Dualtron Victor: The Most Portable and Powerful Electric Scooter We’ve Ever Reviewed

Dualtron Victor: The Most Portable and Powerful Electric Scooter We’ve Ever Reviewed

by freshlycharged

When we received the Dualtron Victor, we noticed the box makes a bold statement: “The world’s best electric scooter.” Jimmy and I have had the opportunity to test and review over 40 scooters, so we were excited to see if Dualtron’s bold statement about the Victor was true.

In this review, we will let you know what we loved and hated about the Dualtron Victor escooter. We will also let you know if we truly believe Dualtron scooters are the world’s best electric scooters!

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Dualtron Victor RGB lighted stem collapsible handlebars brake disc zoom hydraulic brakes kickstand no kick plate or footrest

10 Things We Loved About The Dualtron Victor Escooter

  1. Awesome RGB lighting
  2. Stable at high speeds
  3. Nimble
  4. Collapsible handlebars
  5. Hill climbing ability
  6. Locks into itself when folded
  7. Minimotors EY3 Display
  8. Dualtron quality
  9. Replaceable suspension cartridges
  10. Backed by service from Voro Motors

Dualtron Victor Lightshow

When I think of Dualtron scooters, I immediately think of the awesome RGB lights that they have on their decks and stem lights. The Dualtron Victor doesn’t fail to disappoint in the RGB lighting department. However, you will want to add additional front facing lights for improved rider visibility and safe night riding.

There is also these sweet blue lights under the deck that create an amazing glow when flying down the road.

Is the Dualtron Victor Stable at High Speeds?

I love how stable the Dualtron Victor is at high speeds. I was worried because the Storm, another Dualtron escooter which we are currently testing, can suffer from speed wobbles above 35 mph.  With the Dualtron Victor I was able to hit a top speed of 48 mph with no speed wobbles.

I wish all scooters that exceed 35 mph had a steering damper but the Dualtron Victor feels great without one.  Adding a steering damper to the Dualtron Victor would make it rock solid at high speeds but it’s not necessary.

Dualtron Victor Double Quick Release Sliding Collar and Cable Management
Double Quick Release Sliding Collar creates zero stem wobble

The Dualtron Victor Floats Like a Butterfly, Stings Like a Bee

How much does the Dualtron Victor weigh? The Dualtron Victor escooter weights 72.2 lbs (32.7 kg).

The Dualtron Victor is one of the lightest electric scooters that can achieve such high speeds. The lightweight design and smaller deck makes it an extremely nimble electric scooter.

I love riding the Dualtron Victor in Downtown Denver because it is so nimble.

A lot of high-powered electric scooters can be big and heavy, feeling more like a rhinoceros as I barrel down streets at high speeds. The Dualtron Victor is lightweight yet fast, reminding me of a cheetah chasing down an antelope.

The Victor offers fast speeds in a very maneuverable body.  To me, the Dualtron Victor is a great commuter choice as long as you don’t have to carry it up stairs.

Does the Dualtron Victor Have a Collapsible Handlebar?

Like all the other Dualtron scooters, the Victor offers collapsible handlebars.  The collapsible handlebars make it great for loading the scooter into trunks of vehicles and getting through tight spaces and small doorways.

The design of Dualtron’s collapsible handlebars is unique to Dualtron and can be adjusted to eliminate that annoying handlebar movement that often accompanies collapsable handlebars.

However, I do wish that Dualtron would make their handlebars a little wider. I prefer a wider grip at high speeds. I don’t have an issue with the Victor, but I feel narrow handlebars predisposes to speed wobbles such as on the Dualtron Storm.

Wider handlebars always adds to the stability of escooters at higher speeds.

Does the Dualtron Victor Do Well on Hills?

The Dualtron Victor has a ton of bottom end torque and eats hills for breakfast. The dual motors that have a max output of 4000 watts zooms up steep hills and never misses a beat.

I never felt lacking in power as I climbed the hills that other escooters some times will struggle to ascend.

Does the Dualtron Victor Lock into Itself When Folded?

The Victor does lock into itself when folded. However, the stem can inadvertently slip out of the locked position if you are not careful when lifting the scooter.

When lifting the scooter while folded, make sure there are not small children around and that the locking mechanism is fully engaged.

I wish the Victor escooter locked better into itself because you could cause an injury if you are not careful when lifting the Dualtron Victor.

Minimotors EY3 Display for the Win!

The Dualtron Victor features one of my favorite throttle displays, the Minimotors EY3 display.  The EY3 display is easy to read during the day and it is very user friendly when changing P settings.

The only downfall to Minimotors EY3 display is that it can only be used with a square wave controller. I would like to see Dualtron use sine wave controllers in the future which allows for the smoothest ride possible on an electric scooter.

Dualtron Victor Minimotors EY3 Display

There’s Something About Minimotors and Dualtron Quality

Minimotors has been in the electric scooter game for quite some time.  They are a Korean company that used to manufacture in South Korea. However, they have move their manufacturing to China.

Even though manufacturing is in China, they adhere to strict Korean quality control.  Dualtron simply makes a superior product to most because they use high quality parts and have better quality control.  From the stainless steel bolts to the hardened steel tool they provide, they are meticulous about using high end components.

Beautiful Dualtron Victor Quality Deck 10 inch tires rgb lights Denver

Is the Suspension on the Dualtron Victor Adjustable?

You can adjust the rubber suspension cartridge on the Dualtron Victor.  However, it’s not a quick and easy adjustment like you see on air and hydraulic suspension.  To change the suspension on the Dualtron Victor, you have to replace the rubber suspension cartridges.

The stock rubber cartridge on the Dualtron Victor is set to soft but I feel like it is more stiff than soft because the Victor is stable at high speeds.  If you are doing more offroading, I suggest even softer suspension.  If you are trying to go fast on smooth pavement, I suggest a stiffer cartridge.

Dualtron Victor Suspension Cartridges
Suspension cartridges are where the swing arms meet the control arms

Duatron Quality Backed by Amazing Service from Voro Motors

I was elated to learn that Voro Motors recently acquired the rights to sell Dualtron Scooters in America.  Voro Motors is growing rapidly and has offered excellent service over the past few years.

Voro Motors has also grown to the largest US distributor of Kaabo products and we have reviewed many Kaabo electric scooters.

I believe the relationship with Voro Motors and Kaabo helped facilitate the agreement with Minimotors. Kaabo uses a lot of Minimotors components, so I believe the success of Voro Motors servicing Kaabo products led to Minimotors willing to choose Voro Motors as their US distributor.

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5 Things I Hate About the Dualtron Victor

  1. No kick plate
  2. Short handlebar height from deck
  3. Motor cables run through axle nuts
  4. Tires appear to have flat issues and short valve stem
  5. No bell or horn

Is There a Kick Plate on the Dualtron Victor?

Unfortunately, there is no kick plate on the Dualtron Victor. You can buy a tow handle and attach it to the rear of the deck, but there is no kick plate attachment. The closest thing to a kick plate would be buying the tow handle and resting your foot on it.

Dualtron Victor Deck Brake Disc Zoom Hydraulic brakes kickstand rgb lights charge ports

How Tall are the Handlebars on the Dualtron Victor?

The handlebars on the Dualtron Victor are a little shorter than I normally like measuring 38 inches from the deck to the handlebars. I am about 6 feet tall and prefer at least 39 inches and love 40-41 inches from the deck.

Space Saving Concept with the Motor Cable Running Through the Axle Nut

The motor cable is designed differently from most other escooters. The cable runs through the axle nut.

Personally, I dislike the motor hub cables running through the axel nuts. If you ever have to remove the tires for a repair, you can’t use a socket tool.

Dualtron Victor Motor Cable through Axle Nut

Does the Dualtron Victor Get Flat Tires Easily?

When I review a scooter, I like to join the Facebook group page for that specific scooter. I look for recurring themes and issues. Flat tires are a common issue I see with the Dualtron Victor.

I believe the reason why flats occur often with the Dualtron Storm is due to the short valve stem. A traditional pump cannot attach the valve stem on the Dualtron Victor. The only pumps that work are ones with a thin profile that screws on like the Xiaomi portable pump.

Since most pumps cannot attach to the valve stem on the Dualtron Victor and most new owners do not have an extension for their pump, I know there must be a lot of under-inflated tires.

Because, the valve stem on the Dualtron Victor does not have a lot of clearance to allow a traditional pump to attach, I feel that an extension should be provided with each escooter and would be just as useful as the multitool provided with every escooter.

Dualtron Victor Tiny Valve Stem and Suspension Cartridge

Does the Dualtron Victor Have a Horn or Bell?

At the time of review, there is no bell or horn on the Dualtron Victor.

For the price tag and class of escooter of the Dualtron Victor, I expect some type of audible warning. There is no horn or bell on the Dualtron Victor, and the motors are extremely quiet. Any scooter that goes over 30 mph needs some type of audible warning.

There are horns you can buy, but I would have liked Dualtron to include a horn standard on the Victor.

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Dualtron Victor Dual Motor and Single Motor Button and ECO and Turbo Button with no horn

Who do I think the Dualtron Victor is perfect for?

To me, the Dualtron Victor is the perfect scooter to replace a vehicle.  The Dualtron Victor offers great range and power, so it could easily replace a vehicle if you travel less than 30 miles to work.

If you like really nice things and don’t mind spending a little extra money, the Dualtron Victor is a great choice. The Dualtron Victor is very comparable to the VSETT 10+R in specs, so it’s a great alternative if you’ve been thinking about the VSETT 10+.

Dualtron Victor Tuk Tuk

Who Should Avoid the Dualtron Victor Escooter?

If you are all about comfort, you may want to look for a different scooter than the Dualtron Victor. The Dualtron Victor doesn’t have the biggest deck and doesn’t have a kick plate, so lengthy rides aren’t as comfortable.

If you are taller than 6 feet tall, I would not suggest the Dualtron Victor. The handlebars on the Victor are not that wide, and the handlebar height from the deck is relatively short at only 37.5 inches.

If you like an escooter with all the bells and whistles, then this is not the escooter for you because it has no bells or whistles… or kickplate… or valve stem extension for inflating the tires.

Hopefully Dualtron will realize that these missing components are actually quite important and will include them in future purchases.

Dualtron Victor Deck stem handlebars fender zoom brakes

Are Dualtron Escooters the World’s Best Electric Scooters?

Dualtron self proclaims they are the “world’s best electric scooter.”

I love the Dualtron quality, but like all escooters, there are flaws. Dualtron makes high quality scooters, and in 2015 they made the world’s first dual-motor off-roading electric scooter powered by brushless DC powered motors, BLDC.

Dualtron has continued to innovate in the electric scooter space, but they have also gained stiff competition over the past few years, like Kaabo, VSETT, Nami, Bronco, and RION.

Competition creates innovation, and I am excited to see where electric scooters are a year from now.

The best electric scooter is the one that meets your needs. For some, Dualtrons are the best, and to others, something like the Ninebot Segway may be the best. The best electric scooter is determined by the eye of the beholder.

Dualtron has made a solid electric scooter with the Victor, but the package just feels unfinished to me. It’s like when I spend a bunch of money and buy a new Iphone. It’s a great product, but I’m always left feeling like I wish they had included the appropriate dongles that I’ll be using and even a charging cube.

Sure, a horn, headlight, kickplate, and valve stem extension may be purchased separately to enhance your escooter ownership experience, but I would like to see these things included with the purchase.

Dualtron Victor In all its glory

Dualtron Victor Specs

Model Dualtron Victor
Motor MAX 4,000 watt BLDC dual hub motors
Battery LG 5000 cells 60V 30Ah
Watt Hours 1800Wh
Stated Range 62 Miles (eco/single motor)
Stated Top Speed 50 Mph
Top Speed I Reached 48 Mph
Weight Limit 265 lbs (120 kg)
Tire Size 10″ by 3″ Tubed pneumatic tires
Charging Time 20 Hours
Suspension 9 Cartridge options (stock is soft)
Lights Front/side/rear LEDs
Display Minimotors EY3
Climbing Angles 23 Degrees
Dimensions 52 x 9.5 x 41.5 inches
Folded Dimensions 22 x 9.5 x 41.5 inches
Weight 72.2 lbs (32.7 kg)
Drive Front and rear wheel drive

Dualtron Victor Pricing from Voro Motors

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