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Brand New LECTRIC XP LITE Electric Bike Review

by freshlycharged

Lectric introduced a brand new ultra light ebike to their line called the XP LITE. Lectric’s whole goal with the XP LITE was to make their electric bicycles even more affordable. At first glance, you can immediately tell the XP LITE is a Lectric bike with the branding and ability to fold. However, the XP LITE rides completely different than Lectric’s previous models. The Lectric XP Lite rides more like a BMX bike due to the size, weight, lack of suspension, and skinnier tires. After having the opportunity to test and review the XP LITE, I love a lot of things about the XP LITE compared to the XP 2.0. In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Lectric XP LITE. Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XP LITE ebike.

Things I love about the Lectric XP LITE

  1. Lightweight
  2. Rides like a BMX
  3. Foldable and portable
  4. Fits into small trunks
  5. Foldable metal pedals
  6. Backed by Lectric’s US based service
  7. Comes in four colors
  8. Throttle
  9. Internal battery
  10. Motor has plenty of power
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black folded compact

How much does the Lectric XP LITE weigh?

The XP LITE weighs only 45 lbs. It is by far the lightest foldable ebike we have reviewed. It is super easy to lift the XP LITE into vehicles or onto public transportation. The light body and compact frame are what makes the XP LITE feel like a BMX bike. I was surprised that a foldable ebike would make me feel nostalgic of my childhood days cruising on a BMX bike.
LECTRIC XP LITE Forks and tire

Does the Lectric XP LITE fit into small trunks?

The Lectric XP LITE is so compact when folded, that it should fit into just about all small trunks. The XP LITE features a smaller frame and smaller tires than the XP 2.0. When folded, the XP LITE measures at 35 X 18 X 27.5 in.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black folded

What type of pedals are on the Lectric XP LITE?

The Lectric XP LITE features foldable metal pedals. Most budget friendly ebikes feature cheap plastic pedals. The Lectric XP LITE has high quality metal pedals that are easy to collapse when folding the bike.
LECTRIC XP LITE Foldable Metal Pedals

LECTRIC Ebikes is based in the USA

LECTRIC is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We have seen a fair amount of ebike companies based out of China, and drop shipping from the US. The Chinese companies can sell cheaper bikes but that comes at the cost of overseas service. LECTRIC has been able to offer competitive pricing and US based service. We’ve been told the owner, Levi, has a motto, “Butts in seats!” I love that Lectric’s focus as a company is to get more people on ebikes than profits.
LECTRIC XP LITE cockpit and left handlebar

What colors does the Lectric XP LITE come in?

The XP LITE comes in classic black, artic white, sandstorm and Lectric blue. Who doesn’t love getting to choose their favorite color?
LECTRIC XP LITE sandstorm blue artic white and classic black colors

Does the Lectric XP LITE have a throttle?

There is a half twist throttle on the right handlebar of XP LITE. The twist throttle goes up to 20mph and is very helpful on getting the ebike moving. Single speed ebikes can be brutal when trying to start on hills. When you get to a hill with the XP LITE, simply twist the throttle and get going with ease.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black half twist throttle

Where is the battery located on the Lectric XP LITE?

The battery is located inside the frame of the XP LITE. You will need to fold the ebike, and use the key to remove the battery. You never have to worry about a battery falling out while riding on the XP LITE. The battery built into the frame helps give the XP LITE an IP65 water resistance rating.

How many watts is the motor on the Lectric XP LITE?

The XP LITE has a 300 watt motor with a peak output of 720 watts. I was worried that the 300 watt motor on the XP LITE would be underwhelming. However, I was pleasantly surprised on how zippy the XP LITE felt. Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XP LITE ebike.

Things I hate about the Lectric XP LITE Ebike

  1. Poor cable management
  2. No fenders
  3. Small battery
  4. No suspension
  5. Key has to be in when riding
  6. Pedal assist lag

Poor cable management on the Lectric XP LITE

The cable management on the Lectric XP LITE is has a lot of room for improvement. The cables are wrapped in cheap cable protection. The cable wrap looks like someone pulled the film from a VHS tape and wrapped it around the wires. Luckily, you can purchase higher quality cable protectors that will make the wires look so much cleaner. You can even choose color cable protectors to customize your ride. I’m also not a fan that the cables are ran down the bottom of the bike frame. A much cleaner look would be to have the cables built into the frame, but the battery is occupying that space.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black poor cable wrap

How big is the battery on the Lectric XP LITE?

The battery on the Lectric XP LITE is 48V 7.8Ah. 7.8Ah is a pretty small battery for an ebike so don’t plan on taking the XP LITE out for long distance rides. It’s a great way to quickly and easily run errands or to explore your surrounding area while traveling. While the XP LITE has a limited range, the XP LITE is also the lowest costing ebike we have ever reviewed. It looks like the philosophy with the XP LITE is to get rid the stuff you don’t need; so if you don’t need a ton of range, then don’t pay for a huge battery.

The Lectric XP LITE needs a key to operate

The Lectric XP LITE will not run without the key inserted into the keyhole at the bottom of bike frame tube. I find the key placement is difficult to access underneath the frame, and would prefer to pull the key out when riding. However, it is nice to have the ability to pull out the key and prevent strangers from turning on your ebike.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black key engaged and foldable

The Lectric XP LITE is Bare Bones

The Lectric XP LITE does not come with fenders. If you live in wet or muddy conditions, you will want to purchase the additional fenders from Lectric or choose the XP 2.0.
LECTRIC XP LITE CST BFT 20 2.4 rear motor kicktstand brake disch
The XP LITE does not come with suspension. No suspension helps shave weight and cost of the XP LITE. However, ride quality is a bit more bumpy without suspension.

Lectric XP LITE pedal assist delay

I find that 90% of hub driven motor ebikes have some type of pedal assist delay and the Lectric XP LITE is one of them. When you stop peddling the XP LITE, expect to be thrusted an additional 5-10 feet due to the pedal assist delay. You can always disengage the motor by grabbing the brakes. Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XP LITE ebike.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black from behind

Who is the Lectric XP LITE perfect for?

If you are on a tight budget, and want to dip your feet into ebikes, the XP LITE will help get you going at an affordable cost with the peace of mind that your ebike is backed by a US based company. To get the XP LITE to such an affordable package, the Lectric Bikes designed an efficiently and economical package that will appeal to those who don’t need all the bells and whistles like fenders, suspension, fenders, or a huge battery. If you have a small trunk or limited space, the compact XP LITE will fit into your lifestyle perfectly. The XP LITE is a great option for those wanting a playful bike that rides like a BMX bike, but will not break the bank.
LECTRIC XP LITE classic black

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