An Already Great Escooter Gets Even Better in 2022: Dualtron Thunder 2 Review

An Already Great Escooter Gets Even Better in 2022: Dualtron Thunder 2 Review

by freshlycharged

The Dualtron Thunder was the biggest and baddest electric scooter you could get when it debuted. But just like all legends, there comes a time for a new sheriff in town. Queue in the Thunder 2, an upgrade to the legendary Thunder.

If you liked the original Thunder, you will love the Dualtron Thunder 2. In this review, we will let you know what has all been upgraded on the Thunder 2. We will also tell you why you would choose the original Dualtron Thunder over the newer Dualtron Thunder 2.

Click here for the current pricing on the Dualtron Thunder 2
Click here for the current pricing on the original Thunder
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What’s been upgraded?

  1. Kick plate with LED brake light
  2. 72V 40 AH battery
  3. LED in control arms
  4. Puncture resistant tires
  5. Higher peak power
  6. Turn signal indicators
  7. Double click throttle increases peak power from 8400 watts to 10080 watts
  8. Higher top speed
  9. More range
  10. Different batteries LG 21700
  11. Rubber deck vs aluminum with grip tape
  12. Lighted control steel buttons encased in aluminum.
  13. Horn
  14. Adjustable kickstand
Dualtron Thunder 2 with adjustable kickstand

What type of battery is on the Dualtron Thunder 2?

The Dualtron Thunder 2 features a 72V 40Ah battery, that equates to a massive 2880 watt hours. The battery is composed of LG 21700 cells, which have stronger heating and lower resistance than 18650 battery cells. 21700 battery cells have about 50% greater capacity and energy density than 18650 cells, 47% to be exact.

All this info is scientific jargon. In simple terms, you will have better power delivery and more efficiency, leading to faster speeds and longer range.

Dualtron Thunder 2 LED Kick Plate

Are the tires on the Dualtron Thunder 2 really puncture resistant?

The Thunder 2 features 11-inch by 4-inch street tires that are puncture resistant. The tires are lined with a bonded sealant that is hard to puncture and will self seal when punctured. They utilize similar technology that cars have been using with run flat tires.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Steel buttons in aluminum casing

How does the double click throttle work on the Dualtron Thunder 2?

The Dualtron Thunder 2 normally has a peak power of 8,400 watts. When you double click on the throttle, it allows the controllers to send an extra 1680 watts to peak at 10,080 watts. I believe they added the double click throttle to make it easier for consumers to control the scooter from a stop, especially when turning.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Ey3 Display.

Why should I buy the Dualtron Thunder 2?

If you want one of the most futuristic looking scooters, the Dualtron Thunder 2 checks off all those boxes. The steel buttons encased in aluminum is best looking control panel I have ever seen.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Rear Tire and Deck

The controllable RGB LED lights make the scooter pop, and it is amazing how they are all synchronized. Add in the LED kick plate, and it looks like it is out of the movie Tron. Speaking about Tron, the Dualtron Thunder 2 makes this high pitch noise that sounds similar to the bikes in Tron.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Horn

If you are all about range, you will definitely want to keep the Thunder 2 as an option. The battery on the Thunder 2 is one of the most watt hours I have seen on a scooter, and you will get massive range out of it. The only other scooter I know of with this big of a battery or bigger is the Dualtron Ultra 2 and Dualtron Storm Limited.

Dualtron Thunder with Nutt Brakes

If you love pneumatic tires but hate getting flats, the puncture resistant tires on the Dualtron Thunder 2 will keep you riding worry free. If you have a need for speed, the Thunder 2 will help satisfy that with a stated top speed of 58 mph and some riders claiming as high as 62 mph.

On top of all these amazing upgrades, Voro Motors offers a free two years warranty on all Dualtron scooter purchases. You will want to make sure the Thunder 2 is on your radar when choosing your next high powered escooter!

Dualtron Thunder 2 horn and cable management.

Click here for the current pricing on the Thunder 2
Click here for the current pricing on the original Thunder
Save $200 on the original Thunder with coupon code: GOTSCOOTER-THUNDER

Why you should buy the original Dualtron Thunder over the Thunder 2?

  • Tried and true for almost 4 years
  • Plenty of power and range
  • More portable
  • Smoother acceleration
  • More grip
  • Lower cost

When PEVs are released, especially the first versions, there are typically a few problems that need to be ironed out. Early adopters of new products are what I like to say, “quality control specialists.” The original Dualtron Thunder has been around for almost 4 years, so Minimotors has worked through all the issues to make an extremely dependable scooter.

Dualtron Thunder 1 Vs Original Thunder

The Thunder 2 has a ton of power and range, but for most people. the power and range that the Thunder 1 offers is plenty. Many scooter enthusiasts will find that 50 mph and 35 miles of range is plenty. The Thunder 1 has a stated range of 75 miles, but in real world riding, you should expect to get about 35 miles.

The original Thunder is also easier to control. The original Thunder is , but it doesn’t feel as abrupt as the Thunder 2. The original Thunder has a much smoother acceleration and is easier to handle around turns.

Dualtron Thunder 1 Vs Thunder 2

The original Thunder is much more portable than the Thunder 2. With the kick plate on the Thunder 2, you cannot lock the handlebars to the deck when the handlebars are collapsed. The original Thunder is 10 lbs lighter and has a smaller footprint when folded.

You will save $1000 before tax by purchasing the original Thunder over the Thunder 2. The original Thunder is not refined as the Thunder 2. However, if you don’t care for a kick plate, horn, extra power, turn signal indicators and extra range, it makes sense to purchase the original Thunder.

Dualtron Thunder 1 Vs Original Thunder Deck Motors and 11 inch tires side by side

I love the rubber deck on the Thunder 2 because it is easier to clean. However, rubber and silicone decks don’t offer the best grip, especially in wet conditions. The original Thunder has grip tape, which offers amazing grip.

Dualtron Thunder and Thunder 2 Electric Scooter Coupon and Discount Codes

Click here for the current pricing on the Thunder 2

Click here for the current pricing on the original Thunder
Save $200 with coupon code: GOTSCOOTER-THUNDER

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