The Kaabo Wolf King: The King of Electric Scooters

The Kaabo Wolf King: The King of Electric Scooters

by freshlycharged

Chuck Temple of Electric Scooter Guide considers the Xiaomi M365 the King of electric scooters. It was released in December 2016 and was the first scooter that was used for Bird rental company. It is considered the most sold electric scooter in the world.

Kaabo Wolf King+ – Now available for preorder with VORO Motors and receive it in 1-5 weeks

From Onewheel to Electric Scooter

I’m Andrew and I love personal electric vehicles (PEV). My first PEV was a Onewheel and at the time I had no idea the Xiaomi M365 existed. I had seen electric scooters on the side of the road before but never really paid attention to them.

At that point of my life, the Onewheel was my world. The only reason I traveled down the electric scooter hole was I was trying to share my love for PEVs with my wife. However, I broke my clavicle while riding my Onewheel during my first month of ownership. That scared my wife so much, she never even tried to ride it.

My First Electric Scooter

Then one day a Facebook ad popped up with an Indiegogo ad for a Ninebot Segway Max. I was blown away seeing that it had up a 40-mph range and large 10-inch tires. I had dreams of my wife and I cruising down the road, her on an electric scooter and me on a Onewheel so I immediately reached in my pocket for the credit card and preordered two of the Ninebot Segway Max scooters.

Since it was a crowd funding campaign, I patiently waited 6 months for it to come in. Finally, when it arrived, I had done so much research I was jacked up to go on my first ride. The first ride did not disappoint, the Max felt sturdy and strong.

The Segway Ninebot Max did not seem like a kid’s toy, it seemed like a dependable transportation machine. My dreams of cruising down the street with my wife were about to come true! Our first rides were around Lake Dillon in Colorado and it did not disappoint. On top of cruising up hills with ease, it was filled with spectacular views.

Attack of the Electric Scooter Clones

Fast forward to city riding. I started noticing all the scooters that looked the same as mine. Lyft and Spin were using the Max but with a non-foldable stem. And then I started noticing the Xiaomi M365.

I was all like, “Who is this imposter that looks like the Max?” Only to find out that it was the Xiaomi M365 that gave inspiration to the Ninebot Max. So, I started to do some research and found the Ninebot Max was simply a clone of the Xiaomi M365 frame, but with larger tires, drum brakes, and a bigger battery.

Ninebot had its ES line and completely abandoned it to copy the Xiaomi M365 because it had such a competitive advantage. The Xiaomi was literally the godfather of electric scooters. (Not the first to ever be made, but the first dependable electric scooter that a lot of scooters have tried to imitate.)

Now we have the InMotion L9 coming out that is essentially a Ninebot Max but with a wider tire, two headlights, turn signals, undercarriage lighting, and dual suspension.

Without the Xiaomi M365, I do not think the Ninebot Max or InMotion L9 would look the way it does. The lines and the design of the Xiaomi M365 live on in the Max and the L9. After all my experiences in the scooter world, it is now easy to see why Chuck Temple calls the Xiaomi M365 the king of electric scooters!

All Hail a New Electric Scooter King

But just like King of Thrones, Kings are meant to be dethroned! Que in a new era of scooters, high powered electric scooters that go up to 60 mph…. specifically, the New Kaabo Wolf King+ that is set to be released in the upcoming months.

The Kaabo Wolf King+ is a powerhouse with dual 1500w motors, 72 volts and a 28-amp hour battery. It comes with hydraulic brakes, hydraulic shocks in the font, coil shocks in back, bright lights, and a loud horn. The build quality is essentially the same as the Wolf Warrior 11+ but with an upgraded motor, 72-volt controller and upgraded battery.

The frame of the Kaabo Wolf King+ has two stems which make a huge difference for me. I find the Turbowheel Lightning or Zero 10x single stem can feel unsafe, while the dual stem on the Kaabo Wolf feels sturdy and dependable. The wolf platform is also large and high off the ground, so it has great clearance when off-roading.

I love the Wolf Warrior 11+ and am blown away that they could make it even stronger. I know the Phateon and 11x boast similar specs as the Wolf+, but I just love Kaabo as a manufacturer. I feel like Kaabo’s build quality is just slightly better than the company that manufactures the Phateon and 11x.

On top of the awesome specs, it comes in this beautiful gold color. Every time I see the gold version, I instantly think of the golden gun in Goldeneye 007. If you are not the flashy gold type, they are also releasing a blacked-out version. Choosing black might be a good idea because it would hard to be inconspicuous on a gold scooter going 60 mph.

I am so stoked to get my hands on the Wolf King+ and I will share my experiences once it arrives. But for now, let us give it up to the original king, the Xiaomi M365. Without the M365 paving the way for electric scooters, the Wolf King+ may have never been created.

Kaabo Wolf King+ – Preorder with VORO Motors and receive it in 1-5 weeks

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