Cheapest Electric Scooters With 50+ Miles Range & 50+ mph Top Speed

by Nathan Schaumann

Looking for the cheapest electric scooter that still has a decent range and top speed? Check out this list of scooters that can reach a top speed of at least 50 mph, and will last for at least 50 miles of real-world* riding. All data imported from the Freshly Charged Scooter Comparison Tool.

*Calculated using the Freshly Charged formula which considers battery size, weight, controller and tire type to estimate real-world range when riding in the highest speed mode with a 165 lb rider. Actual range may vary depending on temperature, wind, elevation gain, and other factors.

ScooterPriceSpeed (mph)Range (miles)Watt-HoursMotorWt. (lbs)TireTire (")Water RatingSusp.Control
Ultron X3 Pro$2,18056.051.32700Dual104.011.0N/AFull
Bluetran Lightning$2,29950.052.52520Dual88.0Tubed10.0N/AFullSquare
Joyor E8-S$2,29950.050.72520Dual100.0Tubed11.0N/AFull
Mankeel Xtream X7$2,34956.059.73600Dual176.0Tubed14.0IPX5Full
Arwibon Q13 Pro$2,39955.057.73000Dual123.0Tubeless13.0N/AFullSquare
Teverun Fighter Supreme$2,47462.050.72520Dual100.0Tubeless11.0IP54FullSine
Bronco Xtreme 11$2,60065.052.82880Dual112.2Tubed11.0N/AFullSine
Yume Osprey$2,69060.053.22880Dual123.011.0IP54FullSine
Dualtron Ultra 2$2,78556.060.32880Dual88.0Tubeless11.0N/AFullSquare
Yume X7$2,79955.063.43240Dual138.0Tubeless13.0IP54FullSine
Bronco Stealth$2,88465.063.33600Dual114.4Tubed11.0N/AFull
Fobos X$2,99968.057.23000Dual108.0Tubeless11.0N/AFullSine

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