G-FORCE ZM Fat Tire Electric Bike Review – A SUPER73 Alternative

by freshlycharged

G-FORCE recently released their brand new bike, the G-FORCE ZM. The ZM is a stylish fat tire electric bicycle that reminds me of the SUPER73-RX but at a fraction of the cost.

From the long saddle, alloy rims, and hexagonal lines, the ZM makes you feel great while riding and it is sure to grab the attention of onlookers.

If you are looking for a sweet-looking eBike that doesn’t break the bank, you’ll definitely want to check out the ZM. In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the G-FORCE ZM.

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What I love about the G-FORCE ZM

  • Alloy Rims
  • Unique look with hexagonal frame
  • Long saddle seat with the ability to ride with two people
  • Sweet looking headlight
  • Full suspension
  • Color display
  • Large battery
  • Lots of mounting
  • Simple disconnect on the motor for easier tire changes
  • Great braking power
  • Budget-friendly
  • 3 Amp charger
  • Head turner

What type of rims are on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM features Bafang alloy rims.

This is the first eBike that Jimmy and I have reviewed without the traditional bicycle spoke design. The alloy rims really make this ebike stand out and adds an aesthetically pleasing look that reminds me of a motorcycle.

The rims look sweet but they do add some extra weight to the bike.

G Force ZM Bafang Rim with 20x4 inch knobby tires and 160 mm hydraulic brake disc and front suspension

What is the frame on the G-FORCE ZM made out of?

The bike frame is aluminum with a hexagon shape.

Most eBikes come with a tubular aluminum frame. This is the first eBike that Jimmy and I have reviewed with a hexagon shape.

The hexagon shape adds a distinctive look to the G-FORCE ZM creating a unique appearance that is sure to stand out from other electric bicycles.

G Force ZM Hexagonal Frame

How long is the seat on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM features a saddle seat that measures 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The seat is large enough to fit two small or medium riders.

I do wish the bike came with rear foot pegs like the Ariel Rider Grizzly to give your passengers a place to put their feet.

G Force ZM long saddle with rear plastic fender

How bright is the light on the G-FORCE ZM?

G-FORCE does not mention the number of lumens on the ZM headlight. However, we found it to be brighter than most eBikes we have reviewed in the past.

On top of it being bright, the headlight has a unique design that we have never seen before. The headlight features LEDs around the edge and in the center, with a metal cage on top of it.

I also love that the headlight doesn’t shift on you when riding or hitting bumps.

G Force ZM Front Profile Pic

What type of suspension does the G-FORCE ZM have?

The G-FORCE ZM features an adjustable front suspension with 110mm of travel and a rear spring suspension. You can lockout the front suspension for a more rigid feel which is better if you are hauling cargo.

Adjusting the preload will make the ride feel softer or stiffer, but make sure you don’t have the suspension locked out.

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G Force ZM Hexagonal Frame cranket and motor adjustable suspension and fenders from the side

What type of display is on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM features a color display that can easily be read in direct sunlight.

I would like all eBikes to come with color displays. It’s 2022 and I’m still wondering why eBikes come with displays that look like large Casio watches. I like the display on the G-FORCE ZM, but it has its drawbacks that I will mention later.

G Force ZM color display

How big is the battery on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM comes in two battery configurations: a 13.5Ah and 20Ah version.

We tested the 20Ah and were able to get 30 miles out of full charge. We did use throttle only 90% of the time so we would expect you to get a lot more if you were to assist in pedaling.

G Force ZM 48 volt 20 amp hour ah battery

Does the G-FORCE ZM have places to mount water bottle holders and lock mounts?

The G-FORCE ZM has 5 screws to mount water bottle holders and locks. I was surprised to see so many mounting holes.

Most eBikes that have a motorcycle look to them like the SUPER73 or Ariel Rider Grizzly do not have proper mounting holes.

G Force ZM headlight with suspension and hexagonal frame

Is it easy to do a tire or tube change on the G-FORCE ZM?

Tire changes on the G-FORCE ZM should be like any regular bike tire change due to the simple disconnect on the rear motor.

Tire changes on motor hubs of eBikes can be a tedious task without a simple disconnect. You have to deal with the motor cable or remove it from the controller to get more slack. Luckily, with the G-FORCE ZM tire and tube swaps should be a breeze.

G Force ZM 160 mm brake disc with ronglun hydraulic disc brakes

What type of brakes is on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM features Ronglun two-piston hydraulic disc brakes paired with 160mm brake discs.

I have never seen Ronglun hydraulic brakes before on any eBike we have reviewed in the past, so I was skeptical. However, after testing them out I found they work just fine and have great stopping power. The brake levers look identical to Zoom brake levers so I wonder if they are manufactured in the same factory.

G Force ZM Featured Pic

How long does the G-FORCE ZM take to charge?

The 20Ah and 13.5Ah G-FORCE ZM should take just under 7 hours to charge from empty to full.

The 20Ah version comes with a 3 amp charger and the 13.5Ah version comes with a 2 amp charger.

G Force ZM Front LED headlight

Stand out with the G-FORCE ZM

The design of the G-FORCE ZM is a head turner. We’ve received tons of compliments on the looks.

The G-FORCE ZM looks unique and you will stand out from the eBike industry which is crowded with tons of rebranded frames and styles.

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G Force ZM On an open trail

What I hate about the G-FORCE ZM

  • Pedal assist levels are too strong on anything above 1
  • P Settings on display isn’t as advanced as some other ebikes
  • Quality control issues
  • Mislabeling on the website
  • Sluggish when starting from a stop at the bottom of a hill
  • Rear suspension is too stiff
  • Cable management
  • Plastic fenders
  • Doesn’t ride like a traditional bicycle
  • Seat height cannot be adjusted

How are the pedal assist levels on the G-FORCE ZM?

My biggest issue is the pedal assist levels. Pedal assist level 1 is not strong enough, and anything above PAS 1 is too strong. They need to change the gear ratios on PAS 2-4 to make it more enjoyable and extend the range.

I also wish the P-settings were easier to navigate on the display. A lot of eBikes make it easy to adjust the power delivery per PAS level on the display. I was unable to find a simple way to adjust PAS levels on the display and am not sure if it’s even possible.

G Force ZM rear motor with bafang alloy rim fender and fat tires.

Quality control issues with the bike and website

The bike came packaged well and was undamaged. There was plenty of foam to keep it protected and I didn’t see any knicks or dings on the frame which is rare for eBikes. I would say about 70% of eBikes we receive have some type of cosmetic damage.

However, there were some quality control issues with the bike. The aluminum piece that wraps around the front of the battery was cut at an odd angle. The stickers that show what direction to put on the pedals were swapped, and we could have cross threaded and stripped the bolts had we not noticed.

Another quality control issue I found was with the website. G-FORCE didn’t list a top speed. The disc brakes were labeled as 180mm in the specs, but it correctly labels them as 160mm in the description.

I also believe the bike is heavier than the claimed 85 lbs. I’m sure they will fix the issues on the website over time.

G Force ZM Crankset

What type of fenders is on the G-FORCE ZM?

The G-FORCE ZM comes with plastic fenders. I would have preferred metal fenders to go with the overall look of the G-FORCE ZM.

However, I am happy that it comes stock with fenders. Some companies like Aventon will charge you to add fenders to your bikes which can become costly.

G Force ZM Bafang Rim with 20x4 inch knobby tires and 160 mm hydraulic brake disc 1 1

Does the G-FORCE ZM ride like a traditional bike when in PAS 0?


The G-FORCE ZM is heavy and you can’t adjust the seat height to make it feel like a traditional bike.

The ZM rides more like a moped. Jimmy and I prefer to ride the bike using purely throttle only most of the time.

G Force ZM Headlight

Other issues with the G-FORCE ZM

The rear suspension is stiff but overall I’m happy to have at least some type of rear suspension. Jimmy likes the neoprene sleeve for cable management which makes it easier for repairs, but I think it looks tacky.

The G-FORCE ZM is not the best hill climber when starting from a dead stop, especially with my 200 lb body on it. It will get you up steep hills, but it seems to crawl for the initial 30 feet.

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G Force ZM rear suspension

Final Thoughts

Overall, the G-FORCE ZM is a sweet-looking eBike that rivals the SUPER73-RX in appearance, but with less power and for a fraction of the price.

With a 28 mph top speed, the G-FORCE has plenty of speed to thoroughly enjoy your commute. The long saddle gives you the ability to ride with your kids and spouses as long as you don’t exceed the 400 lb weight capacity.

If you are looking for an eBike that stands out, the G-FORCE ZM will accomplish that with its alloy rims, hexagonal design, and long saddle. If you love motorcycles, the G-FORCE ZM gives you the looks of riding a cafe cruiser style motorcycle.

If a SUPER73 has been on your radar, but the entry price is too hard to swallow, you should definitely check out the G-FORCE ZM!

G Force ZM fat tires alloy rims hydraulic brakes and hexagon frame. 1

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