The New Baby Wolf Warrior X E-Scooter is No Baby!

The New Baby Wolf Warrior X E-Scooter is No Baby!

by freshlycharged

The loved and highly awarded Wolf Warrior 11+ high performance electric scooter just had a baby called the Wolf Warrior X. However, the Wolf Warrior X is no baby of a scooter. It has a lot of features we loved about the Wolf Warrior 11+, but in a lighter and more compact size.

On top of the Wolf Warrior X being lighter and more compact, they added some unique features like turn signals, controllable RGB undercarriage lighting, and a different folding mechanism.

The Wolf Warrior X is still 60V like the Wolf Warrior 11+, but it has dual 1100 watt motors instead of dual 1200 watt motors. The tires on the X have been downsized to 10 inches and 3 inches wide vs an 11 inch tire and 4 inches wide on the Warrior 11+

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The Specs

Version Name Wolf Warrior X Plus Wolf Warrior X Pro+
Configuration 60V 21Ah 60V 28Ah
Battery Type Li-Ion battery pack 18650 Li-Ion battery pack 18650
Battery Capacity DMEGC26E LG MJ1/Samsung 35E
Motor Dual 1100 Watt Motors Dual 1100 Watt Motors
Max Speed 43 MPH 43 MPH
Max Range 43 miles with 165 lb rider at 15 mph 62 miles with 165 lb rider at 15 mph
Max Climbing Angle 35° 35°
Max Load 264 lbs 264 lbs
Charger 67.2V2A 1+3 67.2V2A 1+3
Charging Time 11 hours 14 hours
Suspension Front hydraulic and rear C spring Front hydraulic and rear C spring
Brake 140mm hydraulic disc brakes 140mm hydraulic disc brakes
Light System LED front spotlight, turn signals, lower facing lights and controllable RGB under carriage light LED front spotlight, turn signals, lower facing lights and controllable RGB under carriage light
Horn Motorcycle grade horn Motorcycle grade horn
Controller Sine Wave controller Minimotors controller
Open Size 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 48.3″ 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 48.3″
Folded Size 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 22.8″ 47.7″ x 25.5″ x 22.8″
Total Weight 74.5 lbs 74.5 lbs
Tires 10 inches by 3 inches wide 10 inches by 3 inches wide
Display QS-S4 that can be upgraded Minimotors Display

Controllable RGB Undercarriage Lighting

The most unique thing about the Kaabo Wolf X is the controllable RGB undercarriage lighting. You can control the lights with an app so you can personalize your ride. The lights can be solid, flashing, or in a design.

Video on the app that controls the undercarriage lights. They are pretty sweet.

I love that Kaabo took the initiative to add controllable LEDs to this model. I find that adding LEDs to a scooter is one of the most common modifications that scooter enthusiasts do. There is a LED light strip in the tube and a LED light strip on the bottom of the tube, so you can create some really cool designs.

Turn Signals That Actually Work

The EMOVE Cruiser and InMotion L9 have turn signals but both are lackluster and pretty much a novelty item. The EMOVE Cruiser’s turn signals are so dim they are hard to see even at night. The InMotion L9 turn signals only work when the balance of the scooter is leaning so it’s hard to let people know that you are turning until you are already turning.

The Wolf Warrior X has bright turn signal in the front and back. They also have a switch on the handlebar so it’s not based on weight distribution. The turn signals are some of the brightest I have seen on an electric scooter.

The turn signals do not time out, so make sure to click them off. You can push both buttons and produce hazard flashing, and you can have them flashing alternatively.

Video on the turn signals and lights

How does the Wolf Warrior X compare to the other Kaabo Scooters?

Screen Shot 2021 05 12 at 9.32.13 AM 1
Kaabo WWX vs King size 1

Modified Folding Mechanism

Before when folding the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, the footprint actually got longer making it hard to fit in cars except for SUVs, trucks, or vans. The Wolf Warrior X changed their folding mechanism so it can fit in trunks of larger cars.

Wolf King Folded 1

The folding mechanism on the Wolf Warrior X is similar to the Mantis. You simply undo the clips, slide up the clamp, and fold the stem. I do love the folding mechanism on the Wolf Warrior 11+ but I have found the Wolf Warrior X dual locking stems to be solid.

Wolf Warrior X Folded 1

Smaller Tires and Disc Brakes

I think the smaller tires and disc brakes will be the most noticeable difference in the Wolf Warrior X. They didn’t get much smaller in diameter going from 11 inches to 10 inches but the width is only 3 inches vs 4 inches. I do love the wide tire of the Wolf Warrior 11+ so I wonder how stable this scooter will be at high speeds.

The disc brakes went from 160mm to 140mm, so they won’t be as strong. The brakes are fully hydraulic and come in two versions: EABS and ABS (electronic anti-lock Braking and anti-lock braking) 20mm doesn’t sound like much, but you can tell a big difference when braking.

Wolf Warrior X Disc Brake
140mm rear disc brake,

Dual 1100 Watt Motors

This is the first time I have seen a dual 1100 watt motor on a scooter. The power is just above a Mantis Pro and below a Kaabo Wolf Warrior+. I love how they made the Wolf Warrior X to be right in the middle of the two and slapped a dual stem on it.

Before I had a chance to ride the Wolf Warrior X, I was thinking it was going to be faster off the line than the Mantis 10 Pro. However, the bottom end torque on the Wolf Warrior X is not as strong as the Mantis 10 Pro. The Mantis 10 Pro will get up to speed faster than the Wolf Warrior X, but I did achieve a higher top speed of 47 mph on the Wolf Warrior X.

Mantis Pro Dual 1000 Watt Motor
Wolf Warrior X Dual 1100 Watt Motor
Wolf Warrior 11+ Dual 1200 Watt Motor
Wolf King+ Dual 1500 Watt Motor

Wolf Warrior X Has All the Features We Love About the Wolf Warrior 11+

The Wolf Warrior 11+ has won tons of awards and has been sold out constantly. Customers have loved the loud horn and bright lights. The dual stems and motorcycle suspension make it feel solid when off-roading.

All these amazing features we loved about the 11+ are jam packed into the X.

Wolf Warrior X Profile

Who Should get the Wolf Warrior X Electric Scooter?

The Wolf Warrior X is geared towards Mantis Pro riders who love the power but just want the sturdiness of a dual stem. The Mantis Pro has similar top speeds but the single stem has broken on previous models. The dual stem of the Wolf Warrior X helps to mitigate broken stems and feels more sturdy.

The Wolf Warrior X is also geared towards Wolf Warrior 11+ enthusiasts who want a lighter more portable electric scooter. The Wolf Warrior X will be a lot more nimbler than the Wolf Warrior 11+ since it is 30 lbs lighter.

I also feel like this scooter is a great choice for those looking to make the jump into high powered scooters. It feels like it has the perfect specs for those who don’t want to go over 40 mph but want a dual stem. Most dual stems go 50 mph+ but some users will never go above 40 and some only 30.

Wolf Warrior X Top View

Who Should Avoid the Wolf Warrior X?

The Wolf Warrior X electric scooter does not lock into itself when folded so it’s not very portable. Even though it folds differently than the Wolf Warrior 11+, it is still very bulky so it won’t fit in small trunks. If you are planning on using this to take on public transportation or up and down stairs, I do not suggest this scooter.

Dual 1100 watt motors are no joke, so if you are a cautious rider you will want to look at other options. It you are a speed demon and want to go over 50 mph, you’ll also want to look elsewhere since the top speed on the Wolf Warrior X is 43 mph.

If you do not want to constantly check your bolts or Loctite them, I suggest you look elsewhere. Kaabo makes great products but they are notorious for not using Loctite. If you do not consistently check your bolts, you are bound to lose a few.

If you drop a lot of curbs or plan on using your scooter for off-roading, I would go for the Wolf Warrior 11+ or Wolf King+. The rear fender on our Wolf Warrior X rubs on the rear tire when we drop curbs. When we do suspension bounce tests while riding, the rear fender rubs on the tire.

I suggested Kaabo make the rear suspension stiffer, or put in better bushings. Voro Motors reached out and assured us that they have addressed the rear fender issue and will be applying the fix to the production line which is great news for anyone looking to purchase the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X.

While the Wolf Warrior X can go fast (I got it up to over 45 mph) it doesn’t pick up speed as quickly as some of the other high end scooters. So if you want a lot of bottom end torque I would suggest the Mantis 10 Pro or Wolf Warrior 11+.

Wolf Warrior X Folding Mechanism
Updated Folding Mechanism

Final Thoughts on the Wolf Warrior X

I enjoy the Wolf Warrior X, but our scooter did have some flaws. We were able to get the broken light fixed and it sounds like Kaabo and Voro will be addressing the rear fender issue we discussed above.

The Wolf Warrior X is a great arrow to add to my quiver of scooters. It offers a ton of features I love about the Wolf Warrior 11+ and it’s 30 lbs lighter.

I took my Wolf Warrior X on a 30 mile roundtrip to get a haircut. I was impressed with how nimble and stable the scooter was at high speeds. The main drawback is the rear fender rubbing on the tire when dropping curbs or hitting large bumps.

I weigh 195 lbs currently and Jimmy weighs 170 lbs, but both of us had the rear fender rub when dropping curbs but that should be fixed in production models.

If you are planning on using the Wolf Warrior X for cruising around town, I think it is an excellent option. If you want to use the Wolf Warrior X for off-roading trails, besides the fairly fragile side plastic, once the fender rubbing is fixed, it should be fun for light off road trails.

We want to thank Kaboo for choosing Jimmy and I as runner up winners. We also wanted to give a shout out to Franco Moje for winning the grand prize. Franco’s video showed exactly why he is a wolf warrior!

The video Jimmy and I submitted for the, “I’m a Wolf Warrior Contest.”

Where do I Buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X in America?

Voro Motors is currently taking preorders on the Wolf Warrior X. We will update this if there are other distributors that start to carry the Wolf Warrior X.

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If you are interested in purchasing the Kaabo Wolf King, please use our link.

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If you are interested in purchasing the Mantis Pro SE, please use our link.

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