KBO Ranger review

KBO Ranger Review – The Minivan of Electric Bicycles

by freshlycharged

The KBO Ranger is a cargo ebike that comes ready to carry a passenger or gear. With a plethora of accessories, you can customize the KBO Ranger to suit your every need. From food delivery to grocery store runs to transporting kids to and from school, the KBO Ranger is a versatile budget cargo ebike. In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the KBO Ranger. Click here for the current pricing on the KBO Ranger. Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged to save $50 What I love about the KBO Ranger:

  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with rear rack and running boards
  • Rear rack has lots of bars to protect passengers feet
  • Comes ready to carry passengers
  • Stand up kick stand
  • Can buy a variety of attachments for different needs
  • Step thru design making it easy to mount with passengers or cargo
  • Twist throttle
  • Decent hill climber
  • Powerful motor

Is the KBO Passenger Ready?

The KBO is the only bike we have reviewed that comes ready to carry a passenger. You will want to purchase the fence if you have smaller children but young teens should be able to ride on the rear and hold onto the driver of the bike. I like that KBO includes the rear rack and running boards with the purchase of the Ranger. You can buy all sorts of accessories on the KBO website to customize your Ranger. With the ability to add a front basket to the KBO Ranger, you can carry passengers and groceries at the same time.

Should I buy the RadWagon or KBO Ranger?

TheRadWagon and KBO Ranger both come with a 750-watt motor. The KBO Ranger battery is 168 Wh larger than the RadWagon. The weight capacity on the KBO Ranger is 400 lbs whereas the RadWagon is 350 lbs. I do like the larger tires on the RadWagon and that the rear rack is built into the frame. However, the KBO Ranger is $300 cheaper than the RadWagon. If you are on a budget, I would recommend the KBO Ranger over the Radwagon. If you can afford the extra $300, I would choose RadWagon because of the larger tires, built-in rear rack, and US-based customer service.
KBO Ranger RadWagon
Battery Size 840 Wh 672 Wh
Motor 750 W 750 W
Tire Size 20″ x 3″ 22″ x 3″
Weight Capacity 400 lbs 350 lbs
Brakes Mechanical disc brakes Mechanical disc brakes

What I hate about the KBO Ranger

  • Rear rack is not comfortable to sit on
  • Fence for rear rack is expensive
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Front end shaking with empty load
  • Grayscale display
  • Poor cable management
  • Lights are not bright on the front and rear
The KBO Ranger needs to improve on the design slightly to make it a great cargo ebike. The rear rack should have some type of padding because the laminate particle board is painful for passengers when you hit bumps. The front end shaking that we experienced on our ebike should have been addressed by quality control but it was easy to resolve. I would have liked to see hydraulic disc brakes on the KBO Ranger for better stopping power when carrying a load, but the more expensive RadWagon uses mechanical disc brakes as well. The cable management is an afterthought on the KBO Ranger, but you can buy your own to clean up the birds nest of wires up front.

Final Thoughts

The versatile and affordable KBO Ranger is the minivan of ebikes. If you are thinking about doing food delivery on an ebike, the KBO Ranger can carry a lot of things if you buy the front and rear basket with the delivery bag. If you are going to carry passengers, I would think of a way to add on some foam to the rear rack since the wood can be painful when hitting bumps. Overall, the KBO Ranger is a budget-friendly cargo bike that can haul passengers and a lot of items at the same time.

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Click here for the current pricing on the KBO Ranger. Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged to save $50

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