Kaabo Wolf King+ 72 V scooter: 10 Things We Loved, Hated

The Best Electric Scooters In 2024

by Nathan Schaumann

As the New Year begins, we’ve chosen the best Electric Scooters in 2024 (and we’ve tested a LOT) that are available for purchase. We’ve separated our picks based on tire size: Best 12-inch scooter, Best 11-inch scooter, Best 10-inch scooter and Best 9-inch scooter. As usual, E-scooters that get top marks from Freshly Charged tend to perform well in categories such as build quality, premium features, and value for the price. Here are our picks below:

Best 12-inch Electric Scooter: Wolf King GTR

Kaabo Wolf Warrior KING GTR elektrinis paspirtukas electric scooter

We love the GTR for it’s absolutely ludicrous speed, removable battery & traction control (both rare features in an electric scooter) and unmatched off roading capabilities. The GTR also wins our title of 2024’s “Best Off Road Scooter”. We love the hybrid tubeless tires, stability at high speeds, and the overall look of the scooter.

Read our full written review of the Wolf King GTR here.
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Best 11-inch Electric Scooter: Inmotion RS

inmotion rs side front 1

The Inmotion RS beat out a lot of other formidable 11-inch scooters that we tested this year (Dualtron Thunder 3, NanRobot LS7+, Segway GT2), mainly due to its large number of premium features. We love the adjustable suspension, tubeless tires, sine-wave controller, and particularly the IPX6 water rating, something you won’t see on many other performance scooters. The 72V, 40Ah battery is perfect for long-distance adventures. The Wolf King GTR, by comparison, only has a 72V, 33.6Ah battery.

Read our full written review of the Inmotion RS here.
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Best 10-inch Electric Scooter: Nami Klima MAX

Nami Klima High Performance Long Distance off Road Escooters

Nami, as a brand, has been called “The Lamborghini of electric scooters”. We couldn’t agree more. There’s something about a Nami scooter that has yet to be matched by any other brand. The adjustable hydraulic suspension is top-notch, the build quality is premium, and we love the crisp TFT display. The Klima was an easy pick for our favorite 10-inch scooter.

Read our full written review of the Nami Klima MAX here.
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Best 9-inch Electric Scooter: Dualtron Popular

IMG 5166

The Dualtron Popular surprised us – Dualtron typically sticks to high-performance scooters, so we were pleased to see a 9-inch commuter scooter among their lineup this year. We love the build quality, lighting package, aesthetics and dual 450W motors which are excellent for hill climbing. Our favorite thing about it, however, is the incredible value. The Popular comes in 4 configurations – a single motor variant, and three dual motor variants with different battery sizes. We recommend the 52V, 25Ah version with dual motors.

Read our full written review of the Dualtron Popular here.
Click here for the current price on the Dualtron Popular.

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