Scootility – An New E-Scooter That Hauls More Than a Cargo Bike – 140 Liters!

by Nathan Schaumann

40 gallons of carrying capacity… on an electric scooter??? Enter Scootility, a new scooter brand aiming to revolutionize the delivery economy through electric micro-mobility. The Utility Scooter, as Scootility has named it, is capable of carrying up to 140 liters of cargo in the front-mounted, swappable cargo bin. The battery is also swappable, with range of up to 60 miles on a single battery pack. Check out the Scootility website for more updates on launch schedule, new features, and more.

Listen to Scootility founder Antonio Loro explain his vision for the Utility Scooter below.

Scootility Suspension

scootility youtility scooter e-scooter electric cargo front light

The Utility Scooter features front and rear suspension, and the tires are huge. The rear tire measures 13-inches in diameter, and the front tire is even larger (though we don’t know the exact specs).

Scootility Handlebars

scootility youtility scooter e-scooter electric cargo steering column

The steering column has a much different design than the typical e-scooter, mainly because the handlebars and the front wheel are separated by a large horizontal distance. However, the Utility Scooter boasts a remarkably small turning radius (as shown in this video here), and the handlebars fold down completely.

Scootility Cargo Space

scootility youtility scooter e-scooter electric cargo front opening
scootility youtility scooter e-scooter electric cargo clipboard holder

In addition to the 140-liter cargo container, the Utility Scooter also features a so-called “clipboard holder” where you can place books, your phone, or other items necessary to have on hand without needing to reach into the enormous frunk.

Scootility Battery

scootility youtility scooter e-scooter electric cargo battery swapping

Though we don’t know the exact size of the battery, Scootility says that a single battery is good for 60 miles of range, and there appear to be slots for two batteries! We don’t imagine range being an issue on this scooter. The swappable nature of the batteries is also a relief for those living in high-rise apartments, as trying to take this scooter upstairs (even with an elevator) seems like a massive pain.

The Freshly Charged Take

I personally would love to have one of these scooters. Currently I get around primarily on my Wolf King GT, and I only use my car when I need to carry large amounts of cargo or travel distances longer than 30 or 40 miles. The Utility Scooter would help me to use my car even less. I hope scootility publishes some more specs in the future, such as top speed, battery size, and weight.

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