Velotric Thunder 1 ST 36 lbs lightweight Torque sensor road ebike

Brand New Velotric T1 ST Electric Bike Review

by freshlycharged

The T1 ST, formerly known as the Thunder 1 ST, is the newest addition to the Velotric budget ebike lineup. It is a smooth lightweight electric road bike that offers a natural cycling experience because you can ride it perfectly fine without pedal assist levels on. It is similar to the T1 but comes in at $300 less because it strips the bike of the smart Bluetooth features and gradient two-tone paint job. The T1 ST is a great choice for road bike enthusiasts who could care less for all the added tech that the T1 has to offer. In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the T1 ST, and the differences between the T1. Click here for the current price on the VelotricT1 ST. Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged60 to save $60

What I love about the VelotricT1 ST

  • Lightweight
  • Rides like a traditional bike
  • Doesn’t look like an e-bike
  • Torque sensor
  • Apple Find My™
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • IPX6 water resistance rating
  • Enclosed battery
  • The motor is near silent at the highest pedal assist level
  • Shimano Altus derailleur

How much does the Velotric T1 ST weigh?

The T1 ST weighs only 36 lbs tieing the KBO hurricane for the lightest ebike we have reviewed on the channel. I can easily lift the T1 ST with one arm so if you need to carry it upstairs, lift it into a vehicle, or mount it on a rack, it shouldn’t be an issue. The best part is that if you run out the battery, the bike rides perfectly fine without pedal assist. The T1 ST’s geometry is on point and it’s not challenging to get it moving since it is so lightweight.
Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 7.19.03 PM

Is that really an ebike?

When Jimmy’s wife and son first saw the Velotric T1 ST, they asked if it was an ebike. The frame has a battery built into it and with no throttle or display, theT1 looks like a traditional bike. If you live in an area where people hate ebikes, the T1 is the perfect bike. The T1 ST doesn’t look like an ebike and the motor is so quiet that I can’t even hear it as a rider in the highest pedal assist level.
Screen Shot 2023 05 04 at 12.26.35 AM

What is the water resistance on the Velotric T1 ST?

The T1 ST has an IPX6 water resistance rating. IPX6 means the T1 ST can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. You should be able to ride theT1 in heavy rain with no issues at all. The nice thing is with no display or throttle, there aren’t a lot of places for theT1 ST to be penetrated with water. Just make sure to close up the charging port after charging.
Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 7.27.21 PM 1

What type of brakes is on the VelotricT1 ST?

TheT1 ST features TEKTRO HD-R280 hydraulic brakes with 160mm brake discs. I love TEKTRO hydraulic brakes and prefer them over Zoom ones. A lot of budget ebike brands choose to use Zoom brakes because they are cheaper than TEKTRO brakes.
Jimmy Chang Loves the Thunder 1 ST

How do you program the Apple Find My feature on the VelotricT1 ST?

You will want to turn on the bike and hold down the button on the frame for 10 seconds until you see the light blink. Open up the Find My app on your Apple device and choose the option to add a new device. Once you find the Velotric bike, you will be able to add it and label it. It is really simple and you should now be able to locate your bike when it is near any Apple device with Bluetooth on.

What type of sensor is on the VelotricT1 ST?

TheT1 ST features a premium torque sensor. I prefer torque sensors over cadence sensors because there is zero delay and no runoff when pedaling. Torque sensors are so smooth and make you feel like you have superhuman powers because it feels the pressure that you put into the pedals. Cadence sensors sense the number of revolutions that you pedal and are notorious for having a delay when pedaling and worst will continue to engage the motor after you stop pedaling.
Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 7.26.54 PM 1
Click here for the current price on the VelotricT1 ST. Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged60 to save $60

What I hate about the VelotricT1 ST

  • Wish there was a way to add a throttle
  • The rear light is not hard-wired
  • Kickstand is thin and not rigid
  • No quick adjustment on the seat
  • Cannot be tracked with Android phones
There is not much to hate about the VelotricT1 ST. The biggest thing I wish it had was a quick-adjust for the seat. In order to adjust the seat height mid-ride, you will need to carry a hex key on you. A cheap and simple solution is to swap out the allen bolt for a quick release off Amazon for $6.99.
Jimmy Chang Freshly Charged Velotric Thunder 1 ST
I do wish the kickstand was a bit more rigid, but I understand why Velotric went with a thin kickstand to keep with the sleek aesthetics of the bike. We have had zero issues with the kickstand holding up the bike since it only weighs 36 lbs, but I could see it break if you forget to put it up while riding. The rear light is not hard-wired to the electronics of the bike and is battery-powered. Velotric did the same thing with the Nomad when they were first produced, and eventually went with a hard-wired light. I would love for Velotric to do the same with theT1 ST so I don’t have to replace costly batteries if I forget to turn the light off. If you don’t use an Apple phone or computer you will won’t be able to use the Apple Find My feature.
Screen Shot 2023 05 03 at 7.18.31 PM
My final gripe is I wish there was an option to add a throttle to theT1 ST. Most people won’t mind it, but it would be nice to have if you live in a hilly area. The torque sensor is extremely responsive so you will be fine to engage the motor on hills, but it would be nice to have that option for those who have steep inclines or want to be lazy every once in a while.

What’s the difference between theT1 ST andT1?

Model T1 T1 ST
Security Theft Alert, GPS-Tracking, Fingerprint and Bluetooth Unlock Apple® Find My™
Bluetooth App Ride Tracking, Health Tracking, Ride Customization None
Chainring 40T 42T
Crankset 170mm 165mm
Sizes M, L S, M
Saddle SELLE ROYAL SRX Velotric Comfort
Tires 700x38c 700×40c
Handlebars Straight Curved
Colors Frozen Blue, Crystal Black Lava, Sand
Drive System Velopower E35+ Velopower E35
Max Range 70 miles 52 miles
Frame Standard Lower Crossbar
Retail Price $1799 $1499
Whats the difference between the Velotric Thunder 1 and Thunder 1 ST
TheT1 ST andT1 are nearly identical. The slight differences are listed above but the main thing is the Velotric Bluetooth app is not offered on theT1 ST. TheT1 is offered in gradient two-tone colors in sizes medium and large while theT1 ST is offered in solid colors in sizes small and medium. You are paying an additional $300 for all the tech added and the sweet paint job on theT1. Click here for the current price on the VelotricT1 ST. Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged60 to save $60

Final Thoughts on the VelotricT1 ST

When riding theT1 without pedal assist levels, you can barely tell the difference between a traditional bike. It is slightly heavier than a traditional road bike, but the geometry of theT1 ST is true to a road bike so it feels great when riding with no assist on. I really enjoy the VelotricT1 ST because I feel like I get exercise when riding it because I can’t cheat and mash down on a throttle. The overall aesthetics of theT1 ST is stunning, and the lava color pops helping it stand out from an ebike industry crowded with white, black, and gray bikes. With the Apple Find My feature, you can feel assured that if your bike gets stolen, you will be able to locate it since there are so many iPhone users and it can’t be easily removed like a AirTag. Overall, the VelotricT1 ST is a sweet bike for those looking for an ebike without the tech that theT1 has to offer.
Velotric Thunder 1 vs Thunder 1 ST lightweight

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