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The Best-Value Scooter (According to Data)

by Nathan Schaumann

I’ll spoil it for you guys right out of the gate: the best value new electric scooter you can buy right now is undoubtedly the HOSYSA LY1, listed here for $1831.

71B3dNfzF7L. AC UF10001000 QL80

In exchange for your $1732 you get a 60 mph scooter with a gargantuan battery (2280 Wh), as large as the battery on the Wolf King GTR and the Nami Burn-E. It also has an IP56 water-resistance rating, a kick plate, dual stem, hydraulic disc brakes, a Kaabo style headlight + horn, 11-inch tires, and a folded length of 5 inches less than the King GTR. Oh, and it also comes with a (removable) seat, if you’re into that feeling of whizzing past cars on an over-powered mobility scooter.

$1732 is a GREAT deal for a scooter of this scope. But just how great? Let’s run some comparisons with other scooters in the same price range:

Segway GT1

GT1 708x708 1

Price: $1999 (recently reduced by $900, see our review here)

Speed: 34.5 mph

Battery: 1008 Wh

Notes: Even with the welcomed price drop, you end up paying $200 more for a scooter that has 60% the top speed capability and only 45% the battery capacity. Do better, Segway.

Watch our full review here:

Apollo Ghost

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter 2 London PET

Price: $1649

Speed: 36.6 mph

Battery: 947 Wh

Notes: Largely the same story. You pay a similar price for a scooter with 60% the speed and 40% the range.

One more, just for fun.

VSETT 11+ (42 Ah version)


Price: $3399

Speed: 53 mph

Battery: 2520 Wh

Notes: Finally we have a scooter that is similar to the HOSYSA LY1 in both speed + range. The price compared to HOSYSA LY1? $1600 difference.

Now, there are unquestionably plenty of other things to look at when considering a scooter besides just speed, price and range (which I consider to be the “three key metrics”). The Segway GT1, for example, certainly packs in a lot of features not present on the HOSYSA LY1 (larger display, easier folding mechanism, better wire management, grippier deck, double wishbone suspension, self healing tires, more visible turn signals, etc), but since those things are very hard to objectively measure for direct comparison, bear with me as we take a look at some more stand-out scooters based exclusively on these three key metrics. 


This is something I often see brought up in the rider community – if you’re purely interested in speed on a budget, which scooter is for you? Let’s use data to help us find out.

Top 3 stand-out scooters for Speed/$

1. Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite

sg5 v2 bk 01

Score: 0.085

Speed: 18.6 mph

Price: $219

2. Evercross H5

EVERCROSS Electric Scooter with 10 Solid Tires 800W Motor up to 28 MPH and 25 Miles Range Folding El

Score: 0.057

Speed: 28 mph

Price: $489

See our full review here:

3. Kugoo Kirin G2 Max

1803276 kugoo kukirin g2

Score: 0.044

Speed: 35 mph

Price: $799

Honorable mention: Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost

Score: 0.09

Speed: 18 mph

Price: $199

Notes: You can only buy this scooter used, but if a warranty isn’t a big deal then this is a killer deal, as it beats the other top 3 contenders based on score.


Range is hard to estimate, especially when manufacturers can’t agree on what constitutes “real-world range”. Looking at the size of the battery (in Watt-hours) usually gives a better idea of a scooter’s range than the actual suggested range from the manufacturer or seller.

Top stand-out scooters for Wh/$


51VR8YSkkL. AC UF10001000 QL80

Score: 1.66

Battery: 1500 Wh

Price: $899

2. Volpam SP06

Score: 1.65

Battery: 378 Wh

Price: $229

Speed * Range/$

This is where things get interesting. Which scooters stand out on both range AND speed, all for an affordable cost? Does anything even touch the HOSYSA LY1? 

Top 3 stand-out scooters for Speed (mph) * Battery (Wh) / $


71B3dNfzF7L. AC UF10001000 QL80 1

Score: 78.98

Speed: 60 mph

Battery: 2280 Wh

Price: $1732

2. Obarter X7

OBARTER X7 Electric Scooter 4000W 2 Dual Motor 60Ah Battery 516791 2. w500

Score: 67.5

Speed: 56 mph

Battery: 3600 Wh

Price: $2988

Notes: In second place comes this scooter, which weighs 176 pounds and reminds me of the Dualtron X Limited. It’s got the third largest battery of any scooter I’ve researched, coming in right behind Dualtron’s X Limited and Storm Limited.

Scooter Comparison Tool

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