Nami Klima vs Mantis King GT

by Nathan Schaumann

The Nami Klima vs Mantis King GT: undoubtedly the two leading mid-level scooter models currently available. But how do they stack up next to each other? Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of the two models:

Kaabo Mantis King GT
Nami Klima
Nami Klima Max
45 mph
42 mph
42 mph
Range (riding slow)
50 miles
50 miles
60 miles
Range (riding fast)
36 miles
36 miles
45 miles
74 lbs
79 lbs
84 lbs
Max Rider Load
265 lbs
265 lbs
265 lbs
Peak Motor
Water Resistance
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
60V 24Ah (1440 Wh)
60V 25Ah (1500 Wh)
60V 30Ah (1800 Wh)
Acceleration 0 - 15 mph
1.9 seconds
2.0 seconds
2.0 seconds
Acceleration 0 - 30 mph
5.8 seconds
4.9 seconds
4.9 seconds
Acceleration 0 - 40 mph
11.6 seconds
12.3 seconds
12.3 seconds
Braking 15 - 0 mph
9.6 ft
9.4 ft
9.4 ft
Deck size
21.0" x 9.0"
18.8" x 8.0"
18.8" x 8.0"
Folded Dimensions
50" x 26" x 23"
51" x 27" x 24"
51" x 27" x 24"

Nami Klima

Longer range (MAX version)

More peak motor power

Better water/dust resistance rating

Faster acceleration to 30 mph

Better performing disc brakes

Slightly taller

1.5” more ground clearance

Larger rear shock with more suspension travel

More stable at high speed

Better front-facing light

Comes with a 5A fast charger

Comes with an NFC card reader

Watch our full review here

Kaabo Mantis King GT

Kaabo Mantis King GT lighted deck 768x433 2

Lower price

Higher top speed

Lower weight

Better folding mechanism (locks into itself when folded)

Smaller folded length + width + height

Better overall portability

More nominal motor power

Faster acceleration to 15 mph, 40 mph

Larger deck

Controllable LED deck lights

Standard tires are hybrid (Klima comes with street-only)

Crispier display

Read our full review here

Klima vs Mantis – Additional similarities

Thumb throttle with dead zone

Cockpit display

Adjustable hydraulic suspension

TFT display

Klima vs Mantis – Conclusion

The Mantis King GT is clearly the winner based on speed/$ and range/$, which are two of our favorite metrics. However, the Klima isn’t far behind, and it certainly makes up for it with its added high-tech features, and is a newer scooter. Overall, we’d recommend the King GT for racing + off-roading, and the Klima for city cruising.

klima vs mantis - mantis king gt

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