Bee Cool Challenger Electric Bike Review: Basically a Motorcycle with Pedals

by freshlycharged

The Bee Cool Challenger ebike designed after a cruiser motorcycle and it kind of handles like one as well. With a battery that looks like a gas tank, ape-style handlebars, a big headlight, and a long massive frame, some people may confuse the Challenger for a motorcycle at first glance.

The Challenger has the largest battery we have ever seen on an electric bike, but it is also the heaviest we have reviewed.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Bee Cool Challenger.

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What I love about the Bee Cool Challenger

  • Looks cool
  • Massive battery and range
  • I can go 33 mph with throttle only
  • Crisp TFT LCD display that can easily be read in direct sunlight
  • Full suspension
  • Large frame feels like riding a motorcycle
  • Distinct look
  • Loud motorcycle horn
  • Bright front-facing light
  • Good turn signals
  • Brake lights
Beecool Challenger front headlight with motorcycle grade horn

What type of display is on the Bee Cool Challenger?

Bee Cool’s website says it is an LCD display but I am positive it is a TFT LCD display. The colors are sharp and crisp on the display making it easy to read in direct sunlight. The display reminds me of the same ones we see on the Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooters.

The display has really cool animations like the power bar growing when you turn it on and the speed settings rotating like a slot machine when you change the PAS level.

Beecool Challenger TFT LCD display

What is the range of the Bee Cool Challenger?

Bee Cool states a range of 60-95 miles on the website. Surprisingly, I do think you could get that range out of the massive 30 Ah battery if you used a low pedal assist level.

However, the bike would be miserable to ride long distances while pedaling due to the wide battery being in the way of your knees. This takes a little getting accustomed to, but after some practice you’ll be pedaling with your knees spread wide to avoid the gas tank in no time.

Beecool Challenger 1000 watt side profile

What is the top speed on the Bee Cool Challenger?

The top throttle-only speed I was able to achieve was 33 mph.

I was very surprised because a lot of ebikes only allow you to go up to 20 mph with throttle only. I could probably go a little faster if I was pedaling, but you can’t put a lot of force into your pedals due to the small freewheel and crankset.

Beecool Challenger 1000 watt motor 24x4 inch knobby offroad tire rear suspension and hard leatehr seat

What kind of ride feel can I expect with the Bee Cool Challenger?

With its large frame and heavy weight, the Challenger feels like a nice cruise on a motorcycle.

I have owned many motorcycles and the Bee Cool Challenger rides just like one, just without the loud motor. If you are looking for a traditional bicycling experience, you aren’t going to get it with the Challenger.

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Beecool Challenger 1000 watt angled profile

What I hate about the Bee Cool Challenger

  • Speedometer is 4 mph off
  • Front suspension travel is overstated and bottoms out easily
  • Doesn’t ride like a traditional bike
  • Can’t adjust the seat height
  • Battery gas tank gets in the way of pedaling
  • Crankset or freewheel needs to have more teeth
  • Seat is hard and uncomfortable for long rides
  • Fenders rattle
  • Poor cable management
  • Heavy
  • Battery is not removable
  • Can’t adjust the front suspension lockout or compression
Beecool Challenger Shimano derailleur

What type of freewheel is on the Bee Cool Challenger?

The Bee Cool Challenger features a SHIMANO MF-TZ500 Tourney 7 speed, 14-28t freewheel.

The freewheel or crankset needs to have more teeth because you can’t put a lot of effort into pedaling the Challenger. In low or high gear, there isn’t enough resistance to put force into moving the bike. Especially when you are going over 15 mph.

Beecool Challenger 1000 watt motor and Freewheel 1

What size is the crankset on the Bee Cool Challenger?

The crankset on the Bee Cool Challenger has 48 teeth. I would have liked to see it have at least 50 teeth because there is not much resistance when pedaling the Challenger in the highest gear.

Beecool Challenger crankset and metal pedals

Does the Bee Cool Challenger really have 130mm of travel in the front suspension?

No, the Challenger does not have 130mm of suspension travel in the front suspension.

The suspension only has 45mm of travel and bottoms out easily when going up large curbs or hitting bumps. The website states 130mm of travel and the ability to adjust the preload and lockout, but we could not find any knobs to adjust.

Beecool Challenger front suspension with 45 mm of travel

Final thoughts

The Bee Cool Challenger is a great choice for those that love long leisurely rides or smooth commutes. The massive battery has plenty of range to get you from point A to point B without giving you range anxiety.

If you want a ebike that looks unique, you won’t find many that look like the Bee Cool Challenger.

If you are looking for an ebike that feels like a traditional biking experience, the Bee Cool Challenger is not for you.

Overall, the Bee Cool Challenger is a great-looking ebike but it is more for those who want to ride an ebike that feels like a motorcycle.

Beecool Challenger 1000 watt motor

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