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by Nathan Schaumann

You just pulled up to a stoplight next to a Camaro driver on your trusty Segway GT2. Your eyes meet his, the light turns green, and… he leaves you in the dust. You’re determined to never let that happen again, and you’ve turned to us to help you make the decision on your next scooter purchase. Which scooter is going to carry you around in all the comfort and style you deserve, while also punishing any muscle car you might chance to pass? Let’s take a look at three guaranteed drag-strip-worthy scooters; the Kaabo Wolf King GT, the VSETT 11+, and the Nami Burn-E 2 Max. 

Kaabo Mantis King GT
Nami Klima
Nami Klima Max
45 mph
42 mph
42 mph
Range (riding slow)
50 miles
50 miles
60 miles
Range (riding fast)
36 miles
36 miles
45 miles
74 lbs
79 lbs
84 lbs
Max Rider Load
265 lbs
265 lbs
265 lbs
Peak Motor
Water Resistance
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
60V 24Ah (1440 Wh)
60V 25Ah (1500 Wh)
60V 30Ah (1800 Wh)
Acceleration 0 - 15 mph
1.9 seconds
2.0 seconds
2.0 seconds
Acceleration 0 - 30 mph
5.8 seconds
4.9 seconds
4.9 seconds
Acceleration 0 - 40 mph
11.6 seconds
12.3 seconds
12.3 seconds
Braking 15 - 0 mph
9.6 ft
9.4 ft
9.4 ft
Deck size
21.0" x 9.0"
18.8" x 8.0"
18.8" x 8.0"
Folded Dimensions
50" x 26" x 23"
51" x 27" x 24"
51" x 27" x 24"

Kaabo Wolf King GT

The Wolf King GT has been my personal daily driver for nearly two years, and I love it. The speed is thrilling, it eats up hills on-road and off-road, and it looks amazing. Out of the three scooters on today’s list, it is the fastest by a wide margin, the cheapest, and boasts the largest motors. Biggest downsides are the super stiff, non-adjustable suspension and the serious lack of portability. The acceleration is extremely impressive, however, and I’ve only been beaten off the line at a red light twice, after over 5000 miles of riding and dozens of face-offs. 

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/kaabo-wolf-king-gt-pro-review-the-biggest-fastest-and-smoothest-kaabo-escooter-ever/


The VSETT has a hard time packing a punch when compared to the other two models on this list. It’s more expensive than the King GT, but doesn’t have the range or speed to justify it. It’s super heavy, which combined with its weaker 3000W motors don’t give it quite the bite in acceleration needed to justify the title of “high-powered scooter”. We love the NFC card reader, however, as well as upgraded motorcycle horn + fenders from previous VSETT models. 

Nami Burn-E 2 MAX

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We love everything about this scooter. It’s the quickest off the line, will take you the furthest, boasts the best suspension + water resistance rating, and it does it all without being a 120+ lb behemoth. The obvious drawback is the $4499 price, but you can get a version with a smaller battery (32 Ah) for $3890

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/2022-nami-burn-e-2-max-electric-scooter-review/

The Winner


The Nami Burn-E 2 MAX is the obvious winner of this contest. If you’ve got the budget for the Nami, go for the Nami. If not, we’d recommend the Wolf King GT.

Honorable mention: Dualtron Storm Limited

Dualtron Storm Limited V2

The Dualtron Storm Limited, while not equipped with as many premium features (or any water-resistance rating at all), is still impressive when comparing specs. For $4195, you get a 60 mph scooter with a bigger battery than even the biggest Nami: 84V 45Ah, for a whopping total of 3780 Wh.

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