VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter Review

VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

The VSETT 11+ electric scooter is the most powerful scooter that VSETT offers and the successor to the ZERO 11X, but the VSETT 11+ is also the most controversial scooter in the VSETT lineup.

While the performance of the VSETT 11+ is nothing short of amazing as we will describe, the color is what has caused the most controversy. I like the color scheme and design, but the scooter groups are in an uproar due to the colors.

If you can get past all the online chatter about the color and charging ports, the VSETT 11+ is one powerful electric scooter with a ton of cool features. I love the instant power the dual 1500 watt motors produce. Put the VSETT 11+ in sports mode, and it becomes a screeching rocket.

The VSETT 11+ blends the Kaabo Wolf King and a ZERO 11X, taking the best and from both worlds and improving upon it. The front suspension is like the Kaabo Wolf King and the rear suspension is like the ZERO 11X but with two shocks. In total, the VSETT 11+ has four suspension shocks and it is a comfy ride like an Escalade, just don’t expect it to be very nimble.

In this review, we are going to let you know what we loved about the VSETT 11+, the drawbacks, and what they have changed from the ZERO 11X.

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VSETT 11 next to a ZERO 11X Rear

Our Top 5 Favorite Things about the VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter

  1. Tons of torque and power
  2. Extremely stable ride
  3. Tire hugger is incredible for protection against water splashes
  4. Beautiful design (some people disagree)
  5. Bright Headlight

What Size of Motors does the VSETT 11+ have?

The VSETT 11+ boasts dual 1500 watt motors. The 60V 31.2Ah LG battery provides plenty of power. When you put the VSETT 11+ into sports mode, it makes the tires squeal as soon as you pull the throttle which also makes any adrenaline junky squeal with delight!

I was a little disappointed, the VSETT 11+ was only 60 volts instead of 72 volts, but after riding it I was still impressed with the torque that they managed to put into this package. The scooter never felt underpowered and it had no problems picking up speed swiftly.

What suspension does the VSETT 11+ have?

The VSETT 11+ has a blend of two types of suspension. The front suspension of the VSETT 11+ has a hydraulic suspension that is nearly identical to the Wolf Warrior 11+. The rear of the VSETT 11+ has two spring suspensions which are like the coil shocks on the ZERO 11X.

The combination of the two suspension systems makes for a stable and comfortable ride. The VSETT 11+ is not the most nimble scooter however and it is like driving a massive tank that has a rocket attached to it.

Does the VSETT 11+ Tire Hugger Protect against Water Splashes?

They got rid of the rear fender on the ZERO 11X and put an awesome tire hugger on the VSETT 11+. The tire hugger works incredible and is the perfect size to prevent and mud or water from splashing on your back. Scooters rarely have sufficient water protection from a fender or tire hugger.

Not only is the tire hugger functional, it adds a beautiful appearance to the rear of the scooter. The well designed angles and curves of the tire hugger makes it a beautify. I have already had multiple people ask me where they can buy the tire hugger on the VSETT 11+.

VSETT 11 Rear Tire Hugger

The VSETT 11+ lines and color are Beautiful…..to Some

I love the way the VSETT 11+ looks and think the colors are awesome. From the aesthetically pleasing lines, design, and awesome colors that remind me of Captain America.

YouTube PEV enthusiast Jimmy Chang was not a big fan of the design but he warmed up to it over time. Jimmy describes the VSETT 11+ in black, red and blue next to the VSETT 10+ in black and yellow like his two favorite transformers: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Matt Boggs, the Admin of the Legendary 11X Facebook Group, thought it looked hideous when he saw it in pictures. When Matt saw it in person, he actually liked it and said it looked more violet than blue. I personally think it looks blue with a hint of a purple hue.

There is significant thought into the deck design, turn signal indicators, motorcycle size headlamp, and appearance. Traditionally scooters are black and you would definitely stand out from a crowd riding around on a VSETT 11+.

VSETT 11 on Rocks

How Bright is the Headlight on the VSETT 11+?

The headlight on the VSETT 11+ is extremely bright. The light is bright enough to illuminate the road in front of you so you don’t need to invest in extra lighting.

There are only four scooters that I have tested with stock lights that are bright enough for safe nighttime riding: VSETT 11+, Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, Kaabo Wolf King +, and CURRUS Panther.

VSETT 11 Headlamp

Top 5 Drawbacks of the VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter

  1. Doesn’t lock into itself when folded
  2. Heavy and not the most portable
  3. Charging port covers are flimsy
  4. Turn signals on the side and not the rear
  5. The pattern on the silicone deck is hard to clean all the nooks and crannies.

Does the VSETT 11+ Lock into Itself when Folded?

The VSETT 11+ does not lock into itself when folded. Since it does not lock into itself when folded, it is not the easiest scooter to transport. You can always use straps or bungee cords to hold the scooter together when folded.

VSETT 11 Folded

How much does the VSETT 11+ Weigh?

The VSETT 11+ weighs 128 lbs. Weighing 128 lbs and not having the ability to lock into itself when folded, the VSETT 11+ is not a very portable scooter.

How terrible are the Charging Port Covers on the top of the VSETT 11+?

I did not mind the charging ports on the top of the VSETT decks of all the VSETT scooters until I saw the covers for the VSETT 11+. The VSETT 8, 9, 9+ and 10+ are fine because they have rubber caps that stay sealed. The VSETT 11+ charger is different and the covers do not seal, they just slide over.

I do not like the charging port covers sliding because it does not create a very waterproof seal. If you get stuck outside in a rainstorm you could run into issues with the VSETT 11+.

***UPDATE*** Our complaints have been heard and they are working on a silicone cap that can be used to seal the VSETT 11+ charge ports completely to make it more water resistant.

VSETT 11 Charging Port

What type of charging port does the VSETT 11+ have?

The VSETT 11+ has a female port on the deck of the scooter. This is unique from almost every other scooter we have tested.

Placing the charge ports on the top of the deck decreases the chances of damage from a crash while changing the charge port on the scooter to a female end decreases the chances for electrical shorts. Both are wins.

The ports sit flush with the deck which also decreases the chances of getting damaged if stepped on.

Do the Turn Signal Indicators on the VSETT 11+ work?

The turn signals on the VSETT 11+ work and look cool, but they are not very functional. The turn signals are on the sides of the scooter instead of the rear so it would be hard to spot the turn signals if someone was directly behind you.

You can really only tell if the turn signal on the VSETT 11+ is on if you are to the side of the scooter, at which point you would not be able to tell if the lights are just flashing for show or if they are actual blinkers.

Also, insttead of blinking, the lights have a decorative flash pattern. I wish they would make the brake lights blink when the turn signal is on and place the indicator lights in the rear like on all the other VSETT scooters.

VSETT 11 Side Turn Signal Indicators

Is the VSETT 11+ Deck easy to Clean?

The silicone deck on the VSETT 11+ is easy to clean. However, all the lines and cracks in the deck are a pain to clean when you get mud and dirt in them. It is best to wipe the deck down with a wet rag and blow out the cracks with an air compressor when it dries.

I have a love/hate relationship with silicone decks. They are the easiest decks to clean, but they show dirt as soon as you step on them. Grip tape hides dirt a lot better, but they are pain to clean.

VSETT 11 Deck edited

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Improvements with the VSETT 11+ compared to the ZERO 11X E-Scooter

  1. Turn signal indicators
  2. NFC card reader instead of a key
  3. Charging ports on top of scooter
  4. Upgraded enclosed QS-S4 display
  5. Upgrade buttons for dual motors and horn
  6. Motorcycle Horn added
  7. Large, bright headlight
  8. Turning range lockout to prevent accidents
  9. Silicone deck instead of grip tape
  10. Tire hugger instead of rear fender
  11. Front hydraulic suspension instead of swing arm suspension
  12. IP44 rating
  13. Sport button for 5 amps of more power for two minutes

VSETT 11+ NFC Card Reader to Lock and Unlock the Scooter

The whole VSETT lines uses a revolutionary NFC card reader to unlock the scooter instead of your traditional keyed entry. I have seen a lot of people refer to it as an RFID which is very similiar technology, but you can technically program your phone to read NFC cards and emit an NFC signal.

We were able to figure out how to read the cards from our phone but not how to emit it to unlock the scooter. It is really awesome technology and I’m sure someone smarter than us could figure out how to user their phone to unlock it.

There is also a volt reader right below the NFC card reader which gives riders a better gauge of their battery charge level.

VSETT 10 NFC Card Reader 2

Upgraded QS-S4 Throttle Display on VSETT 11+ which looks like the EY3 display

VSETT upgraded the QS-S4 display to be enclosed and solve a major failure point of the previous QS-S4 displays. There used to be a magnet that would come out of the QS-S4 displays used on other scooter models and if you put it back in wrong, it could get stuck on full throttle. REV Rides did fix this issue by 3D printing an insert to prevent the battery from falling out.

The new display is fully enclosed so it should stop the issue of having the magnet fall out. They made the new display to look like the Minimotors EY3 display, which has made a lot of scooter enthusiasts upset. I do prefer the Minimotors EY3 display over the QS-S4 but still found the throttle to perform well.

The one pro to the display not being a Minimotors EY3 display is it is cheaper to replace. However, there is more of a failure rate in the QS-S4 displays. You can also switch it out to the EY3 if you are unhappy with the QS-S4 display.

VSETT 11 QS S4 Display

Upgraded Buttons for the Dual Motor, Sport, and Horn

I love the new sleek design for the buttons. The buttons have a metal casing instead of cheap black plastic. The buttons are round and light up instead of those cheap plastic squares.

The overall look is way more aesthetically pleasing than the previous buttons that most electric scooters use. The buttons press in smoothly and you can tell when you are in dual motors instead of guessing.

I’m still blown away at the previous eco/turbo mode buttons being flipped with the single/dual motor button (this won’t make sense to some but to those who know, they know it is very weird finding on a lot of high powered scooters. I’m glad VSETT fixed this).

VSETT 11 CNC Dual Motors Horn Sport Mode Buttons

What kind of Horn is on the VSETT 11+?

The VSETT 11+ is the only one of the VSETT scooters that has a decent horn. It is a motorcycle grade horn and is booming. The horn is like the one on the Wolf King+ and CURRUS Panther.

Cars can hear the horn so be careful when using it around pedestrians. You could scare someone into a heart attack if you snuck up on them and honked.

VSETT 11 Horn

VSETT Safety Feature: Lockout of Turning Radius to Prevent Accidents

The ZERO scooters and many other scooters have uninhibited range on the turning the handlebars even though you will never need it and in doing so it could cause you to have an accident or damage your scooter. If you ever turned the steering column 90 degrees or more while moving it would lock out the scooter throw you from it.

The new VSETT scooters limit your turning radius to prevent a 90 degree lockout. It also helps prevent the cables from being pulled out of the controller or brakes.

What is Sport Mode on the VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter?

Sport Mode on the VSETT gives you Two Minutes of Increased Power!

When activating sport mode on the VSETT 11+ or 10+, you will see the display show an “S.” Sport mode gives you increased power for two minutes.

When your two minutes are through you can still ride but you’ll have to wait 5 more minutes before activating Sport mode again. The purpose of limiting the time in sport mode, is to prevent the controller from overheating and burning out.

Some have said they were unhappy about the sport mode limiting it to two minutes, but I found it to be a non issue. There is still plenty of power on the VSETT 11+ in dual motors even when not in sport mode and you can still hit top speeds.

It’s nice to have a little extra boost when racing friends and not have to worry about your controller overheating.

Very seldomly are you going to find a situation where you are riding more than 2 minutes at full sport mode on the VSETT 11+. The VSETT 11+ picks up speeds very fast in sport mode and I wouldn’t want to take a hard turn or have to navigate much traffic at max power.

So unless you have a long straight away with no stops, I don’t see the issue with it limiting the sport mode to 2 minutes.

I believe the sport mode gives you an increased power of 5 amps for the two minutes you activate it. I have reached out to VSETT to confirm this and will update the blog as soon as I receive the answer.

What Kind of Brakes does the VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter Have?

The VSETT 11+ has Nutt hydraulic brakes which I find are way superior to zoom brakes. Zoom brakes work fine, but they are very sensitive and give you that abrupt braking.

Nutt brakes seem smoother to the touch but have very strong braking and you can pull the full brake lever back without feeling like you are going to get thrown off.

VSETT 11 Nutt Brakes edited

What is the VSETT Electric Scooter IP rating?

The VSETT scooters have a IP44 rating. A product that has a rating of IP44 means that it is protected against solid objects that are bigger than 1mm and water splashing from all directions. We rode the VSETT scooters through some pretty wet conditions and never ran into issues.

However, you should always tread lightly when using a scooter around water. If you have any body damage it can cause water to enter the housing of the battery and controller. We do not know of any distributors that warranty scooters for water damage.

What are the deck dimensions of the VSETT 11+?

We want to share pictures of the deck dimensions of the VSETT 11+ so you can see how they measure up.

Overall thoughts on the VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter

My thoughts on the VSETT 11+: Astonishing stable power. I did a speed test with the VSETT 11+ in foggy and wet conditions, and never felt like it was going to slide out on me. The tires screech when you pull the throttle and it takes you for an exhilarating ride.

With powerful dual 1500 watt motors and sweet design, you are sure to stand out riding the VSETT 11+. I love the light and horn which are huge safety benefits. The CNC buttons, and clean lines, make the scooter aesthetically pleasing.

If you liked the ZERO 11X but thought about choosing the Wolf Warrior 11+ since it had the front hydraulic suspension, horn, and bright light…. This is a perfect scooter marriage for you! It takes the best of both scooters and puts it into one feature packed scooter.

I know many people hate the colors, but luckily there is talk of new colors already being developed. We have been told the Captain America color might actually become a limited edition color. I personally love the colors because I’m all about America!

This is an excellent choice for the speed junkie, who wants a stable ride. However, if you like a more nimble and swift ride, I would definitely look at the VSETT 10+. I think of the VSETT 11+ as an ultra fast tank, and the VSETT 10+ as a powerful street bike.

VSETT 11+ E-Scooter Specs

Max Speed 44-47 MPH and 50-53 MPH in sport mode
Stated Range 70 – 140 miles
Estimated True Range 50 – 80 miles
Weight 128 lbs / 39 kg
Peak Power 6000 watts
Motor Dual 1500 watt motor
Battery 60V 31.2Ah LG
Watt Hours 1872
Charging Time 8-16 hours with a standard charger
Suspension Adjustable, front and rear hydraulic shocks
Brakes Dual hydraulic disc brakes with electric ABS
Wheel Size 11″
Tire 4″ Wide Pneumatic Front and Rear
Lights LED headlight, dual LED headlight, brake light, turn signals
Controller 60V (40-45A)*2
Load (Max Rider Weight) 330 lbs / 150 kg
Folded Size 25 x 50 x 27.5 inches
Unfolded Size 53 x 50 x 27.5 inches

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