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Gotway DTEN Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

Is the Apollo Ghost the most powerful electric scooter under $1500? Absolutely not, the Gotway DTEN is a way more powerful scooter! While the Gotway Dten e-scooter may lack refinement, it is ghostly fast!

Who makes the DTEN electric scooter?

I was surprised to hear that Gotway, the electric unicycle manufacturer, made a scooter called the DTEN. Gotway is known in the electric unicycle world for pushing the envelope for power and speed.

Gotway has unicycles that are very powerful but also flawed. Gotway’s DTEN scooter is another powerful PEV to add to their portfolio, but it has flaws as well. I’m going to go over the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision.

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5 Best Things about the Gotway Dten electric scooter

  1. Premium suspension system – Kindshock EXA Form 290 Coil Shock Suspension
  2. Comfy Seat with spring suspension
  3. Large Deck 22″ long x 10″ wide
  4. Adjustable stem height 34″-44″
  5. Thumb throttle

The Gotway DTEN has some of the softest suspension for a scooter under $1500

The hydraulic Kindshock EXA Form 290 Coil Shocks from Taiwan are some of the best suspension I’ve seen on a scooter. I was surprised to find it on a scooter under $2500. A lot of people upgrade their ZERO suspension to Form 290 shocks because it makes for better off-roading suspension.

Gotway DTEN Kindshock EXA Form 290 Shock

The Gotway DTEN Scooter Seat is Nice and Soft

The big seat with a small spring made for a comfy ride when cruising around town.

Gotway DTEN Seat

The Gotway DTEN E-scooter has a smooth thumb throttle

The thumb throttle on the DTEN works great and has a smooth feel to it. However, the thumb throttle can be very sensitive in third gear. It’s best to work your way up to 3rd gear after having gained substantial speed instead of just starting in 3rd gear from a stopped position. I’ll explain why in a bit.

Gotway DTEN Thumb Throttle

5 Things I don’t like about the Gotway Dten E-scooter

  1. Too much instant power in 3rd gear
  2. Electronic braking starts when you let go of the throttle making it feel unstable
  3. Weak light
  4. Can be hard to unfold and lock into the open position
  5. Display doesn’t come standard in package (they will send one separately if requested) and the display is not hardwired into the system

The scooter also had a weird lag sometimes but wasn’t sure if that was due to low battery or possibly a defective unit. It only lagged a few times but felt fine later in the ride.

Gotway DTEN Andrew Serena Williams Got Balls

In 3rd Gear the Gotway Dten Scooter will do Instant Wheelies

I like doing wheelies but I like doing them on my terms. Whenever this scooter starts in third gear, it will instantly do a wheelie as soon as you hit the throttle. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually scared of how much power this scooter has.

This is a pretty big problem as it renders using the Gotway Dten in third gear useless because of the uncontrollable instant torque. With practice, I’m sure you could. figure out how to accelerate from a stopped position while in third gear, but the thumb throttle is so sensitive, even just a tap on the throttle sends you flying.

Weird Electronic Braking will Start as Soon as you let go of the Throttle

If you are in 2nd gear or higher and let go of the throttle, you will feel the electronic braking engage causing the scooter to shimmy and shake. If you tap on the brake as soon as you let go of the throttle it will allow you stop on your terms. However, it can be unnerving at times because it can be a safety issue.

Gotway DTEN Standing Out 1

Who is the Gotway DTEN electric scooter for?

This is a very powerful scooter designed for a skilled rider. It has a ton of power, can be hard to control in third gear, and can shimmy and shake due to the electronic braking kicking in as soon as you let off the throttle. If you understand these flaws, the Gotway Dten scooter offers the most power, the best suspension, and a comfy seat for under $1500.

It’s a great scooter for food delivery drivers because it has a nice soft seat and has a good range. It is great scooter for someone who doesn’t leave first gear because it never feels unstable out of 1st gear and with the suspension the Dten is a fantastic ride in first gear. Once you hit 2nd and 3rd gear is when you can really feel the electronic braking.

It’s a fun scooter if you have nice open roads and wide sidewalks. The suspension and seat make for an extra cushy ride. I would be comfortable taking this scooter off road if I kept it in 1st gear.

I had a blast riding this around Denver in 1st gear and it still has enough power for me to zip around town. Once you ride in 2nd or 3rd gear, you have to pay much more attention to the fine details like the electronic braking and the uncontrolled torque.

If you like to do Wheelies, the Gotway DTEN will do it automatically for you if you start in 3rd gear. If you are comfortable with the front tire coming off the ground, this scooter will do it with a soft push of the throttle in 3rd gear.

Gotway DTEN Jimmy Dabbing edited 1

Who should not get the Gotway DTEN?

The Gotway DTEN is definitely not for children. If you ride in any gear besides 1st gear, it takes a skilled rider to control the throttle and understand the electronic braking kicking. You want to tap the brake as soon as you let go of the throttle so you are braking on your terms.

Again, this is not the best scooter for a conservative rider unless they only kept it in 1st gear. This is not designed for someone who has safety as their number one priority unless they keep it in first gear all the time.

This Gotway DTEN should not be someone’s first scooter. It really is only designed for someone who has experience on a scooter and has good reflexes. This is not designed for someone who is going to use the scooter intoxicated. (No scooters are but this one especially)

Gotway DTEN Specs

Max Speed 50 MPH
Stated Range 50 – 75 miles
Estimated True Range 25 miles – 45 miles
Weight 91 lbs
Motor Rear 3500 watt motor
Battery 84v 12.6Ah Sanyo ZL2
Watt Hours 1060
Charging Time 8 -13 hours
Suspension Front and Rear Hydraulic Kindshock EXA Form 290
Brakes Hydraulic front and rear brakes
Wheel Size 11″
Tire 3″ wide pneumatic tires with tubes
Lights Front headlight, rear brake light
Load (Max Rider Weight) 330 lbs
Unfolded Size 55 x 9 x 51 inches / 140 x 23 x 130 cm

Final Analysis of the Gotway DTEN

For $1399 it is hard to find a scooter that offers so much power, a seat and awesome suspension. However, the Gotway DTEN is not for a rookie to scootering. Click here for the most up to date price on the Gotway DTEN

The saying from Spiderman’s Uncle Ben plays in my head when I ride this scooter, “With ultimate power, comes ultimate responsibility.” This scooter deserves respect but if you can master it, it can be a blast!

Gotway DTEN Suspension Mad Hops

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