Dualtron Popular Escooter Review: The Best Budget Dualtron Electric Scooter for Urban Adventures

by Nathan Schaumann

You guys have been asking us to review more Dualtron scooters, so here we have the Dualtron Popular! This is the cheapest dual motor scooter offered by Dualtron (it also comes in a single-motor configuration), and has lots of sweet components and features. We also love the look, it definitely stands out among the Dualtron lineup.

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  • Price: $1399
  • Speed: 40 mph *Freshly Charged Dragy-Certified 38mph
  • Range: 37 miles (claimed)
  • Battery: LG 52V, 25Ah, 1300Wh *Also available with 20Ah or 14Ah
  • Charging time: 13 hours
  • Weight: 72 lbs
  • Max Rider Load: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 450W x 2
  • Tire: 9-inch pneumatic
  • Deck: 21″ x 7″
  • Handlebar Height (from deck): 39.5″
  • Handlebar Width: 26″
  • Water Resistance Rating: IPX5
Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.27.30%E2%80%AFPM


  • Brand-new I2 display
  • Front + rear mechanical brake levers
  • Drum brakes + e-brake with anti-lock system
  • Double front lights
  • Integrated rear lights *Rear lights get brighter when braking
  • Turning signals *Turning signals pulsate when braking
  • Accent lights along stem
  • Controllable deck lights
  • Collapsible handlebars
  • 5 speed settings
  • Coil suspension (front + rear)
  • Folding mechanism locks into itself
  • Motorcycle grade horn
Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.28.50%E2%80%AFPM

What we love about the Dualtron Popular

Aesthetics: We love that it looks so different from all the other commuter scooters out there.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.17.26%E2%80%AFPM

Power: The dual 450W motors provide a surprising amount of power for such a small and portable scooter.

Value: We’re super happy to see a big-name brand like Dualtron offer a dual motor, dual suspension scooter for as low as $1199 (for the smallest battery version).

Suspension: Despite having only coil suspension, the Popular performed pretty well. It never bottomed out even when Andrew jumped it off curbs. We would like to see an upgraded hydraulic suspension on later models, however.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.43.52%E2%80%AFPM 1

Display: We love the new I2 color display. It’s super bright, easy to read in direct sunlight, connects to an app, and looks amazing. We don’t like it nearly as much as the TFT displays on some more expensive Kaabo models, but for a relatively cheap scooter we were impressed.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.25.41%E2%80%AFPM

Kick Plate: Most commuter/mid-tier scooters don’t come with a kickplate, but the Popular does and it is set at the perfect angle.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.28.05%E2%80%AFPM

Steering Pole: We like the steering pole not only because it is nice and beefy, but also because it has lights running up and down either side that improve visibility at night.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.26.11%E2%80%AFPM

Cable Management: The few exposed cables are nicely wrapped and run smoothly in and out of the thick steering pole.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.38.12%E2%80%AFPM 1

What we don’t like about the Dualtron Popular

Turning Signals: The location of the Popular’s turning signals make it hard to see, both on the front and on the rear.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.41.05%E2%80%AFPM

Headlights: Although the front lights are decently bright, they are positioned very low to the ground, and aren’t very effective.

Tires: 40 mph is great for a low-priced scooter, but on 9-inch tires it feels pretty sketchy. No matter how well-built the scooter/suspension is, it’s just very hard to feel save riding over 30 mph on tires smaller than 10 or 11 inches.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.29.21%E2%80%AFPM

Water Rating: It’s certainly nice to see any water rating at all on a Dualtron scooter, but for a commuter scooter we typically look for IPX6 or higher. IPX5 means it is rated for “light rain,” but we wouldn’t recommend parking it outside if you know there will be rain.

The Freshly Charged Take

The Dualtron Popular, overall, exceeded our expectations. It’s a great-looking commuter scooter that toes the line of being a mid-tier scooter, due to the dual motors and high top speed.

We like the sexy display and robust suspension and we recommend bigger riders opt for the dual motors.

Get yours here for $1399 or less depending on the configuration.

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 9.24.20%E2%80%AFPM

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Tyrone April 7, 2024 - 12:45 pm

It’s nice with two 450 motors. The only complaint is it could go farther like the e move cruiser.


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