Levy E-Scooter Review: An Affordable Commuter with Swappable Battery Tech

Levy E-Scooter Review: An Affordable Commuter with Swappable Battery Tech

by freshlycharged

The Levy Electric Scooter is known in the electric scooter industry for being a lightweight commuter scooter with a removable battery. The removable battery only weighs 3.3 lbs and will give you about 5-10 miles of range.  You can buy extra batteries for $150 and swap them out as needed on the go.

We had an opportunity to review the Levy escooter and ride it around the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was a frigid cold day, but it is always a great time when I get to hang out with my friend Jimmy. I am going to share with you the things I liked, disliked, and who I think this scooter is perfect for.

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Levy Scooter Throne

Top 5 Things I Liked

  1. Removable and swappable battery
  2. Lightweight at 27 lbs
  3. The battery size is allowed on flights per TSA guidlines
  4. Air filled tires
  5. Levy website range calculator

The Removable Battery on the Levy Escooter takes away Range Anxiety

It is nice to have the option to have swappable batteries. If your commute needs extra range you can purchase Levy scooter extra batteries to help relieve range anxiety. With the battery only weighing 3.3 lbs you can easily throw them in a backpack or in the back of your car.

How much does the Levy Scooter Weigh?

The Levy scooter is very portable scooter since it only weighs 27 lbs. It locks into itself when folded making it easy to carry upstairs and into the office or classroom. The handlebars also unscrew if you are needing to reduce the footprint for storage in a car trunk or underneath a desk.

The Levy is a single motor scooter and weighs the same amount as the Unagi Model One which is a dual motor scooter. However, the Levy is half the cost of the Unagi Model One and the Levy offers similar range on one battery.

Can you Fly with the Levy Scooter?

I am writing this blog as I sit on a plane and brought the Levy scooter battery in my check in. I had no issues with security and Southwest did not stop me from boarding. It is great having the removable battery so you can bring a scooter with you when you travel.

The battery is protected in a fireproof casing so you can confidently fly and store the batteries without having to worry about a lithium battery fire. You do not want to be that guy who starts a fire on a flight.

Levy Battery Airplane

What type of Tires does the Levy Scooter have?

I love that the Levy has air filled tires. It makes it a lot more of a comfortable to ride than the solid tires on other commuter scooters. It is a little difficult to get access to pump air in the front tire because of the motor hub but the extension helps when pumping up the tire.

When using the extension hose to pump up the front tire, I would pump up an extra 15-20 PSI over your desired PSI. It is difficult to unscrew the extension hose without losing some air, so that it is why I add extra air. I also find I get better range with higher PSI in my tires.

Levy Front Tire

Levy Electric Scooter Website has a Range Calculator

I love that the Levy website has a range calculator so you can accurately calculate your expected range. Stated range on electric scooters is almost always overstated. The only scooter’s range that I have seen stated accurately is the EMOVE Cruiser.

The range calculator on Levy’s website has you input weight, typical speed you ride at, if you ride hills, and temperatures you are riding. I was impressed with the numbers Levy’s range calculator showed and they seemed to be accurate.

Top 5 Drawbacks

  1. Small deck
  2. Low range
  3. Bell placement is weird
  4. No odometer
  5. Cannot handle big hills

How Big is the Deck on the Levy Scooter?

The deck on the Levy is too small for my liking. I wear a size 10.5-11 size shoe and wish there were a rear footrest for me to put my foot on. If it was just a little bit longer, it would feel a lot more comfortable.

Levy Deck

What Kind of Range Can I Expect from a Levy Scooter?

I rode the Levy around University of Colorado’s campus on a cold winter day so it impacted the range quite a bit. Since the Levy does not have an odometer and I didn’t use an app to track how far I went, I would guesstimate that I had 5-6 miles of range.  It was hilly, cold, and I have put on some Covid pounds, so I weighed 190 lbs.

The range isn’t great but it can be solved by buying extra batteries. They do say you can get up to 10 miles of range which was likely calculated with a 150 lb rider on a warm day riding non hilly terrain at slow speeds.

Not a Big Fan of the Bell Placement

The bell is placed by the brake lever. I do not have the biggest hands, but I still had a hard time trying to fit my finger in to ring the bell.  I would have preferred it to be just inside the grips of the handlebar.

Levy Bell and Brake

Does the Levy have an Odometer?

The display is simple on the Levy, but it has no odometer. I wish it would tell me the range, so I could know how far I went without having to use an app.  It makes it hard to gauge how much range you will typically get out of one charge unless you use a separate app.

Levy Display and Hook

Can the Levy Scooter Handle big Hills?

I did not ride noticeably big hills with the Levy scooter. However, on the small hills the Levy was struggling to make it up them. I doubt it would be able to handle steep hills.

Who is the Levy Electric Scooter perfect for?

The Levy is perfect for a student who lives on or near campus or anyone needing a portable last mile solution and likes the insurance and security that extra batteries can provide.

Since the Levy is lightweight and locks into itself when folded, it makes it very portable and easy to carry up stairs or into a trunk. I see it being a great last mile solution for those who are budget conscious but may want to add range with extra batteries in the future.

Levy Stairs

While in Tampa Florida, my wife rode the Levy on a group ride with some other personal electric vehicles. We enjoyed the boardwalk and road at a leisurely pace. The Levy is a great way to get from point A to point B.

The Levy would be great for someone who lives downtown or in combination with public transportation. Since there are swappable batteries it is great for someone who wants the freedom to add range if needed. The Levy is perfect for someone who rides only smooth pavement because there is no suspension.

Who should not get the Levy Electric Scooter?

The Levy is not designed for someone who wants a flashy scooter.  It is a simple no frills scooter. The Levy is not designed for the speed demon because you will max out at 18 mph with a full charge.

If you live in a very hilly area, you will want to choose a different scooter that can handle steeper grades.

Where does the Levy electric scooter get its name from?

The owner of Levy, Eric Levenseller, started the company a few years ago. He noticed that all the ride share scooter companies had four letters like Bird, Spin, Uber, and Lyft, so he decided to go with his nickname growing up Levy.

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