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New 2022 Aventon Level.2 Ebike Review: This Update Changes Everything!

by freshlycharged

The Aventon Level ebike has been a wildly popular ebike over the past two years. Aventon just released the Level.2 and it has one major upgrade that has completely changed the ride quality.

By replacing the cadence sensor with a coveted torque sensor, the Aventon Level.2 has become one of my favorite ebikes of 2022.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Aventon Level.2

Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2
Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2 Step Through

What has changed on the Aventon Level.2 compared to the Level?

  • Torque sensor
  • Integrated lights
  • Front facing light
  • Color display
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • Different colors

What I love about the Aventon Level.2

  • Torque Sensor
  • Color Display
  • Bluetooth App
  • Integrated lights
  • Metal fenders
  • Seamless weld marks
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Ride quality
  • Beautiful paint job
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • No pedal assist delay
  • No runoff after you stop pedaling
  • Comes with a rack
  • Rides like a traditional bike
  • Quiet motor
  • Stable kickstand
  • Shimano Acera
  • Clean cable management
  • High quality quick release thru axle bolt
  • Bright front facing light

The Torque Sensor Elevates the Aventon Level.2 Experience

The Level.2 features a torque sensor. Torque sensors can feel the pressure you put into your pedals and provide the power you need to go faster or to get up that hill.

There is almost no delay in the motor response and there is zero run off after you stop pedaling making for a premium ebike experience.

All previous Aventon bikes we have reviewed in the past had a cadence sensor. Cadence sensors are always plagued by a pedal assist delay resulting in the motor propelling you for a bit even after you stop pedaling.

The more premium torque sensor on the Level.2 makes the pedal assist buttery smooth.

Aventon Level.2 Torque Sensor

The Color Display on the Aventon Level.2 is Filled with Features

In the past, the Aventon Level used a black and white display like many other ebike companies. When Aventon released the Aventure, they came out with their own color display along with a lot of new features.

Some features I like about the display is that it shows you calories burned, kilograms of CO2 emissions saved, and how many trees saved during your ride. It’s a fun way to track your ride progress. While it can be kind of gimicky, it gamifies my ride experience.

The display is easily controlled with the buttons on the left side of the handlebar.

Aventon Level.2 Color Display

What type of brakes are on the Aventon Level.2?

The Level.2 features 2 piston Tektro hydraulic brakes paired with 180mm brake discs.

Tektro hydraulic brakes are some of my favorite brakes compared to unbranded or zoom brakes that we see on a lot of ebikes.

Aventon Level.2 Tektro 2 piston hydraulic disc brakes

The Aventon Level.2 Ebike Has a Premium Feel and Construction

Jimmy and I have reviewed numerous ebikes, and most have chunky weld marks giving the bikes a very industrial feel. Aventon grinds down their weld marks to make the frame look flawless. Their frames also have a lifetime warranty.

It is a detail that really help Aventon stand out from their competitors.

Aventon Level.2 Seamless Welds that are grinded down

The Aventon Level.2 Mobile App brings it to the future

The color display on the Aventon Level.2 is Bluetooth enabled. One of my favorite features of the app is that it allows you to track your rides.

The app stores your current and previous rides, giving details of your average speed, top speed, distance traveled, CO2 emissions saved, and calories burnt.

You can also use the app to motivate you against other Aventon riders. There is a section in the app for cycling rank. The cycling rank will show you how you rank against other Aventon riders for the day, week, month, and total.

There is a discover tab in the app that allows you to share pictures and post with other Aventon riders. The app even allows you to find local Aventon dealers for repairs.

Aventon is looking to capitalize on the popularity of social bike competitive apps and programs such as Peloton and Strava.

Aventon App

Does the Aventon Level.2 come with fenders and rack?

The Level.2 comes stock with aluminum fenders and rear rack.

The fenders come preinstalled and offer great coverage from water and dirt. Aventon even integrated a light into the rear fender which we have never seen before.

Aventon listened to feedback because a lot of people complained about the Aventure only having one brake light integrated into one side of the frame. The Level.2 has three brake lights, one for each side of the frame and the fender.

Aventon Level.2 Clay Rear Rack Integrated Lights Rear Fender and Front suspension

Does the Aventon Level.2 ride like a mechanical bike?

One of my favorite things about the Level.2 is that the bike rides like a traditional mechanical bike. A lot of ebikes feel awkward when you are not using pedal assist levels.

The geometry and gearing on the Level.2 is true to a traditional bike, so if you run out of power you can easily ride it home.

Aventon Level.2 Side Profile

Aventon Level.2 brake lights look sharp!

The Aventon Level.2, Pace, and Soltera have the most amazing brake lights. The Level.2 has brake lights integrated into the frame and rear fender, making them seamless and beautiful.

When you have the lights on, the rear taillight is always on and gets brighter when braking.

Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2
Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2 Step Through

Aventon Level.2 Clay Rear Rack Integrated Lights Rear Fender and kickstand

What I hate about the Aventon Level.2

  • The display has no memory of the last PAS level
  • Can’t use throttle only in PAS 0
  • Front suspension isn’t designed for heavy offroading
  • Low water resistance rating

Does the Aventon Level.2 allow you to use the throttle in PAS 0?

No, you cannot use the throttle when on Pedal Assist mode 0.

I hate when ebikes don’t allow you to use the throttle when in pedal assist mode 0. Sometimes I like to manually pedal an ebike and only use the throttle when trying to start from being completely stopped or when riding up hills.

The Aventon Level.2 does not allow you to use throttle only when in PAS 0. I am always confused why some ebikes allow you to throttle in PAS 0 and some ebikes do not.

Aventon Level.2 Throttle and Display Control

What type of suspension is on the Aventon Level.2?

The Level.2 features Zoom coil spring suspension with 65mm of travel.

I am not a big fan of the front suspension on the Level.2 and would have preferred hydraulic suspension. It is easy to bottom out underneath my 200 lb frame and it is not designed for heavy offroading.

The suspension is designed to make the ride more comfortable. It will dampen the chatter on trails and rough roads, but don’t plan on doing any technical mountain biking trails with the Level.2

Aventon Level.2 Zoom Coil Suspension with great cable management

What water resistance rating is on the Aventon Level.2?

The Aventon Level.2 has an IPX4 water resistance rating.

IPX4 means the bike is protected from splashing water, no matter the direction. You do not want to ride the Level.2 in heavy rain.

Most dealers do not cover water damage to PEVS, even when there is a high IP rating.

Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2
Click here for the current pricing on the Level.2 Step Through

Aventon Level.2 Clay Kickstand with 500 watt motor

Should I buy the Aventon Level.2 over the Original Level Ebike?

If you have an extra $150 to spare, I would definitely get the Level.2. The torque sensor makes a significant difference in the ride quality and this alone is reason enough to spend the extra money.

Add in the integrated lights, color display, and bluetooth app and you have a high tech commuter bike that is fit for 2022.

Aventon Level.2 Shimano Acera Derailleur

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a commuter ebike that has all the latest and greatest technology, look no further than the Level.2. The Level.2 combines amazing ride quality with advanced features all packaged into an aesthically beautiful ebike.

Aventon is leading the way in ebike technology and design, and the Level.2 comes in at a reasonable price.

By adding a torque sensor, color display, and integrated lights to the Level.2, Aventon has nearly made a fantastic ebike for work and for play.

Aventon Level.2 Zoom Coil Suspension

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Click here for the current pricing on the Aventon Level.2 Step Through.

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