Dualtron Thunder Tronic Review: The Future of Electric Scooters is Here

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Review: The Future of Electric Scooters is Here

by freshlycharged

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic electric scooter is a project developed by VoroMotors and Tronic Systems that ushers in a new generation of high performance electric scooters.

The scooter world has never seen a more powerful collaboration. Voro Motors is one of the largest scooter dealers in the US and Tronic Systems is the mastermind behind the premium Rion Thrust hyper scooter.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic has two huge upgrades from the original Dualtron Thunder. The old square wave Minimotor Controllers has been replaced with a 250-amp Tronic VESC controller that is smoother than smooth and the EY3 display and trigger throttle has been upgraded to the super precise Rion Curve thumbwheel.

These two changes drastically change the riding experience with the Dualtron Thunder.  The Thunder goes from a dependable 50 mph scooter to an insane super scooter capable of reaching 60 mph.

The upgrades vastly improve the acceleration curve on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic making it both exhilarating and buttery smooth.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Dualtron Thunder Tronic.

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Dualtron Thunder Tronic 1

What do I love about the Dualtron Thunder Thronic?

  • Acceleration Curve
  • Smooth
  • Fast
  • Vesc controllers
  • Regenerative braking
  • Quiet
  • Rion Curve
  • App that controls power delivery, braking and tracking
  • Stable at high speeds
  • Nutt brakes
  • Stem lights
  • Somewhat portable
  • Tried and true design

What is VESC?

VESC is an acronym for Vedder’s Electric Speed Controller. It is named after it’s creator, Benjamin Vedder, and is an open sourced platform.

VESC is widely popular due to its strong compatibility and custom programming feature. Electric speed controllers is the brain of your PEV, telling the motor how hard to accelerate and how hard to decelerate. VESC takes it up a notch by allowing the user to set parameters of how much power to deliver in accelerating and braking.

VESC is being used in many PEV devices, and Tronic controllers utilize this technology.

What is the benefit of a Tronic Controller with VESC technology?

Tronic controllers uses VESC technology to control the amp output to motors and the strength of regenerative braking.

I had a chance to try 5 different PEVs with Tronic controllers, and I can clearly say they are the king of controllers.

A Tronic controller can produce high power output to the motors for fast acceleration due to the high quality mosfets, components and massive amounts of copper linking them all together.

On top of excellent acceleration, a Tronic controller shines with its electrical braking.  The regenerative braking on a Tronic Controller is so efficient that you won’t have to use your mechanical brakes as much. For those that drive electric cars like a Tesla, think one pedal driving that rarely requires the need to use the brakes.

Best part is, you gain power with the regenerative braking.

Rion has spent years perfecting the Tronic controller and are constantly improving on design, function and compatibility. VESC technology paired with Rion’s manufacturing of Tronic controllers brings the future to the present.

Rion Tronic Controller

What is so great about the Rion Curve?

The Rion Curve uses the same technology that Da Vinci medical surgery devices use. The Rion curve is so smooth because it has the exact precision needed to perform surgery with a robot.

Pair the Curve with the Tronic Controller and it gives you surgical precision and control while riding and eliminates any dead space you may feel with inferior throttle products.

You barely have to roll the curve less than a 1mm to feel crazy acceleration. Roll it back to acheive regenerative braking. It takes a while to get use to, but once you figure it out it’s a sublime experience!

Thunder Tronic Curve

Does the Dualtron Thunder Tronic have the normal Dualtron sound?

Dualtron scooters are known for producing an electrical buzzing sound out of a science fiction movie like Tron. The upgraded Dualtron Thunder Tronic has a unique sound that doesn’t sound anything like all the other Dualtrons and is much quieter than the original Thunder.

Tronic controllers use sine wave technology, while Minimotors use square wave technology.

Square wave controllers create a louder noise when accelerating.  You can hear a Dualtron coming while the Thunder Tronic is stealthy.

Is the Dualtron Thunder Tronic stable at high speeds?

Yes, the Dualtron Thunder Tronic is stable at high speeds.

The Dualtron Thunder has been a classic super scooter since its release over three years ago.  The Thunder is tried and true and is still a popular choice when looking at 11-inch tire scooters.

The Dualtron Thunder was already stable and when you add the Tronic controllers, it becomes even more stable.

The smooth acceleration curve and regen braking also help prevent the scooter from shaking at higher speeds.

What type of brakes are on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic has Nutt Brakes which I prefer because you don’t have to bleed them as much, and the brake modulation is superior to Zoom Brakes.  With Zoom Brakes it is all or nothing, but with Nutt Brakes you can gradually brake in a more controlled fashion.

Add the VESC regenerative braking and you don’t need to use your brakes as much extending the life of your brake pads.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic with Nutt Brakes

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic Light Show

When I think of Dualtron scooters, I think of colorful LED lights.  I’m glad they left the LED lights on the stem of the Dualtron Thunder Tronic.

Had they removed those lights, it just wouldn’t feel like a Dualtron scooter anymore.

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Dualtron Thunder Tronic

What do I hate about the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

  • Pneumatic tires with tubes and flatter profile
  • Narrow handlebar width
  • Collapsible handlebars
  • Heavy

What type of tires are on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic features 11 by 3.5 inch pneumatic tires with tubes.   The tires work alright, but I would like to see PMT tires come stock on super scooters.

The tires are fine riding on the center, but the edges are rigid and not amazing for carving tight turns. PMT tires would help with turning, carving, and grip.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Tire

How wide are the handlebars on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

Most Dualtron scooters have narrow handlebars. The Dualtron Thunder Tronic is no exception. The handlebars measure in at 24 inches wide (61 cm wide).

Wider handlebars help stabilize the scooter at high speeds. Even with narrow handlebars, the Dualtron Thunder Tronic is surprisingly stable at higher speeds.  However, I still prefer a wider handlebar.

Dualtron Thunder Handlebar Width

Why does Dualtron use collapsible handlebars?

On all Dualtron scooters Jimmy and I have reviewed, they always have collapsible handlebars.  I understand that it makes the scooter more portable by taking up a smaller footprint.  However, I would prefer a standard handlebar that does not fold.

The handlebars are already too narrow and it’s just another thing that can go wrong.  I have never had a collapsible handlebar fail on any of my Dualtron scooters, and I would like to keep it that way.  However, it would be disastrous if the collapsible handlebars failed at 40 mph.

Dualtron Thunder Tronic Weight

The scooter weigh 95 lbs. (43 kg) so it is heavy to lift by yourself.

The Dualtron Thunder Tronic can latch to the deck when folded making it easier to carry the scooter when collapsed.

Voro Motors and Rion Marriage

The talents of Voro Motors and the makers of the Rion looks to usher in the next generation of personal electric vehicles and already, several collaboration projects are in the works including the Dualtron Thunder Tronic and Roadrunner Tronic.

If all goes well with the Dualtron Thunder Tronic and Roadrunner Tronic projects, Voro Motors will start adding Tronic controllers and Rion Curve throttles to other scooters.

From my experience on the Dualtron Thunder Tronic, Tronic Road Runner, Tronic Sur Ron, Rion Apex, and Rion Noir I am excited for the future of electric scooters.

I’ve tested over 50 scooters the past 12 months, and the smoothness of the Tronic controllers is the best I have ever tried.  If they put Tronic controllers in scooters like the Wolf King GT Pro or Emove Roadster, we will be in for a treat since they are 72 volts with larger motors.

I am loving the collaboration between Voro Motors and Rion, and I cannot wait for what comes out in the future!

Voro Motors Rion

Who should get the Dualtron Thunder Tronic?

I think everyone who is interested in Rion scooters, should get one!

If you are thinking about the Dualtron Thunder, do yourself a favor and spend the extra $200 to get the Tronic version. I’m surprised it’s only a $200 upgrade because it makes the scooter five times more fun.

The Thunder Tronic goes from a 3 year old dependable driver, to a brand new super scooter with Tronic controllers. If you love speed and technology, don’t sleep on the low price tage of the Thunder Tronic.

Our ride with the Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Ultra 2 and Dualtron Thunder 2

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