Segway SuperScooter ST1: Just Announced at CES 2024

by Nathan Schaumann

The Segway Superscooter ST1 is positioned as the “commuter” version of the famed Superscooter series, which currently includes the Segway Superscooter GT1 (read our full review here) and the Segway Superscooter GT2 (full review here). With a single motor and a smaller battery (716 Wh), the ST1 takes all the neat features and tech of the GT1 and GT2 and packs them into a more budget-friendly scooter.

While Segway hasn’t released pricing yet, but we’re guessing it will be somewhere around $1000. You can check out the product announcement here on their website for more details. We got the chance to snap a few pictures at CES and take it for a spin around a parking lot.

segway superscooter st1 electric scooter
segway superscooter st1 electric scooter

Segway SuperScooter ST1 – Specs

Though Segway hasn’t released the full specs or pricing details, here is the info we have so far:

  • Max Speed: 31 mph
  • Range: 21.7 miles (realistic)
  • Motor: 1000W (peak)
  • Climbing Slope: 27%
  • Tires: 11-inch self-healing tubeless
segway superscooter st1 electric scooter

Segway SuperScooter ST1 – Features

  • Front Fork + Rear Trailing Arm Suspension
  • 2.4-inch color TFT display
  • Traction Control system
  • Apple Find My included
segway superscooter st1 electric scooter
segway superscooter st1 electric scooter

Things We Love

Acceleration: The acceleration of the ST1 is amazing for a single motor scooter!

Wheelies: Since this scooter is much lighter than the GT1 and GT2, popping wheelies was a breeze.

Build Quality: This scooter is built like a tank, and it feels extremely stable at any speed.

Deck: I loved the size and shape of the deck, as well as the nicely shaped kickstand.

Room For Improvement

Park Mode: The scooter automatically enters “park mode” whenever you come to a stop. To exit park mode, you need to pump and release the brake. This is an extremely annoying feature, and there is no way to turn it off.

The Freshly Charged Take

We already love the Segway GT1 and GT2, so the same design + features on the more budget-friendly Segway SuperScooter ST1 seems like a great market fit. Segway’s SuperScooter series feels like the Mercedes of e-scooters, and riding it was an absolute blast.

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