upgrade the lights. Unfortunately, I find that 95% of electric scooters do not offer competent lights for safe night riding. The EVOLV Tour XL is not an outlier in the lighting department.

The front light is made of a few LEDs that light up a solid acrylic globe. The light output is average with many other electric scooters on the market which is to say the light is pretty poor.

You can find a ton of lighting solutions for the handlebar on Amazon.

The side lights are made of LEDs that magnifies a solid acrylic rod that also does not put out much light.

Beautiful grip tape coming up in corner

The grip tape on my EVOLV Tour XL was peeling in the corner when I first received the scooter. I tried pressing it down but I think it must have been dirty when they first installed it, because it would constantly come up. The grip tape now has collected sand and dirt under it, so the issue is now compounding.

I’m sure this is not happening to everyone, and Urban Machina has offered to replace it. Luckily, grip tape is easy to replace if I find the issue to be too obnoxious.

EVOLV Tour XL Lightsaber 1

What type of brakes are on the EVOLV Tour XL?

The EVOLV Tour XL mechanical brakes are powerful. I would prefer hydraulic brakes over mechanical brakes all days of the week. However, hydraulic brakes are much more maintenance than mechanical brakes.

I constantly observe debates about how people just have weak hands, and there isn’t a ton of difference between mechanical and hydraulic brakes. This statement is valid but there is nothing better than a well modulated hydraulic braking system.

Single motors struggle on big hills

Lately I have been riding the EVOLV Tour XL into the office. My whole ride is fine except for when I am trying to get out of our parking garage. Our parking garage has a steep incline getting out and the single motor on the EVOLV Tour XL struggles to make it to the top without assistance.

I slowly chug up the hill and the last 20 feet, I need to assist by kicking while pulling the trigger. I do not have this issue going up the parking garage with dual motor scooters.

Overall, the EVOLV Tour XL handles mild hills fine. It only struggles on extreme inclines of 25 degrees or more.

EVOLV Tour XL and rear Motor Hub 1

Who is the EVOLV Tour XL for?

The EVOLV Tour XL is a perfect city commuter cruiser unless your city has a lot of steep hills. The 10-inch tires and excellent suspension eat up cracks and imperfections.

If you live are a student living on or near campus, the EVOLV Tour XL would be a great way to get around.

The larger battery version could make the EVOLV Tour XL your primary form of transportation. The EVOLV Tour XL is perfect for the casual rider who wants the ability to go over 20 mph but not exceed 30 mph.

If you love ride-share scooters like Lyft, Uber, and Spin, the EVOLV Tour XL is a huge upgrade in power and comfort.

EVOLV Tour XL Suit and Scoots Rock Out

Who should avoid the EVOLV Tour XL escooter?

If you are expecting to exceed 30 mph, the EVOLV Tour XL is not the scooter for you. If you live in hilly San Francisco, you will want to look for scooters with dual motors. If you are anticipating to ride over 30 miles in one charge, you will want to look for another scooter with a larger battery.

The EVOLV Tour XL is not designed for off-road use, but it can handle light off-road trails perfectly fine. If you like to jump your scooter, the EVOLV Tour XL is not for you.

Final Thoughts on the EVOLV Tour XL Electric Scooter

The EVOLV Tour XL is a feature packed scooter with a few flaws. Overall, I rank the the EVOLV Tour XL in my top 5 commuter scooters. The price is on the higher end for a commuter scooter, but you will have one of the most unique looking scooter and comfortable ride.

Urban Machina and REV Rides are the two distributors of the EVOLV Tour XL, and they offer some of the best after sale servicing. You can buy the EVOLV Tour XL in peace knowing that they will ensure customer satisfaction.

Sometimes I have to step in with dealers to ensure that clients are taken care of, but we have never had to step in for customers who have purchased from REV Rides or Urban Machina. To us, that is the best sign of customer satisfaction.

If you love how the EVOLV Tour XL looks, purchase it in confidence knowing that Urban Machina and REV Rides will take care of you if you ever run into manufacture defects.

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