Should I get the Kaabo Mantis Pro or Wolf King+

Should I buy the Zero 11x or new Kaabo Wolf King+?

by freshlycharged

Lately a common question I see on the scooter forum is, should I get the Zero 11x or new Kaabo Wolf King+?  The specs are remarkably similar but they both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it makes sense why people are asking this question.  To me, I have found that I am leaning towards the Kaabo Wolf King+, but you really cannot go wrong buying either.

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Kaabo Wolf King Angle Profile

Why I Chose the Kaabo Wolf King+

It was an extremely hard decision choosing the Kaabo Wolf King+ over the Zero 11x. The Zero 11x has slightly bigger motors and 4 more amp hours on the battery than the Wolf King+, so it seemed like it might edge it out. I compiled a full list of all the advantages and disadvantages of both, but I ultimately like certain components on the Kaabo Wolf King+ over the Zero 11x.

The Zero 11x is a beauty within itself and if you bought it, I am sure you would be happy. But to me, I ultimately chose the Kaabo Wolf King+ because of their use of Minimotors controllers, Minimotors display, tubeless pneumatic tires, brighter lights, horn, and suspension.  Some people prefer the suspension of the 11x over the Wolf King+, but I like the Wolf King+ suspension better on dirt trails.

Ultimately, your decision on what scooter to buy should be based on your needs and what you ride most. If I rode streets more, I might have chosen the Zero 11x because the suspension is better on smooth pavement. Because of this conundrum, I wanted to break it down into a list of specs, advantages, disadvantages, and similarities.

Kaabo Wolf King Front Suspension
Front Hydraulic Suspension on the Kaabo Wolf King+

Kaabo Wolf King+ Specs

Motor: 2×1500 W Base / Peak Power around 7000 W
Battery: LG/Samsung Li-Ion 72 V 28 Ah
Est Range: 93 miles (eco/single drive)
Top Speed: 62 mph/100 km
Weight Limit: 330 lbs/150 kg
Tire Size: 11″ tubeless pneumatic tires
Suspension: front hydraulic/rear springs
Lights: front/side/rear LEDs
Display: Minimotors display/throttle
Dimensions: 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Folded Dimensions: 59 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Weight: 106 lbs.
Drive: front and rear wheel drive
Battery Position: under board

Kaabo King

Zero 11x Specs

Motor: 2×1600 W
Battery: LG Li-Ion 72 V 32 Ah
Est Range: 80-90 miles (eco/single drive)
Top Speed: 60+ mph
Weight Limit: 330 lbs/150 kg
Tire Size: 11″ tube tires
Suspension: swingarm suspension in front and rear
Lights: front and rear LEDs
Display: QS-S4 display/throttle
Dimensions 56 x 28 x 52 inches
Weight: 131 lbs.
Drive: front and rear wheel drive
Battery Position: under board


Advantages, Disadvantages, and Similarities

Kaabo Wolf King+ advantages over Zero 11x:

  1. Brighter and wider headlight
  2. Minimotors motors EY3 display vs Macury QS-S4 display
  3. Undercarriage lights that help visibility at night time and look sweet
  4. Pipe around frame that you can mount stuff to
  5. 25 Pounds lighter, 106 lbs. vs 131 lbs.
  6. Minimotors controller, the same one used in Dualtron Scooters
  7. Cruise control is easier to lock onto. Zero 11x is hard to lock onto unless at full throttle.
  8. LCD display is brighter and can be read in sunlight
  9. Volt readout is easy to read because of the LCD Display, and they do not need a separate display taking up more room on the handlebars.  
  10. Tubeless pneumatic tires
  11. Loud Horn that cars can hear
  12. Cable access is easier because it is not braided, just a slipped on cover so it’s easier to access and swap out cables.
  13. Stronger folding mechanism
Kaabo Wolf King Folded
Kaabo Wolf King+ folding mechanism is strong but it creates a huge footprint when folded.

Wolf King+ disadvantage over Zero 11x

  1. Handlebar grips are not as big
  2. 25 inch handlebar vs 28 inch handlebars on the Zero 11x
  3. Less travel in the front suspension
  4. 145 mm brake disc compared to 160 mm brake disc
  5. No key but a key or fingerprint reader can be added
  6. Suspension not as stiff so it is not as great on small cracks and potholes.
  7. 2050 Wh compared to 2300 Wh
  8. Cables are not braided so it does not look as clean as the Zero 11x
  9. Complicated folding mechanism takes a bit to get used to it and understand it
  10. Smaller base but still large
  11. Bolts do not have Loctite which can cause bolts to shear off from uneven force
Kaabo Wolf Warrior

Similarities in both:

  1. 72 Volt Batteries
  2. Full Suspension
  3. Can handle street and off-roading
  4. Over 100 lbs
  5. Does not lock when folded
  6. Hard to transport
  7. Can be switched from single to dual motor
  8. Can be switched to eco and turbo mode
  9. Has three gears
  10. Index finger trigger for throttle
  11. Hydraulic disc brakes
  12. Headlights
  13. Can hit and exceed speeds of 60mph
  14. Flagship scooter for both manufacturers
  15. 11 inch tires
  16. Both are not very waterproof

Zero 11x Advantages over the wolf:

  1. Massive handlebar grips. – About 30% larger than the Wolf King+
  2. Larger handlebars – 2 inches larger than the Wolf
  3. Larger and wider frame
  4. Key Assembly
  5. 160 mm brake rotor vs Wolf’s 145 mm brake rotor
  6. 28-inch-wide handlebar vs Wolf 26-inch-wide handlebar on the wolf
  7. Bolts come with Loctite
  8. Rear Fender complete metal vs a plastic/metal fender on the Wolf
  9. Adjustable light bar
  10. Heavier which helps for stability.
  11. Braided Cables
  12. Swing arm suspension is nice on pavement, cracks, and potholes
  13. 2300 Wh compared to 2050 Wh
  14. Easier folding mechanism – very intuitive
  15. No extra button for light, built into display
  16. Has more travel on the suspension
Kaabo Wolf King Handlebars 1
The handlebars on the Kaabo Wolf King+ are not as wide as the Zero 11x , and the grips are also smaller.

Zero 11x disadvantages over the Wolf King+:

  1. Tire is slightly narrower than Wolf.
  2. Spring shock over hydraulic shocks, but aftermarket hydraulic shocks can be installed.
  3. Heavier which impacts the takeoff and harder to lift
  4. More focused light so it is not as wide as the Wolf.
  5. Lvbelan controller vs Minimotors controller
  6. Cruise control is hard to lock onto unless at full throttle.
  7. Hard to read volt readout during the day
  8. Tubes in tires where the Wolf King has Tubeless Pneumatic tires
  9. No horn
  10. Light is not as bright
  11. No undercarriage lighting

Breakdown of why the Kaabo Wolf King+ Barely Edged Out the Zero 11x

Minimotor controllers: I like the Minimotor Controllers. They are Korean made and they are superior to the Chinese made Lvbelan controller. It is the same controller that Dualtron uses, so it affirms the quality.

Minimotors display: The EY3 Minimotors display/throttle are far superior to the QS-S4 display/throttle. It is a brighter LED that can be seen in sunlight and also shows the voltage. The EY3 throttle is smooth and you can lock in your cruise control which is nearly impossible to accomplish on the QS-S4.


Tubeless pneumatic tires: I was surprised the Zero 11x had tubed tires, which increases the chances of a major blowout. Tubeless tires are a lot safer and typically deflate slower when punctured. I don’t see any reason why they made the Zero 11x tubed.

Brighter Lights: The lights are so bright and wide on the Wolf King+ that they light up the night sky. The Zero 11x lights are bright but they are narrow so they don’t cast as wide of a beam. The Wolf King+ lights are far superior.

Kaabo Wolf King Headlight and Horn

Loud Horn: I was very surprised that the Zero 11x did not have a horn or bell. The loud horn on the Wolf King+ is a great safety feature to alert oncoming pedestrians and vehicles. It is easy for vehicles to not notice scooters, so having a loud horn that can be heard from cars is a huge plus.

Stiff Hydraulic Front Suspension: The front hydraulic suspension isn’t as great on smooth pavement, but it is perfect for off-roading. I use my high powered scooters specifically for off-roading so I prefer the stiff suspension.

Kaabo Wolf King Front Suspension at an Angle
Front hydraulic suspension on the Kaabo Wolf King+

These specific six reasons make me choose the Kaabo Wolf King+ over the Zero 11x.

Why should I choose the Zero 11x over the Wolf King+?

Just because I chose the Wolf King+, it doesn’t mean that should be your choice. Here are some reasons I would choose the Zero 11x over the Wolf King+

Ride on roads more than dirt trails: If I mainly rode on roadways, I would definitely choose the Zero 11x. The suspension is set up better to make a smooth ride on pavement over cracks and potholes.


Ride on steeper terrain: The Zero 11x performs better on steeper hills from a standstill. The Kaabo Wolf King+ does well on hills but does not have as much torque as the Zero 11x.

Want the fastest speed: The top speed of both scooters is 60 mph+ but the Zero 11x has dual 1600 w motors compared to the Wolf King+ that has dual 1500 w motors. They are both 72 volt batteries but the Zero 11x has 32 amp hours compared to the Wolf King+ that has a 28 amp hour battery.

Easier to fold up: The Zero 11x is much easier to fold up and is more intuitive. You will learn how to fold up the Wolf King+ over time but the Zero 11x is much simpler.


Taller handlebars for taller people: 52 inch high handlebars vs 49 inch handlebars. So if you are taller than 6 feet 2 inches, you may want the few extra inches the Zero 11x has to offer.

w1200 7e59 11x dimensions 3

Competition Makes the Scooter Market Healthy

It is nice to have competition in the high powered scooter arena. It pushes the companies to keep innovating and improve on their current designs. The batteries and motors just keep getting bigger and bigger, and us consumers get all the benefits.

I love seeing scooters improve on a daily basis and I’m excited to see what develops in the next 12 months. But for now, keep wheeling and make sure to wear safety gear!

Why should you trust me?

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