EMOVE Cruiser Review – Is It Really Waterproof?

EMOVE Cruiser Review – Is It Really Waterproof?

by freshlycharged

The EMOVE Cruiser has a waterproof rating of IPX6 and we wanted to put the EMOVE Cruizer to the test. By definition of IPX6, can it really resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water? While finding out if it was truly waterproof, we were pleasantly surprised to find a scooter with some unique features.

Emove Cruiser On Ice Spraying Water

Is It Waterproof?

From what we found riding the EMOVE Cruiser through water and washing it down, it is truly waterproof. The scooter performed well after washing it, and did not have any issues the following days. We did not hear any grinding from the bearings which was a great sign of the waterproof rating.

Even though we didn’t have issues with our EMOVE Cruiser, you should still make sure to check the body for damage on wet days. You could crack the body if you ride it hard and do a lot of off-roading or curb drops. Waterproof ratings are based on a brand new scooter without any body damage.

There are a few scooters on the market that have waterproof ratings. However, we do not know of any manufacturer that will warranty a scooter due to water damage. VORO Motors does not cover for water damage and neither does their extended warranty so tread lightly with water usage.

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Emove Cruiser on Ice near and Ice Fishing Hole

I always find it interesting seeing people post about how their scooter is waterproof because it still works after riding through the rain. Most scooters will survive a ride through the rain but you could create moisture in the battery compartment or destroy your bearings. All scooters can technically be ridden in water, but the question is will you cause damage.

Most scooters do not have an IP rating so overall we were very impressed with the creators of the EMOVE Cruiser had taken the time and effort needed to get an IP rating. We initially tested out the EMOVE Cruiser for it’s waterproof rating but found the scooter offered some awesome qualities.

EMOVE Cruiser Full Profile Picture

What Else Does The EMOVE Cruiser Have To Offer Besides Being Waterproof?

We started this whole review because it is winter and spring is around the corner, so wet weather naturally was our focus. As we got to ride the EMOVE cruiser we were blown away by some of the features that we wanted to share what else we liked and disliked about it.

The Specs

Weight 52 lbs
Brakes Zoom XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic
Weight limit 352 lbs
Display Water Resistant Display
Horn Electric
Suspension Front Dual Suspension and Rear Air Shock Suspension
Lights Headlight, Taillight, Front Side Lights, and Turns Signals
Tires 10” Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tire for Front and Rear
Battery 52V 30AH LG Battery with BMS
Max Speed Around 25 MPH Depending on Rider’s Weight
Max Range 62 Miles on mode 1
Climbing Angle 20 Degrees Based on 150 lb Rider
Unfolded Dimensions 48 x 23 x 46.5in / 121 x 57.5 x 118cm (LxWxH)
Folded Dimensions 49 x 10 x 14in / 124 x 25 x 35cm (LxWxH)
Water Resistance Rating Rated IPX6 under IEC standard 60529
Controller Type 25 A (VORO Motors Provides an Extra Controller with Refurbished Units)
Motor Brushless DC Motor Nominal Watt: 600W Peak Power Output: 1,600W
EMOVE Cruister Front Suspension Tubeless Pneumatic Tires and Zoom XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes
The front tubeless pneumatic tire, suspension, and hybrid XTECH brakes

The top 5 things I liked:

  1. Very wide deck for a single motor scooter
  2. Extreme range – can get 62 miles on mode
  3. Lightweight at 52 lbs for having a weight capacity of 352 lbs.
  4. Suspension is great for city cruising
  5. Very portable since it has an adjustable stem, foldable handlebars, and folds into itself
Emove Cruiser Wide Deck
I kept hearing about the wide deck but it’s hard to tell how big it is from pictures and videos.

The top 5 things I disliked:

  1. Would like a brighter front facing headlight and brighter turn signals
  2. Wish it had dual motors and higher speed of 25 mph
  3. Stem can move towards you when accelerating because the suspension is compressing
  4. Horn cannot be heard from cars but is great for pedestrians on walkways
  5. Suspension not designed for heavy off-roading
Emove Cruiser Headlight and Front Suspension
EMOVE Cruiser Front Headlight and Suspension –

Overall a Great Scooter

The EMOVE Cruiser has a few flaws but overall it is one of the best scooters I have tried under $1400. On top of being waterproof, I am so surprised that a 52 lb scooter can have a 352 lb weight capacity and travel up to 62 miles on one charge. With the wide deck and awesome range, it is crazy to think it weighs a mere 52 lbs.

The flaws are truly nitpicking and me just trying to find negatives in the scooter. Most scooters at that price point need a better front facing light for night time riding. Scooters below $1400 typically do not have dual motors and don’t have suspension made for heavy off-roading.

It’s one of the few scooters that has turn signals but they really aren’t that bright. They are impossible to see during the day and at night they get washed out by the rear lights. It’s a nice feature to have but they can definitely improve on it.

Overall, the EMOVE Cruiser offered a very smooth ride for commuting sidewalks and smooth pavement. The suspension felt nice on cracks and imperfections. The smoothness of the acceleration felt superior to other scooters in its price range.

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Who is the EMOVE Cruiser perfect for?

Emove Cruiser Full Picter on Frozen Lake
It was hard testing waterproof ratings when it’s 61 degrees out, so we improvised and found a frozen lake.

The EMOVE Cruiser is perfect for those looking for a dependable scooter. The 62 mile range and IPX6 rating help to ease range and moisture anxiety. If you make sure to keep your tires filled, check for cracks in the body, and check on bolts this scooter should be very reliable.

It is perfect for the scooter enthusiast that doesn’t care to exceed speeds of 25 mph. The suspension is great for casual sidewalk and street riding. With a 352 lb. weight capacity it works well for the big riders who doesn’t want to break the bank.

The EMOVE Cruiser is great for those looking for a portable option that has a range of 30-35 miles on mode 3. It’s a double threat scooter where it can be used as a single mode transporter because of the range or thrown into a trunk of small car because of its folded size.

Emove Folding Mechanism

Who is the EMOVE Cruiser Not For?

If you do a ton of off-roading or are a speed demon, I would not suggest the EMOVE Cruiser. Dual motors are essential for heavy off-roading and anyone who wants to go over 25 mph. EMOVE does have a new Roadster coming out soon that is supposed to be their high powered off-roading scooter.

The EMOVE cruiser performs well on hills for a single motor scooter. However, if you are going to be using the Cruiser in very steep areas, you will most likely want to look for other options. If your route has mild to medium inclines, you should totally be fine with the Cruiser.

The EMOVE Cruiser does have a high weight capacity of 352 lbs. If you are a heavier rider and want to maintain speeds of 25 mph, you may want to look at another scooter.

Thank you Seth from eRideLife for providing us with this slow motion video of the waterproof test

Final Thoughts

I think the EMOVE Cruiser is a great all around commuter scooter. This scooter has the most range I have ever seen for under $1500. The 10 inch tubeless pneumatic tires, large deck, and suspension make for an extremely comfortable ride on smooth pavement.

It has its flaws like all scooters, but they are very nominal. We did lose a screw on the folding mechanism, so make to tighten them constantly or Loctite them. If you are looking for a waterproof scooter that offers long range, the EMOVE Cruiser is an exceptional choice at a very good price. For the most updated pricing check out the EMOVE Cruiser at Voromotors.

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For the most updated pricing check out the EMOVE Cruiser at Voromotors.
Use coupon code: GotScooter to save 7% on your purchase

Battery Voltage Chart for 52 V Emove Cruiser

Volt Meter

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