Anyhill UM-2 Electric Scooter Review: A Novel Swappable Battery System & Kick Stand

by Nathan Schaumann

The Anyhill UM-2 is the first commuter electric scooter we have reviewed that has a swappable battery. The scooter has a great ride feel due to its excellent geometry and 10-inch pneumatic tires. The UM-2 is a great choice for beginner escooter riders with its thumb throttle and good brakes.

If you are thinking about getting a commuter Segway electric scooter, you should definitely check out the Anyhill UM-2.

In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the Anyhill UM-2

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What I love about the Anyhill UM-2

  • Swappable battery
  • Nimble
  • Stand up kickstand
  • No need to sign up or give permission for App
  • Regen braking works well
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy steering column
  • Great for beginners
  • Sturdy rear fender
  • Thick silicone deck
  • Can lock the scooter from the app
  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • 10-inch by 2.5-inch Chao Yang pneumatic tires
  • Great geometry which allows one-handed riding
  • Budget friendly
  • LG 21700 battery cells
  • Battery has an IPX6 water resistance rating

How easy is it to swap the battery on the Anyhill UM-2?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Just pull up the lever in the rear fender, unlock the battery, and slide it out.

I love the simplicity of swapping the battery on the Anyhill UM-2. It is also satisfying to pull up on the lever and see the battery compartment pop out. If you want to make battery swapping even faster, you can skip the key and choose to not lock the battery.

You’ll never have range anxiety if you buy extra batteries that only weigh 5 lbs making them easy to carry in a backpack or leave at your frequently visited destinations.

Anyhill UM 2 Battery Compartment

What is the water resistance on the Anyhill UM-2?

The UM-2 has an IP54 water resistance rating. The battery has an IPX6 water resistance rating.

IP54 means the scooter should withstand low-pressure spray from any angle for 10 minutes. You should be able to ride in light rain but I wouldn’t ride in a torrential downpour.

I was worried about water getting into the deck due to the removable battery compartment on the UM-2, but the battery is completely protected and there is a drain hole in the rear of the deck. The battery should be able to take high-pressure water streams from any angle with its IPX6 rating.

Most scooter manufacturers and dealers do not cover water damage, so keep that in mind when riding the UM-2.

Anyhill UM 2 White scooter on kickstand

A kickstand fit for a king!

This is the first time we have seen a stand-up kickstand on an electric scooter. The kickstand runs the whole width of the deck so the front end is elevated off the ground. The kickstand works well on uneven terrain and makes it easy when taking off on the UM-2.

Simply push the scooter forward, and you can start riding. No more forgetting to put the kickstand up when going for a ride.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.44.39 PM

Does the regen braking on the Anyhill UM-2 work well?

I was very impressed with the regen braking on the Anyhill UM-2. When traveling under 10 mph, the regen braking works just as well as the drum brake.

Above 10 mph, the drum brake has better stopping power than the regen braking, you just will not be harnessing all that energy back into your battery with the drum brakes.

When combining the drum brake and regen brake, you get amazing stopping power on the UM-2. Traveling at 15 mph, I can stop in 6 feet when applying both brakes. I love that I can harness the energy in the regen brake and gain energy back into the battery.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.43.04 PM

What type of tires is on the Anyhill UM-2?

The UM-2 features 10-inch by 2.5-inch Chao Yang tubeless pneumatic tires.

Chao Yang is one of my favorite tire manufacturers due to their compound. They a perfect durometer for commuter scooters: soft and grippy adding to the stability of the scooter.

The air-filled tires soak up small bumps and helps to make up for the lack of suspension.

I would choose pneumatic tires over solid tires every day of the week due to the ride feel and safety reasons. You won’t have to worry about flats with solid tires but they don’t soak up imperfections like air-filled tires.

Solid tires also cause safety concerns when trying to stop fast or in wet conditions.

Anyhill UM 2 Rear Motor Tire

Will the Anyhill UM-2 require a lot of maintenance?

The UM-2 should require little to no maintenance. Drum brakes will last thousands of miles and you don’t have to worry about hydraulic fluid or swapping out brake pads every few hundred miles.

You will just want to do some safety checks every few rides like making sure bolts are tight and checking on the tire PSI.

The best part is how easy a battery change will be when it comes time replace a tired and worn out battery.

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Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.42.42 PM

What I hate about the Anyhill UM-2

  • Wish it had suspension
  • Wish the app had more interface
  • Kickstart cannot be removed
  • Folding mechanism can be tricky
  • Front light is not super bright
  • Black silicone deck gets dirty easily but easy to clean
  • Display gets washed out in direct sunlight

Does the Anyhill UM-2 have suspension?

The UM-2 does not have suspension.

Most basic commuter scooters lack suspension, but the 10-inch pneumatic tires on the UM-2 help make for a comfy ride.

On scooters with solid tires that lack suspension I can feel my teeth rattling in my head while riding on bumpy roads. I never once found myself dreading the UM-2 while riding over imperfections on the road because of the air filled tires.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.41.30 PM

What can I control with the app on the Anyhill UM-2?

The main functions of the app are to check speed, lock the scooter, and check on diagnostics.

I do wish the app had more controls like removing the kickstart function.

Screenshot 20221109 192721 ANYHILL

How do I fold the Anyhill UM-2?

The button is located near the top of the steering column. While pushing in the center, you will pull out the top part of the latch.

The folding mechanism on the steering column can be challenging at first. The trick is to apply forward pressure on the steering column when trying to fold the scooter. If you use the forward pressure trick on the steering column, it makes folding the UM-2 a breeze.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.44.16 PM

Is the front light on the Anyhill UM-2 safe for night riding?

The simple answer is no.

The light will help you be seen but I would get an upgraded light if you will be doing a lot of night riding.

The front light on the UM-2 is underwhelming but I have yet to find a light on a commuter scooter that I love and would be safe for night riding.

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Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.44.53 PM

Final Thoughts

The Anyhill UM-2 is an excellent choice for those just getting into escooters. The simplicity of the thumb throttle combined with the drum/regen brakes makes the scooter a safe choice for those coming from ride-share scooters.

The scooter is great for teens because it does not go too fast and it is affordable. The $899 price is budget-friendly and you can save even more with our discount code.

The swappable battery allows you to have as much range as you want by buying more removable batteries, perfect for easy charging and winter storage. If you are a food delivery person, you will never have to worry about range anxiety.

Overall, the UM-2 is a stable scooter that is great for beginners, commuters, families, food delivery workers, and teens.

Screen Shot 2022 11 09 at 5.42.25 PM

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Click here for the current pricing on the Anyhill UM-2.
Save 10% with coupon code: FreshlyCharged

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