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InMotion L9 vs Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooters

by freshlycharged

The InMotion L9 and Segway Ninebot Max are comparable commuter electric scooters. I’ve tested both and here is a look at the specifications of both electric scooters.

InMotion L9 Electric Scooter (ewheels)

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  • Top Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Range: 59 miles
  • Weight: 52.9 lbs
  • Max load: 308 lbs
  • Handle bar height: 50.2 in
  • Folded size: 51.5 x 20.5 x 22.0 in (length x width x height)

Seway Ninebot Max

  • Top Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Weight: 41.2 lbs
  • Max load: 220 lbs
  • Handle bar height: 47.7 in
  • Folded size: 45.9 x 18.6 x 21.0 in (length x width x height)

Who will love the InMotion L9:

inmotion L9 scooter headlight

The InMotion L9 electric scooter is perfect for commuters who NEED RANGE, HATE RANGE ANXIETY or often find themselves ON THE GO with little time to stop and charge.

Taller and/or heavier riders will find the L9 to be very comfortable. With large pneumatic tires and front and rear suspension, the InMotion L9 is the smoothest sub $1000 category long range e-scooter on the market with a best in class headlight and other features that really makes this scooter shine. Read my full review of the InMotion L9 here.

Who will love the Segway Ninebot Max:

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Commuters looking for a durable, long range, no frills electric scooter will find what they are looking for with the Segway Ninebot Max. You can read my full review of the Ninebot Max here.

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