NIU BQi C3 side profile ebike

Brand New NIU BQi-C3 Pro Electric Bike Review

by freshlycharged

The BQi-C3 Pro is the first e-bike that NIU has created. In the past, NIU has stuck to sit-down and stand-up scooters, but never ventured into the electric bike space. With the NIU brand gaining recognition and ebikes rising in popularity, NIU decided to jump into the electric bike game with the BQi-C3. The BQi-C3 Pro features a Gates Carbon Drive system which is typically found on bikes two to three times the cost of the BQi-C3 Pro. Gates carbon drives are virtually silent and require less maintenance than chain-driven ebikes. If you are looking for an ebike with great range and low maintenance, you’ll want to have the BQi-C3 Pro on your radar. Click here for the current price of the NIU BQI-C3 Pro.

What I love about the NIU BQi-C3 Pro?

  • Gates Carbon Drive belt system
  • Two built-in batteries
  • One charger to charge both batteries
  • Puncture-resistant tires lined with Kevlar® Aramid Fiber
  • NIU ENERGY BMS system
  • TFT color display
  • Glossy paint job
  • Rear rack included
  • Bright Halo light
  • Adjustable stem
  • Clean welds on the frame of the bike
  • Quiet due to using a belt over a chain

What type of motor is on the NIU BQi-C3 Pro?

The BQi-C3 has a 500-watt Bafang hub drive motor with a peak output of 750 watts. The motor is connected with a Gates Carbon Drive belt system instead of a chain. Gates Carbon Belt drives offer a premium ebike experience. The Gates Carbon Drive belt system requires no lubrication and last twice as long as chains. Chains stretch over time and you need to re-tension them. A belt drive doesn’t stretch over time so there is never a need to re-tension them. Gates Carbon Drives also have patented CenterTrack and MudPort profiles that are designed specifically to shed mud, dirt, snow, and other debris to handle a variety of conditions. The Gates Carbon Belt drive offers a premium ebike experience and requires little to no maintenance.
NIU BQi C3 gate carbon belt drive

What type of tires is on the NIU BQi-C3 Pro?

The BQi-C3 Pro has 27.5-inch by 2.4-inch puncture-resistant Chao Yang tires. The tires are lined with Kevlar Aramid Fiber to help prevent punctures. The tires have street tread and grip well on smooth pavement. There is no suspension on the bike, but the ballon tires do a great job of soaking up the bumps and cracks in the road.
NIU BQi C3 front tire

What type of display is on the NIU BQi-C3 Pro?

The NIU BQi-C3 Pro features a TFT LCD display. The display is one of the best I’ve seen on an ebike. I like that it has a digital needle that moves as the speed increases reminding me of a car speedometer.
NIU BQi C3 TFT LCD Display

How big are the batteries on the NIU BQi-C3 Pro?

TheNIU BQi-C3 Pro comes with two batteries. Each battery is 48V 9.6 Ah. Combined they total 19.2Ah and 921.6 Wh. The charger comes with a y-splitter so you can charge both batteries at the same time. A huge plus is the batteries are UL certified, meaning they are found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire or electric shock.
NIU BQi C3 UL certified removable batteries

Are the lights on the NIU BQi-C3 Pro safe for night riding?

The BQi-C3 features the iconic halo light that NIU has on all their electric scooters. The light is surprisingly bright and looks sweet at the same time. The halo is on at all times and the center turns on for night riding. The light works well for casual night riding. If you are going to be doing a lot of night riding, I would suggest getting an upgraded handlebar light from Amazon.
NIU BQi C3 Halo Light

How much does the NIU BQi-C3 Pro weigh?

The BQi-C3 weighs 70.5 lbs. Each battery weighs 6.23 lbs and combined they weigh 12.46 lbs. The bike weighs just over 58 lbs without the batteries installed. Click here for the current price of the NIU BQI-C3 Pro.
NIU BQi C3 from an angle electric bicycle

What I hate about theNIU BQi-C3 Pro?

  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Chunky welds where the rack attaches
  • No suspension

What type of brakes is on theNIU BQi-C3 Pro?

The BQi-C3 has mechanical disc brakes with 180mm brake discs. The mechanical disc brakes have good stopping power, but I would have loved for NIU to put hydraulic disc brakes on the BQi-C3. I was very surprised to see that the BQi-C3 has an expensive Gates Carbon Drive but cheaped out by putting mechanical disc brakes on it. You can always buy the Zoom hydraulic brake set from Amazon for $69.99 and install them yourself or pay a local bike shop to install them.
NIU BQi C3 rear tire

Does the NIU BQi-C3 Pro have suspension?

There is no suspension on the BQI-C3. The balloon tires work well to soak up bumps and crevices, but I would have loved NIU to at least provide seat post suspension. The SR Suntour SP12 suspension seat post can be purchased from Amazon and is easy to install if you want to add a little extra cushioning to your bike ride. Click here for the current price of the NIU BQI-C3 Pro.
NIU BQi C3 cable management with halo light

Final Thoughts

The NIU BQi-C3 Pro electric bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking to travel long distances on smooth pavement. With its step-through design, it makes it easy for riders of all sizes to ride the BQi-C3. The Gates Carbon Drive system is reliable and efficient so you can spend more time riding and not worrying about maintenance. With its sleek design, long-range, and practical features, it’s perfect for commuting, leisurely rides, and everything in between.
NIU BQi C3 cockpit

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