Inokim OXO Electric Scooter Review

Inokim OXO Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

In a sea of electric scooter options where it’s often hard to tell one scooter from another, the Inokim OXO electric scooter separates itself from the pack with its unique design that quality construction that is so fun and smooth to ride once you’ve figured out some of this scooter’s quirks.

The Inokim OXO escooter was a blast to review. At first the rubber suspension seemed weird because I was so used to spring suspension. However, after I got comfortable with the suspension, I could take deep carves with the scooter.

I’m going to let you know how Inokim almost created the perfect scooter. In this review, I’m going to let you know the what I loved and the drawbacks of the Inokim OXO.

Who Makes the Inokim OXO Escooter?

Nimrod Sapir first encountered electric scooters in 1999. In 2011 he launched his first electric scooter under the brand My Way. In 2014, Sapir teamed up with Israeli entrepreneur Kfir Ben Shushan and changed his company’s name from My Way to Inokim.

Nimrod’s whole goal for getting into the electric scooter industry was to make them better. Inokim is well-known for amazing craftmanship. Inokim is manufactured in China, but the quality is one of the finest escooters we have ever encountered.

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Inokim OXO Selfie 1

Top five things I liked about the Inokim OXO escooter

  1. Gradual and controlled take off
  2. Rubber OSAP suspension making it stable at high speeds
  3. Very unique single fork design
  4. Amazing handling
  5. Strong stem and folding mechanism

How fast does the Inokim OXO accelerate?

I’ve never experienced a 40 mph scooter accelerating so smoothly. As soon as you press down the throttle all the way, the scooter picks up speed in a smooth and controlled manner.

The Inokim OXO is not going to win any races compared to the Wolf King+ and VSETT 11+. The Inokim OXO doesn’t want to rip your arms off, like some other scooters. The acceleration is gradual and feels so smooth and safe on the Inokim OXO.

What kind of Suspension does the Inokim Oxo have?

The Inokim OXO utilizes OXO Suspension Adapter Patent technology, otherwise referred to as OSAP. It uses rubber suspension and has metal inserts to adjust clearance height on the scooter. You can adjust the height for street or off-road usage.

Inokim Torsion Axle Works Suspension
Thank you, Urban Machina for providing us with this image.

Why does the Inokim only have one Control Arm Instead of Two?

The Inokim has one of the most unique looks for an electric scooter because it only uses one fork instead of two forks on each tire.

On one side you have these stunning orange painted control arms that really pop. On the opposite side you have a tire that looks like it is floating with a hypnotic swirl on the wheel nut cover.

The amazing design of the single control arm allows for easy tire changes. No need to remove the wheel from the scooter or disconnect the motor from the controller. Simply pop off the tire opposite of the control arm and you can easily change tires.

INOKIM Fork and Swingarm Side

How is the handling on the Inokim OXO?

Rubber suspension takes a while to get accustomed to how it feels if you are coming from an escooter with traditional suspension. However, once you get a feel for it, you’ll be taking wide and low carves with ease. I’ve never felt more in control when taking turns at high speeds than on an Inokim OXO.

Inokim OXO Front Tire Stem and Suspension

Is the Stem Strong on the Inokim OXO?

The large and thick stem on the Inokim OXO instills confidence. The stem folding mechanism is easy to use and can be set up in a few seconds. The adjustable stem lock creates zero stem wobble and is by far my favorite locking mechanism.

The VSETT stem lock is rock solid but takes a few steps. Whereas the Inokim OXO stem lock is two simple steps once you have the tension dialed in: fold the clamp and lock the rubber bungee around the clamp.

INOKIM Floating Side

Other neat features about the Inokim OXO escooter

  • Thumb throttle
  • Auto lights on
  • Locks into itself when folded for easy portability
  • Instruction manuals that are understandable
  • Stronger bolts and tools
  • Attention to fine detail
  • Amazing range
  • Tire hugger that protects from splashes
  • Adjustable height for offroading

What Type of Throttle is on the Inokim OXO?

The Inokim OXO has a thumb throttle. There are many people who prefer a thumb throttle over a trigger throttle. I like the design, but I whish the thumb throttle was as smooth as the rest of this scooter.

The thumb throttle is jerky then trying to maintain any speed below full throttle. After riding for a while I developed to muscle memory to control this but I wish the throttle wasn’t so jerky at speeds below full throttle.

INOKIM Thumb Throttle

How do the Auto Lights work on the Inokim OXO?

The display on the Inokim OXO has an adjustable light sensor that can tell how bright it is outside. The headlights and tail lights will automatically turn on when it gets dark.

Does the Inokim OXO Lock into itself when folded?

There are quite a few high-powered scooters that don’t lock into itself when folded. Luckily, the Inokim OXO does lock into itself when folded, making it more portable. The locking mechanism feels very secure.

Inokim Folded

Are the Inokim OXO Instructions easy to Understand?

I think it’s funny I have to even mention this because almost all scooter instructions are poorly written. I believe most instructions are written in Chinese and just simply translated to English using their version of Google Translate.

The Inokim OXO instructions are by far the clearest instructions I have ever read on an electric scooter made in China.

I also enjoyed the sketches from the creator on the front and back cover.

How strong are the bolts and tools on the Inokim OXO?

I love the bolt and tool choices used for the Inokim OXO. The traditional multi tool you find in 90% of the scooter boxes is made of brittle metal and can cause bolts to strip.

Kaabo provides you with some of the softest bolts and sends you an awful multi-tool. It’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

I respect that Inokim chose the highest quality bolts and sent strong tools that don’t strip bolts. I believe Kaabo could avoid 99% of their warranty issues if they simply spent more money on quality bolts.

Inokim pays Attention to Fine Detail

You can tell there is significant thought that went into the Inokim OXO. They attempted to create a perfect scooter and came close to doing that. I am just so impressed with the unique aesthetics, quality of materials, and craftmanship.

Inokim Bridge Shot

What kind of Range can I expect from the Inokim OXO?

I was blown away that I could squeeze 35 miles out of my first charge. I was riding with full throttle at least 50% of the first 35 miles I rode. I do believe I could achieve the 50 mile estimated range if I drove under 20 mph.

Does the Tire Hugger Protect you from Water and Mud Splashes?

The tire hugger does amazing at protecting you from water and mud splashes. It is in the perfect location to protect you from getting any water on the back of your legs.

INOKIM Hypnotic

How do I set my Inokim OXO for Off-Roading?

The Inokim has these metal inserts that can be used when you want to switch the scooter for off-roading. By changing out the metal inserts it sets the scooter at a higher or lower stance. You want a high stance for off-roading and a lower stance for higher speed and street riding.

INOKIM OSAP Suspension

Inokim OXO Scooter Discount Coupon Codes

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Drawbacks of the Inokim OXO escooter

  1. Unable to keep a steady speed if not maxed out on throttle
  2. The kick plate angle is too high
  3. Plastic deck is slippery when wet
  4. Single rear light and the front lights are not that bright
  5. Handlebar grips can shift and pinch the thumb throttle
  6. Tire hugger can crack on the rear tire
  7. No IP rating

Why is the Throttle on the Inokim OXO Jerky?

The most glaring issue on the Inokim OXO is the inability to maintain certain speeds without having a jerky feeling. Some people will hate this but if you learn to adapt to the throttle and understand its nuances, this will become one of your favorite scooters to ride.

The throttle assembly wants you to push the throttle all the way down or don’t apply it at all. If you try to maintain a certain speed that isn’t the top speed of the gear you are in, you will create an electronic glitch. The electronic glitch creates a jerky feeling from the scooter.

There are a few ways that I deal with this issue. The first is to simply choose the gear that meets your needs. If you don’t want to go past 12 mph, leave it in 1st gear and you can mash down on that throttle the whole time. You can also tune down the max speed setting if you don’t want to go over a certain speed.

You can also turn on cruise control so you can try to lock in at a lower than max speed. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to always apply full pressure to the thumb throttle and get to the speed you enjoy.

Once you get to the speed you enjoy, let go of the throttle and coast until you want to apply the full throttle.

How is the Angle of the Kick Plate on the Inokim OXO?

The kick plate on the Inokim OXO is a little too steep. The kick plate still works well but it is not comfortable to use all the time for lengthy trips. Luckily, the scooter is very stable that you don’t need to use the kick plate as much as you would for most high-powered scooters.

Inokim OXO Kick Plate

Is the Plastic Deck on the Inokim OXO Slippery?

The deck on the Inokim OXO works fine on a bright and sunny day. However, add a little water to the mix and the deck becomes quite slippery. I would definitely suggest adding grip tape to increase grip dramatically.

Inokim OXO Plastic Deck

Are the Lights Bright Enough for Safe Night Riding on the Inokim OXO?

Unfortunately, the headlights and taillight are lacking on the Inokim OXO. The headlight is not strong enough for prolonged safe nighttime riding. The single tailight can only be seen from one side of the scooter.

I have come to peace about scooter lighting not being great on most electric scooters. I almost feel like a broken record speaking about not great lights, that I’m thinking about only mentioning the ones that offer adequate lighting. I find 95% of scooters do not have sufficient lighting for safe night riding.

Do the Handlebar Grips Move and Rotate on the Inokim OXO?

The handlebar grips can shift down when riding. The grips can also slide in towards the thumb throttle if you don’t have the locking spacer tight. Make sure to keep the spacer tight and you can use hairspray to prevent the grips from rotating on you.

To use the hairspray trick, pull off your grips from the handlebars, spray some hairspray on the handlebar and replace the grips.

Inokim OXO Handlebar Grip Bell and Zoom Brake Lever

Tire Hugger can be Vulnerable to Cracks and Break

The tire hugger is beautiful how it is floating by one arm and offers amazing protection. However, the single arm and location can make it vulnerable to cracks.

I went off a decent size curb on the sidewalk which caused the tire hugger to rub against the top of the concrete curb. That rubbing caused a crack in the tire hugger’s rigid arm.

What is the IP Rating on the Inokim OXO?

The Inokim OXO does not have any IP ratings for water resistance. I have ridden the OXO through small puddles that didn’t exceed 2 cm of water but I have yet to ride it in rainy conditions.

IP ratings for water resistance is important to some consumers but it can also be a bit overrated. Not one electric scooter company has a warranty that covers water damage even if the scooter is IP rated.

Final Thoughts on the Inokim OXO

The Inokim OXO has become one of my favorite scooters to ride. Once you get over the throttle issue and the few quirks it has, the Inokim OXO is an amazing scooter to look at and to ride.

I’ve never felt so comfortable taking such deep and swift carves on an electric scooter. The rubber suspension creates one of the sturdiest rides at high speeds. It rides so smoothly that even my wife loves to ride it.

The OXO is one of the most beautiful scooters I have ever laid eyes on. The orange painted forks remind me of the paint job on the Unagi Model One. The strong stem reminded me of the VSETT locking mechanism.

The wires are all so neatly placed and there is nothing hanging out to snag on tree branches or bushes. The single forks make it look like it is floating on one side. The motor hub lines and hypnotic nut cap is the perfect final touches.

The Inokim OXO is the most complete scooter I have ever ridden but it comes at a significant price tag. You can find many dual 1000 watt motor scooters for hundreds of dollars less. However, I think the Inokim OXO is worth every penny given its unique design and quality construction.

Inokim OXO and my wife

Inokim OXO Specifications

Max Speed 40 miles stated, 43 miles teste
Stated Range 50 miles
Tested Real Usage Range 35 miles with a 190 lb rider
Weight 73.85 lbs / 33.5 kg
Peak Power (2600 W) 2x1300W brushless gearless motor
Motor 2x1000W brushless gearless motor
Battery 60V 25.6 A/h (LG)
Watt Hours 1536
Charging Time 13.5 hours
Suspension Rubber suspension
Brakes Zoom front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tire 3″ wide tube in pneumatic tires
Lights Two front headlights and one rear tailight
Load (Max Rider Weight) 264.5 lbs
Folded Size 48″ x 23.2″ x 21.3″
Unfolded Size 48″ x 23.2″ x 51.2″

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